How to Make a Millennial Feel Cozy in Just One Beverage

CBD? Check. Bubbles? Check. Ironic fonts? Check. The aggressive marketing of commodified wellness? Oh yes.
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Start Buying Furniture the Millennial Way—or Risk Missing Out

While older Americans are loath to buy big-ticket design items online, Generation Y has inspired new direct-to-consumer retailers that reduce the anxieties, cut the costs and amp up convenience. Lifestyle


Larry and Toby Milstein Expand ‘Millennial Pink Party’ Into Weekend Long Retreat

The second annual Millennial Pink Party takes to the Hamptons this weekend, and this year the concept has been expanded into a full weekend of events with the help of partners like BCBGeneration, Bloomingdale’s and The Class by Taryn Toomey.
Millennial Pink Party made its debut last year as the re-branded take on the Milstein family’s annual summer Hamptons bash. Real estate scions Larry and Toby Milstein embraced the rosy hue and moved the party to the Breakers in Montauk to lure the young Manhattan social crowd for the party, in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign.
After its success, the one-night event has grown into a weekend, which begins tonight with a private beachside dinner hosted by Whispering Angel. The guest list for Friday night is made up of the Millennial Pink Founders Collective, who are categorized as “a handpicked group of 25 VIP taste makers who will serve as social ambassadors for the Millennial Pink community and provide creative direction on the event.”
Come Saturday, celebrity workout favorite Taryn Toomey will host a session of her workout The Class for guests, followed by the official party at night and a brunch to close things out on Sunday.
The event last year raised more than $ 15,000 for

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How Brands Are Speaking to the Everyday Millennial Male

Hamid Onifade has an amenable face. In one shot, he can look brooding and mysterious, but with just the slightest tilt of his head or upturn of his mouth he’s innocent and childlike. He has a serene, warm visage that’s accessible, but still genetically superior.
Onifade, a 23-year-old male model from Benin, in West Africa, has been working a lot lately. He’s become the representative of choice for men’s brands and retailers that are hoping to break through the noise and incite the everyday guy, who’s not wholly engaged with streetwear, to shop. Onifade has worked for J. Crew, but he’s also modeled for Target’s men’s line, Goodfellow & Co., which launched last fall, and Goodthreads, a private label from Amazon that was made available in 2017 and is exclusive to Prime members.
Onifade hasn’t modeled for Walmart, but the big-box retailer is also reassessing how it reaches men. Aside from acquiring Bonobos last June, a company for which Onifade has modeled, Walmart recently reintroduced George, a men’s private label from its British affiliate Asda.
The activity within the men’s wear space is quantifiable. According to Euromonitor, the men’s apparel and footwear categories have grown by 19 percent globally over the past five years

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Nostalgic for the Atari-Era Arcade? Millennial Gamers Are Reinventing It

Though arcades all but disappeared years ago, crowds are gathering at special events to play artist-created games inspired by 1980s classics. Here’s how to get in on the action Lifestyle


Millennial Fashion Trends and Purges at Resale

Data from online thrift store ThredUp shows what brands and items are hot and trending this summer, as well as what consumers are purging from their closets.
As for trends, hello Millennial pink — still the hot color for summer, but that means goodbye to coral. According to the resale site, there’s been a 99 percent increase in items purchased in the new shade of pink, while the site reported a 104 percent increase in purged coral-shaded bags and apparel items.
Metallics on the print side are in, with a 99 percent increase in purchased items, while floral prints saw a 104 percent increase in items purged from closets and sent to ThredUp.
ThredUp consumers — many of whom are Millennials — are searching for wide-legged jeans, and there was a 10 percent increase in items that featured the wide-legged style in a medium wash. Excised from closets — at a 103 percent increase — were cropped jeans in dark washes. Still hot among consumers is distressed denim, which was purchased 85 percent more than the average on the resale site. Losing some of its cool factor are apparel items — including jeans — with frayed edges, which are being purged 2.7 percent

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Contemporary Brand Platform Frilly Aims for Millennial Market

A downtown Los Angeles-based apparel firm thinks it has the right formula to succeed in the customization and made-to-order space, promising all the quality of an atelier backed by proprietary 3-D software.
Frilly, which launched in 2014, and has been refining its business model and building its technology, recently emerged out of beta with an online store offering customizable product to shoppers.
The opening price is about $ 60 and goes up to around $ 2,000 to be able to take the company’s stock of chic separates and tailor the necklines, sleeves, fabric and on down to the hardware used in the garment.
The company was founded by chief executive officer Shangwei Ding and chief marketing officer Jeni Ni and is entirely self-funded. It counts 24 employees in Los Angeles with a factory in China of about 80 and a software team of another 80. Tailors in China produce each garment, which goes through three rounds of quality control before being shipped to consumers within two to three weeks from the order date.
“We really want to bring the control back to the customer,” Ni said. “The age of personalization is upon us and we are bringing it to the customer in a way that hasn’t

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This ‘Millennial Marriage Proposal’ Is Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

What’s better than getting engaged? All the likes and comments you’ll get on your proposal photo, according to the millennials in the clip above. 

