Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages

The country had previously only blocked the Chinese language version of the site.
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Beckham ‘speaks nine languages’ in malaria campaign’s new video

Artificial intelligence has been used to make David Beckham look like he is speaking nine languages in a new anti-malaria campaign.
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Travelling Languages: Culture, Communication and Translation in a Mobile World

Travelling Languages: Culture, Communication and Translation in a Mobile World

Based on the commonly held assumption that we now live in a world that is on the move, with growing opportunities for both real and virtual travel and the blurring of boundaries between previously defined places, societies and cultures, the theme of this book is firmly grounded in the interdisciplinary field of Mobilities . Mobilities deals with the movement of people, objects, capital, information, ideas and cultures on varying scales, and across a variety of borders, from the local to the national to the global. It includes all forms of travel from forced migration for economic or political reasons, to leisure travel and tourism, to virtual travel via the myriad of electronic channels now available to much of the world s population. Underpinning the choice of theme is a desire to consider the important role of languages and intercultural communication in travel and border crossings; an area which has tended to remain in the background of Mobilities research. The chapters included in this volume represent unique interdisciplinary understandings of the dual concepts of mobile language and border crossings, from crossings in virtual life and real life, to crossings in literature and translation, and finally to crossings in the semioscape of tourist guides and tourism signs. This book was originally published as a special issue of “Language and Intercultural Communication.”

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