Joe Bananas Makes Leap From Sydney to New York

Kim Bourke and Evan Sturrock are all in.
The co-owners of Joe Bananas, a 40-year-old Australian luxury men’s brand, have picked up stakes, moved halfway around the world to New York and opened their first store on Madison Avenue.
“When Americans dream big, they dream of making it in New York City,” Bourke said. “And when Australians dream big, they dream of making it in New York City.”
And so he and his business partner — and brother-in-law — took the leap of faith, leaving their home, and their two stores in Sydney, to open a 1,600-square-foot space at 943 Madison Avenue, between 74th and 75th streets, next door to The Met Breuer. The store had a soft opening last week and the grand opening is scheduled for Oct. 18.
A peek inside gives the first hint at what makes Joe Bananas different. Although the brand offers a wide range of products, it is best known for its colorful sport coats that are created from limited-edition, handcrafted silk textiles in patterns that are inspired by nature in Australia. It takes 250-300 days on average to weave one bolt of fabric that will in turn produce only six jackets that retail starting at $ 2,800 and go up

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