Should Family Guy ‘phase out’ gay jokes?

The producers say they are taking the show’s comedy in a new direction, but is that what fans want?
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World’s biggest tobacco company to phase out cigarettes

In a swish research centre on the edge of a Swiss lake, the world’s biggest cigarette company is re-inventing itself.
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Does Zegna, Reliance Investment in Rathore Show New Phase for India Luxury Market?

The investment by Ermenegildo Zegna and Reliance Brands in Indian men’s wear designer Raghavendra Rathore marks a series of firsts for all the companies involved — and could signal a major turning point in global companies’ attitude toward Indian fashion.
The investment is the first in an Indian brand by both Zegna and Reliance, while for Rathore it represents another milestone in his career that could help turn him into a designer name recognized worldwide.
Rathore is well-known in the luxury men’s space in India for his tailoring and interpretation of the traditional men’s formalwear bandhgala, breeches and tapered waist coats — with a focus on both sophistication and style. (A bandhgala, which is said to have originated from Jodhpur, is part of Indian formalwear with its high collar, front buttons, and formfitting style.) Designers — many of whom are strongly independent and resist any steering by investors — are interested to see how the growth of his brand pans out with the new investors.
Rathore currently sells his Jodhpur brand in seven stores in India and also has a lower priced line, Imperial India Company. But it is the luxury aspect that the Zegna-Reliance brands’ investment will fuel, focusing on the fast-growing

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StarkX Readies for Next Phase of Growth

GROWTH MODE: Perry Stark four years ago founded her line of casual basics called StarkX and the Los Angeles brand may finally be hitting its stride.
The line doubled its door count in the past year to about 100 stores, including Anthropologie and Saint Bernard in Dallas. The designer just recently launched e-commerce following a doubling in companywide sales as demand has strengthened for her line of casual, easy separates. Think cotton gauze pants and blouses mixed with linen jersey tops.
The line is made in downtown Los Angeles, around the same area where the designer attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising some 27 years ago when the school was still on Flower and 7th Streets and the Staples Center didn’t yet exist.
The designer’s now plotting an expansion into Europe and in the spring began testing the concession model with an in-line shop at Addō Sag Harbor in the Hamptons.
“It’s been amazing and we just sell more and more. It’s perfect for resort,” Stark said of the shop.
The designer would eventually like to open her own stores, with growth into that expected next spring. Stark said she’s eyeing markets such as Brentwood, Santa Monica or Malibu for her first store.
“It’s [all]

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A New Phase of ‘Goodnight Moon’?

How a previously unpublished book by the children’s author Margaret Wise Brown is soon to make an appearance.
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‘Awkward’: Jenna Slips Further Into Her Bad Girl Phase, Gets Caught Smoking Pot With Collin

Is Collin a bad influence for Jenna on “Awkward“? This week, he convinced her to give marijuana a try, which seemed to quickly push her into the world of teenage pothead. Suddenly, she wanted to light up any time life started stressing her out. One of the things stressing her out was the fact that she’d lost all of her friends. In fact, other than Collin and pot, she had no one and nothing. This is not the lovable Jenna who started the series.

All teens go through experimental phases, but with each passing week this one is becoming more and more uncomfortable to watch. Jenna’s dad declared Collin a bad influence, but she had her mother on her side — at least until she betrayed her trust to sneak out and hook up with Collin. And they did hook up.

Afraid that she would lose him if she didn’t — and he did quickly start looking at his phone when she rebuffed his advances — Jenna ultimately decided to have sex with Collin. She didn’t do it out of love or because she really wanted to. She did it for an absolutely terrible reason. Clearly Collin is representing the “bad decisions” phase of her life, but how long will it last? Like everyone else in her life, we miss the old Jenna.

“Awkward” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV.

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