‘Cerebral assassin’ Sam Bradford shares knowledge with fellow QBs

Sam Bradford has been “an open book” when it comes to helping his fellow Cardinals quarterbacks, including his likely successor, Josh Rosen.
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How companies leave your data online without your knowledge

How companies leave your data online without your knowledgeYour private data could be freely available online and there's little you can do about it.

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We Tested Lifetime’s Britney Ever After Stars’ Knowledge of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s Iconic Relationship

Britney Ever After, Britney Spears, Justin TimberlakeFrom the Mickey Mouse Club to TRL to those infamous denim outfits, Britney Ever After is letting us relive Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic relationship all over again….

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Knowledge Preservation Through Community of Practice

Knowledge Preservation Through Community of Practice

This book links knowledge management literature and information systems research to explore the process of knowledge preservation within a community of practice. It contributes to existing literature in different ways. First, it provides a conceptualization of the “community knowledge preservation” process. In contrast to previous knowledge management research, knowledge preservation is thus viewed as a process in its own right rather than an integral part of knowledge creation and sharing. Furthermore, the book also investigates how communities of practice preserve knowledge, by identifying the main mechanisms and tools enabling members to select, store and actualize the explicit and tacit forms of collective knowledge. More in general, the book presents guidance on how to use communities of practice to ensure the preservation of knowledge in development processes, for individuals and organizations alike.

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Knowledge Adventure 178794 Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness -Nintendo Wii

Knowledge Adventure 178794 Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness -Nintendo Wii

Get your family moving

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With Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness jump into the ultimate family
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Product Highlights

  • Design your own character to race and play

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  • Play underwater on a farm in Egypt and more

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  • Explore 10+ exotic arenas as you play more than 15

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  • Includes Basketball Boxing Football and much more

  • Compatible with the Wii Balance Board (sold separately)

  • For up to two players Wii Remotes and Nunchuk Controller
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Social Work Skills and Knowledge: A Practice Handbook

Social Work Skills and Knowledge: A Practice Handbook

What a sensible book, a book born of much wisdom and practical experience. Pamela Trevithick takes the reader on a wonderfully clear but thorough journey of social work''s knowledge, skills and values in which theories are elegantly put into practice. The whole enterprise is reassuringly held together by a strong commitment to organised thinking and the value of the social work relationship. For those who want to sharpen their ideas while keeping their practical feet firmly on the ground, this is the book for you.

Professor David Howe, University of East Anglia, UK

This new edition is an excellent resource for practitioners, students and indeed managers in social work and social care who are committed to effective practice and service delivery … Trevithick provides a comprehensive knowledge and skills framework and excellent practice examples to enable the reader to apply the knowledge to undertaking skilled and effective practice. This is a clear, readily understandable and comprehensive text which also integrates the complexity of practising social work. I highly recommend it.

Professor Joyce Lishman, recently retired as Head of School of Applied Social Studies, Robert Gordon University, UK

A fantastic guide to social work practice and one I would recommend for the bookshelf of any social work student. It has a user friendly style that presents issues in an accessible way.

Kate Grant, Social Work Student, University of Bristol, UK

A brilliant MUST BUY book for all social workers. It covers an amazing range of issues which are easy to find using the index. I will use it constantly throughout my career.

Amanda Moorcroft, Social Work Practitioner, UK

Since its first publication in 2000, this best-selling text has been an invaluable resource for thousands of social workers preparing for life in practice. Written by an influential academic-practitioner, it is widely regarded as the leading book in its field.

The third edition has been thoroughly updated to include sections on theoretical, factual and practice knowledge. Key features include:

4 new chapters that integrate theory and practice in a Knowledge and Skills Framework or ''map'' of professional practice

80 social work skills and interventions

12 appendices describing a range of different social work approaches

A wide range of practice examples linking theory and practice

Social Work Skills is essential reading for all social work students and a valuable reference tool for practising social workers, social services managers and human service professionals.
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Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices of Jewelry Making in Aksum

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices of Jewelry Making in Aksum

Traditional knowledge in jewelry making in Ethiopia is undocumented, restricted to only few artisans as a skill and also as a business. It also has not been given focus while it is a sector through which the economy of the country could get a boost and in which many could get benefited. It is also a basic problem in focus in this book why the artisans are socially out caste and what the perspectives regarding this issue from the church are. This work, with a thematically organized presentation, identified what the raw materials, the basic tools used and the techniques applied are in traditional jewelry making. It has also pinned some social significances of jewels in the society. This book will help individuals and offices concerned with exploring and studying traditional techniques in making jewelry. The gross contribution that this book may provide is highly tied to the understanding of various indigenous knowledge systems. Researchers who are interested in tourism, cultural studies, craft making, jewelry, and related areas will benefit from it.

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Fine Dining Advising: The Ultimate Guidebook to Success – How to Make your Tips, Hospitality, and Knowledge Skyrocket For Servers, Waiter, Waiters, and … Service Charge, Food and Beverage 1)

Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems

Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems

Knowledge-based (KB) technology is being applied to complex problem-solving and critical tasks in many application domains. Concerns have naturally arisen as to the dependability of knowledge-based systems (KBS). As with any software, attention to quality and safety must be paid throughout development of a KBS and rigorous verification and validation (V & V) techniques must be employed. Research in V & V of KBS has emerged as a distinct field only in the last decade and is intended to address issues associated with quality and safety aspects of KBS and to credit such applications with the same degree of dependability as conventional applications. In recent years, V & V of KBS has been the topic of annual workshops associated with the main AI conferences, such as AAAI, IJACI and ECAI. Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems contains a collection of papers, dealing with all aspects of KBS V & V, presented at the Fifth European Symposium on Verification and Validation of Knowledge Based Systems and Components (EUROVAV’99 – which was held in Oslo in the summer of 1999, and was sponsored by Det Norske Veritas and the British Computer Society’s Specialist Group on Expert Systems (SGES).

