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Passionate Bid

Passionate Bid

When fate brings unexpected love, when destiny knocks on your door… There is no escaping it. The destiny of a man… Drop-dead gorgeous veterinarian Julian Ravenwood has made a mistake-he’s slept with young virgin Joanie Saint Claire. Forced to do the right thing, he marries her then leaves while she’s still in her wedding gown. The fate of a young woman… After her one night with Julian, Joanie finds herself facing an altered life. She’s left alone with a little bug who means the world to her. The spirit of an abandoned wife… An opportunity to solve Joanie’s problems comes when Julian shows up to serve her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition-he must pay her one hundred thousand dollars. The unexpected love… Julian can’t believe it. His scrawny bride has grown into a seductive, attractive and feisty woman he can’t stop lusting after. And her kept secret rocks his world.

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Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott Gives Passionate Plea For Tolerance Amidst Cyber Bullying

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott is tired of seeing the hate being spread in the comments of his social media pages.

The 38-year-old contractor and HGTV star posted a video to his social media sites on Sunday, where he clapped back at those “incessantly cyber bullying” and gave a passionate plea for tolerance moving forward.

The video was in response to hate that first came Scott’s way after the twin sent a message of support to all those participating in the Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington — and the hundreds of “sister marches” staged across the globe.

“They are our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our partners and our friends,” he wrote on Saturday. “They are strong, intelligent, courageous women who deserve be be heard. A culture that respects & supports it’s women is one destined for great things.”

Watch the video above, and read the transcript of Scott’s words below.

Think back to you were a child and your parents taught you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. I have no idea what happened to that. 

Because I read all of your posts. And fortunately, most of our fans are incredible and they have insightful comments, and I love sharing their stories and that’s great. But we also have people who are cruel and angry and no matter what, they just have something negative to say. This is not the place for that. Not to mention that we have a lot of kids who read these posts actively. 

When your parents were teaching you that message they were not suggesting that you have to always conform. There’s a big difference between having a different opinion and always trying to pick a fight. 

My social media is a place for all of us to inspire each other and build each other up, and there’s no need to try to tear us apart and always attack other fans.

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And I’ll be honest — if it offends you when I post saying I believe in human rights or I believe in equality or even just simple human kindness, then I think you need to take a good look in the mirror and find your source of unhappiness. 

When you choose to look at the world from a place of hostility, well it’s unlikely you’re going to see even the smallest amount of good. And that is a tragedy.

We will never all agree on everything, but we should always be willing to look and see if someone’s heart is in the right place. And when I see this inspiring situation where strangers have come together all over the world to express their peaceful passions for justice, well that has resonated to areas on the planet where unfortunately people don’t experience the same democratic freedoms that we have. But someday I hope that they will. 

I just believe that any achievement for equality here in America is a victory for human rights around the world. Period.

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9 Things Truly Passionate People Do Differently


Do you have enough passion in your life? Passion is the difference between playing the piano and being a pianist; it’s who you are, not just what you do. Passion makes you leap out of bed in the morning, eager to start your day.

Dr. Robert Vallerand at the University of Quebec has studied passion more than anyone, and he asserts that passion is self-defining. According to Vallerand, “Passion is a strong inclination towards a self-defining activity that people love, that they consider important, and in which they devote significant amounts of time and energy.”

“Passion is the genesis of genius.” – Galileo

It’s important to note that passion doesn’t require expertise–although there is a correlation, it’s not a given. Vallerand and two other researchers studied 187 musicians and found that those who focused on perfecting their performance–what Vallerand calls “mastery”–developed a higher level of expertise than those who focused on merely being better than other musicians. If passion defines you, it makes sense that your personal best will be about you and no one else.

So what does passion look and feel like? A great way to understand passion is to consider what makes passionate people different from everybody else.

1. Passionate people are obsessed.
Put simply, passionate people are obsessed with their muse, and I don’t mean that in an unhealthy OCD sort of way. I’m talking about a positive, healthy obsession, the kind that inspired the quote, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” No matter what else is going on, their thoughts keep returning to their passion. Not because they feel burdened and pressured by it, but because they’re just so dang excited about it. They’re obsessed with their muse because it inspires them and makes them happy.

2. They don’t waste time.
You won’t find passionate people wandering around a park all afternoon playing Pokemon Go. They don’t have time to be bothered with things that don’t matter or things that just kill time. They devote every minute available to their passion, and it’s not a sacrifice, because there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing.

3. They’re optimistic. Passionate people are always focused on what can be rather than what is. They’re always chasing their next goal with the unwavering belief that they’ll achieve it. You know how it feels when you’re looking forward to a really special event? Passionate people feel like that every day, and their optimism is driven by emotional intelligence.

4. They’re early risers.
Passionate people are far too eager to dive into their days to sleep in. It’s not that they don’t like to sleep; they’d just much rather be pursuing their passion. When the rooster crows, their minds are flooded with ideas and excitement for the day ahead.

5. They’re willing to take big risks.
How much you want something is reflected in how much you’re willing to risk. Nobody is going to lay it all on the line for something they’re only mildly interested in. Passionate people, on the other hand, are willing to risk it all.

6. They only have one speed–full tilt
. Passionate people don’t do anything half-heartedly. If they’re going, they’re going full tilt until they cross the finish line or crash. If they’re relaxed and still, they’re relaxed and still. There’s no in between.

7. They talk about their passions all the time. Again, we’re talking about people whose passions are inseparable from who they are, and you couldn’t form much of a relationship with them if they couldn’t be real about who they are, right? It’s not that they don’t understand that you don’t share their obsession; they just can’t help themselves. If they acted differently, they’d be playing a role rather than being authentic.

8. They’re highly excitable. You know those people who probably wouldn’t get excited if an alien spaceship landed in their front yard? Yeah, that’s not how passionate people operate. It’s not that they’re never calm, or even bored. It’s just that it takes less to get them excited, so they get excited more frequently and stay excited longer. One theory is that they devote their energy to just one or two things, so they make more progress, and that momentum fuels their excitement.

9. They’re all about their work. Passionate people don’t worry about work/life balance. Their work is who they are, and there’s no separating the two. It’s what they breathe, live, and eat, so there’s no such thing as leaving it at the office. Asking them to do that is tantamount to asking them to deny who they are. And they’re OK with that because there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing.

Bringing It All Together

Now that you know what separates passionate people from everybody else, do you think you have enough passion in your life?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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The Mindy Project’s Passionate Egg-Freezing Plea Has Us Thinking Hard About Life Today

If you want a baby someday, but not right now, you might not have been able to sleep after this week's Mindy Project. Hell, I have a baby, and I still lay awake after it….

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