Now Damien Echols Will Teach You the Secrets of Magick

After almost two decades on death row, this member of the West Memphis Three is touring America, teaching the rituals that set him free.
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A Warlock’s Paradise: Beautiful Magick 2

A Warlock’s Paradise: Beautiful Magick 2

From the Publisher that brought you popular adult short story series Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Psychic Files, Eve Snow Psychic P.I, Ralph’s Gift, Seasons of Love, The Taken, Ms. Bookworm and Mr. Sex Symbol, Come With Me, A Whisper of Love, At the Edge of Her Memory, Secret Lavalle, A Halloween Awakening, One Wrong Step, Shadow Stalkers, and Friend Zone. Now, here is Beautiful Magick.A SOUL MATE WITCH.A NEW WARLOCK. AND A WEDDING WAITING TO HAPPEN. AGAINIn their present lifetime, Albert and Elena happily marry just a few weeks after their fateful meeting. They fly off to their honeymoon in Albert’s private jet and spend blissful days together in a small, romantic cottage in the outskirts of London. Although they both possess the essence of their past lifetimes together, nothing can be more real to Albert than this lifetime, wherein he started as an orphan before he became a wealthy businessman. After all the pain he endured when he was young, finding out that he is a Magickal and that he is a true Soul Mate to Elena is like finding paradise. But the initial revelations aren’t the only ones the Council has in store for Albert and Elena. There is more to their being Magickal Soul Mates that they need to learn about. There is a duty binding Soul Mates to the Magickals-and to humans- since they live in the same plane. And this duty demands of them more than they can ever imagine. As budding Magickals, can Albert and Elena sacrifice the paradise they have just found to answer to the call of duty to their fellow Magickals?If you wish to read more, download now! contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes. BONUS PREVIEW AFTER EACH BOOK! EXCERPT”I’VE BEEN WAITING for this moment… all… day… long,” Albert said between kisses. She giggled. “I can’t believe we’re doing our first wedded sex in the sky!”Well, we’re together,” he said, a little breathless as he raised his head to look at her. “And we

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