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Foundations of Knowledge Acquisition

Foundations of Knowledge Acquisition

One of the most intriguing questions about the new computer technology that has appeared over the past few decades is whether we humans will ever be able to make computers learn. As is painfully obvious to even the most casual computer user, most current computers do not. Yet if we could devise learning techniques that enable computers to routinely improve their performance through experience, the impact would be enormous. The result would be an explosion of new computer applications that would suddenly become economically feasible ( e.g. , personalized computer assistants that automatically tune themselves to the needs of individual users), and a dramatic improvement in the quality of current computer applications ( e.g. , imagine an airline scheduling program that improves its scheduling method based on analyzing past delays). And while the potential economic impact of successful learning methods is sufficient reason to invest in research into machine learning, there is a second significant reason: studying machine learning helps us understand our own human learning abilities and disabilities, leading to the possibility of improved methods in education. While many open questions remain about the methods by which machines and humans might learn, significant progress has been made.

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Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Used – cooking with a range / counting sheep / curing drunkenness finding water / signalling with semaphore / identifying plants and trees making and taking tea / natural first aid / using an abacus navigating by nature / preparing antidotes to poisoning predicting the sex of a baby / repairing clothes curing warts / weather forecasting Lost Wisdom is a celebration of the time-honoured wisdom upon which we all once relied. It draws on folklore, tradition and superstition, and is packed with amus

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Salah Salahadyn, Universal Knowledge Allah Accused Of Stealing $5M Stradivarius

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Prosecutors say it was the suspect’s “dream theft”: to simply snatch an expensive Stradivarius violin from an unsuspecting musician.

Never mind that Salah Salahadyn, 41, had already tried and failed at art theft. The Milwaukee man pleaded guilty in 2000 to trying to resell a $ 25,000 statue to the art gallery owner from whom it had been stolen in 1995, and his ex-girlfriend told investigators that while he hadn’t stolen it himself he did plot the theft. Salahadyn was sentenced to five years in prison for that crime. Now he could face up to 15 years in prison for a separate theft, after he and another suspect were charged Friday in connection with the January heist of a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin valued at $ 5 million.

A confidential source told police that Salahadyn talked about stealing high-end art, the criminal complaint said.

“Salahadyn explained that his dream theft was a Stradivarius violin because of its potential value and the fact that it could be snatched from the hands of a musician as they walk down the street,” the complaint quoted the source as saying.

Salahadyn and a second man, Universal Knowledge Allah, 36, appeared in Milwaukee County court Friday on charges of being a party to robbery. Allah is also charged with possessing marijuana.

Court Commissioner Katharine Kucharski ordered cash bail of $ 10,000 for Salahadyn, citing a lengthy criminal record that includes theft and bail jumping, and $ 500 for Allah, whose record is clean.

Allah’s defense attorney, Paul Ksicinski, noted that the criminal complaint says his client wasn’t at the scene of the robbery. The complaint filed Friday does say Allah bought the stun gun used in the attack.

Salahadyn’s public defender, Alejandro Lockwood, left through a door inaccessible to reporters.

Many Stradivarius violins, crafted by renowned Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari, are owned by private collectors who lend them to top violinists to be played in symphonies. Experts say a Stradivarius violin degrades with disuse but remains in good condition when played regularly.

Experts estimate 600 to 650 Stradivarius instruments remain — about half of what the master produced — and they can be worth millions of dollars apiece.

It wouldn’t be hard to find one. Symphonies that feature a Stradivarius often play up the fact in brochures, advertisements and local media. For example, Frank Almond, a concertmaster at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, gave newspaper and magazine interviews about the Stradivarius, built in 1715, that was loaned to him by a private owner, and he’s discussed the instrument in podcasts.

Almond had just completed a performance Jan. 27 and was putting the violin in his vehicle when a man shocked him with a stun gun, Almond told investigators. Almond fell to the ground, and by the time he recovered the thief’s van had sped away.

Violin thefts are generally rare, perhaps because thieves know the easily identified instruments would be hard to sell. But the robberies seem to be increasing, and musicians should be more cautious, said David Bonsey, a New York-based violin maker and appraiser.

“It’s just one of these really unfortunate things where there’s really a loss of innocence,” Bonsey said Thursday. “We’ve seen a lot of this in recent years.”

Police found the stolen violin late Wednesday night in a suitcase in the attic of a Milwaukee home of Salahadyn’s acquaintances. Police said the homeowner didn’t know what was in the suitcase.

The music industry breathed a sigh of relief when police said the violin appeared to be in good condition. But the theft also rekindled conversations about how to balance keeping the violins safe and making sure the public has a chance to enjoy them.

Kerry Keane, an international consultant for musical instruments from Christie’s, said his clients who own Stradivarius violins are rethinking what to do with them. Many bought the violins with the philanthropic intent of lending them to top virtuosos, he said, but as the violins increase in value, so does the risk.

“One client is considering buying a lesser grade of violin he can lend out,” Keane said. “That’s my greatest fear — that this will add hesitance to the philanthropists who buy them so they can be played in public.”


Associated Press writer M.L. Johnson contributed to this report.


Dinesh Ramde can be reached at dramde@ap.org.
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