In a video from John Crist, the standup comedian pokes fun at millennials’ over-the-top proposals, elaborate engagement ring pictures and obsession with social media when it comes to getting engaged. 

“Wait you hired a photographer, right?” the actress in the video asks when her soon-to-be fiance drops to one knee and pops the question. What follows next is a few minutes of reshoots, re-proposing and reworking proposal camera angles to make sure the lighting is just right. All in the name of likes love. 

Because as Crist points out in the the clips’ description, “What’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t post it on Instagram?” 

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Survey: Millennial Uber users don't care about the scandals

Survey: Millennial Uber users don't care about the scandalsWith a slew of controversies to ding its reputation, 2017 is turning out to be a tough year for Uber. But many users of the ride-hailing app who are millennials don’t seem to care.

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The Millennial Drive to Make Social Impact – The Hollywood Way

There is a deep-rooted quality and shared passion that has recently emerged as a stronghold of the millennial generation – the desire, or responsibility, to provoke positive social change. “Social impact” has become one of the most popular buzzwords out there. Millennials commonly perform actions or dedicate themselves to causes to break down societal norms they find unjust or antiquated. This mantra of change cuts across racial and socio-economic boundaries.

Given this ever-present, almost looming sense of pressure to evoke change in a world so clearly divided by political, social, economic, and cultural lines; how do we – the current generation of Hollywood assistants and entertainment powerhouse hopefuls – justify devoting our hard work, time, and in many cases – sanity – to an industry that, in some ways, directly contradicts socioeconomic ideals of equality through its focus on status? Media industry professional devote much, if not most, of their time to answering questions such as: ‘What actor will drive the highest revenue for a film’ or ‘Which YouTube influencer’s, say, make-up instructional video will gain the largest number of followers?” “Which social media platform will attract the largest millennial viewership?”

My Dear Peers,

Justification for our involvement in this cutthroat, sensationalized industry emerges from a recognition of, and appreciation for, the thematic significance of a substantial portion of media content that drives viewership to multiple media platforms. It is this awareness that is – hopefully – the reason you took the courageous leap to enter this unbelievably competitive industry in the first place. Most importantly, these stories bring important socioeconomic, political, gender issues – you name it – into the public eye and further, provoke conversations that it is about time millennials actively debate and discuss. In Netflix’s hit original show Master of None, for example, Aziz Ansari brings racial stereotypes to light through comedy. Just this past year, the Sundance star The Birth of A Nation provided viewers an authentic recount of one of the most important slave rebellions in history, while Academy Award Winner The Big Short chronicled the corruption on Wall Street that less than a decade ago brought our country to the verge of economic collapse. Just these three examples of content blatantly present a diverse scope of corrupt narratives that have plagued our country for decades – if not centuries. The stories embodying such content are not only themselves powerful, but so too are their creators. Often, the personal anecdotes of content creators resonate even more strongly or on a more personal note than the content itself. Compelling content and the conversation that surrounds it illuminate and confront biases and unjust societal norms, offering provocative reflections of past practices that not only deserve, but it is imperative, are highlighted today.

It must, of course, be recognized that in orchestration with the proliferation of this caliber of content, it is technical platforms and social media outlets that provide creators the space to make themselves relatable, sometimes even vulnerable, in order to voice their stories in conversation with fans in an interactive manner. And as is obvious, media moguls are now hard at work attempting to determine the best means by which to monetize these platforms. It is, however, we – “digital natives” as they like to call us – that have the most in-depth comprehension of such platforms.

So it is not only the challenge and opportunity, but also responsibility, of our incoming class of entertainment professionals, to determine the manner by which powerful film and television content will utilize these platforms, working with them in tandem, to amplify the powerful narratives and messages they contain. Quality media content – be it a comedy sitcom, a late night talk show, or even a deeply dramatic film – that makes an important statement about societal norms, gender stereotypes, racial inequality – what have you – not only deserves, but now has a need of its own to be shared, debated, and critically examined by the masses. It is content of this scope that, working in concert with the incredible social platforms we are fortunate enough to have beneath our fingertips today, will enable us – media-obsessed, driven, young Hollywood hopefuls – to make “the change [we] wish to see in the world.” Particularly given the current state of global affairs and the pressing racial, economic, political, and social challenges that face the nation, the time to evoke this “change” is now.

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Millennial Women Want More Green Beauty Products

A recent survey found that millennial women want more green beauty and are buying cleaner picks more so than ever before.
We rounded up a list of last minute holiday beauty gifts that are easy to find (the mall, the drugstore), easy to love, and, most importantly, easy on your wallet.
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