Meet the Fierce and Furry Cats Competing in Kitten Bowl 2019

Kitten Bowl 2019America’s most beloved pet rescue adoption event is back!
Airing exclusively on the Hallmark Channel, the Cat Bowl and the Kitten Bowl VI will serve as adorable alternatives to the…

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Man arrested over ‘sex assault’ on Atomic Kitten singer

A man has been arrested over an alleged sexual assault on Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton on a train.
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Chip and Joanna Gaines Add Puppy and Kitten to Growing Family Before Arrival of Baby Number 5

The Gaines keep gaining members.

While Chip and Joanna Gaines are currently expecting their fifth child, due this summer, they are already celebrating a few more new arrivals.

The Fixer Upper couple, who is celebrating their fifth and final season of the show, recently announced on Joanna’s At Home blog they brought home a new puppy and kitten — or Chip brought home a new puppy and kitten would be a more correct statement.

“Chip continues to increase our pet population. He recently surprised us all with a new kitten AND a new puppy. Oh, sweet Chip…,” Joanna writes in her most recent post on

The update includes a photo of their new dog, a English Mastiff puppy named Brindley. The pup and his new feline friend are joining the Gaines four (soon-to-be five) kids and a farm full of animals, including baby goats and chickens.

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Fixer Upper fans will have to wait for a shot of the new kitten, but not the final episode of the show. Fixer Upper‘s finale episode airs tonight on HGTV at 9/8c.

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Bemustached Cop Who Rescued Kitten Now Flooded With Marriage Proposals

Police officer Cody Garrett of Spartanburg, South Carolina knew that a photo of himself posing with his newly rescued kitten was cute. He just didn’t know how cute.

The 28-year-old cop has been bombarded with marriage proposals since the pair, dubbed a “crime-fighting duo” by Buzzfeed, went viral. (Though Garrett clarified to HuffPost that the tiny orange feline does not, in fact, come along on patrols or otherwise assist in fighting crime.)

Garrett adopted the kitten, whom he named Squirt, after he and another officer found her in a dumpster.

Much better. #mustache #love #kittycat #kitten #kittensofinstagram #cute #rescue

A photo posted by Donut Operator (@donutoperator) on

“It was raining outside pretty bad,” Garrett said, noting that “we probably saved her life” since there was a small flash flood in the area shortly afterwards.

“She’s the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen,” he added.

He decided to bring her home because his own cat, a female named Toothless whom he adopted after finding her in his yard, just had a litter of kittens and was still nursing. He hoped she’d adopt the newcomer, and it worked.

“Toothless has taken her as one of her own,” he said. The cop, who told BarkPost he’ll be getting Toothless spayed, also has two rescue pups, including a one-eyed pup named Mike Wazowski, a reference to the Monsters, Inc character.

And why the name “Squirt?” It’s not because the kitten was just so dang small, but because shortly after bringing her home, the kitten let out a stream of poop.

But it’s hard to hold that against this face.

She's a happy little Squirt! #cute #kitten #kittensofinstagram #kittens #catstagram #cats #rescue

A video posted by Donut Operator (@donutoperator) on

Though he’s been getting “a lot of marry me’s” from new fans, he said his longtime girlfriend isn’t concerned.

“She knows I love her,” he said.

But while he’s not looking for romantic attention, he does hope that his viral story helps people think more positively about cops.

“Police officers aren’t the enemy,” he said. “We have families, we like rescuing animals and playing video games. We’re not just out doing the crazy stuff people see on the news.”

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This Kitten Sleeping In A ‘Cherry Pie’ Is Adorably Delectable

There are few things in life that will be as sweet as this cutie pie.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, you’ll see a plush cherry pie. When the “crust” is pulled back, a sleeping black kitten named Bella is revealed. Though the video is from 2012, it recently resurfaced on Tastefully Offensive — and we can totally see why.

Think the cute stops there? Well, to add to the almost unbearable adorableness, the kitten is cuddling with a tiny purple teddy bear.

Yep, we’re sure your day has been made.

Editors note: The video’s description indicates that the “pie crust” was over the pet for a few seconds, and only for the making of the clip.

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Dear Kitten: Advice From An Older Cat Voiced By Ze Frank (VIDEO)

Yes, it’s basically a big ad for Friskies cat food, but this video is so well done that it’s almost hard to believe you’re watching a commercial (until the actual sales pitch, anyway).

In this vid, which the cat food company did with Buzzfeed, a sage old feline gives advice to a new kitten.

“Dear Kitten: Since I have hissed at you the customary 437 times, it is now my duty as the head of the household to — begrudgingly — welcome you,” says the older cat, voiced by Buzzfeed’s Ze Frank.

What happens next? Watch the video. If all ads were this good, maybe we wouldn’t fast-forward through them.


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