Conor McGregor Dresses to Impress and Pitch New August McGregor Suit Collection

MAN WITH A BRAND: On the field Sunday pre-Super Bowl LIII, Conor McGregor was tough to miss wearing a custom David August lavender jacket and tie with black pants.
The UFC featherweight and lightweight champion’s 18-month-old son was dressed identically in custom suits, thanks to the designer David August Heil. As is pretty much always the case with any celebrity making such a mega-appearance — and Sunday’s game would qualify — the wardrobe choice was no coincidence. The fiery Irish MMA fighter launched a cobranded collection with August at the end of last year in time for his showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov. The collection included a $ 39 “Eff You” T-shirt, an $ 87 “Whoop Ass” embroidered hooded sweatshirt and a $ 39 newspaper-inspired “August McGregor Post” T-shirt imprinted with a McGregor quote, “When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”
But back to the Super Bowl: McGregor decided to wear purple “to remain neutral, as he is a fan of both teams but wanted to wear something to celebrate the occasion,” according to a David August spokesman. To take that neutrality literally, McGregor might be a little color blind since red and blue make purple and red is minimal in

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Amazon’s Pitch to Woo Shippers: Fewer Fees Than FedEx, UPS

Amazon Shipping is trying to poach customers from FedEx and UPS by targeting a common complaint: fuel surcharges and extra fees that drive up the cost of home deliveries. WSJD


Has Kershaw thrown his last pitch as a Dodger?

After Clayton Kershaw's latest playoff disappointment, L.A.'s longtime ace could choose to start fresh with another team. Either way, it won't be an easy decision.

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Billboard top 30: Every NBA team’s pitch to LeBron James

Fans around the NBA have put up billboards to woo LeBron James. What would it look like if all 30 teams did the same? See for yourself. – TOP

Pillar scores on wild pitch

Kevin Pillar scores the go-ahead run on a wild pitch by Alex Colome in the top of the 9th inning, giving the Blue Jays a 2-1 lead

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Cubs’ Bryant hit in head by pitch, exits game

Cubs star Kris Bryant was helped off the field Sunday in Colorado after getting hit in the head by a fastball from German Marquez in the first inning. According to the team, he passed all concussion-related tests and will continue to be monitored. – TOP

Pitch Perfect: Hollywood’s surprising success story

The movies may have been successful, but they also remain unique in the film industry.
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The Voice, Pitch Perfect 3 Team for Your New Favorite Mash-Up

The Voice, Pitch Perfect 3Pitch Perfect’s Bellas are back and making new music with contestants from NBC’s The Voice–E! News has a sneak preview of what is sure to be an ear-pleasing music video.
In the…

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Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 Opens Friday, Dec 22, 2017

The Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Garcetti Pitch Better ‘Narrative’ Around Climate Action at CAA Event

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at CAA on Wednesday to talk about the path forward on climate change activism in the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords. Garcetti and Schwarzenegger each said that despite the withdrawal, cities and states have long… Read more »



Mark Cuban Is Tired of Your ‘Uber of Something’ Pitch

In his first Original Thinkers column, Adam Grant talks to the brash Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner about the ideas that shape him, from his take on ball hogs to the importance of after-work drinks.

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Woman Allegedly ‘Chained Like a Dog’ by Serial Killer Describes Terrifying Ordeal: ‘It Was Pitch Black’

When authorities announced in November they’d found a missing woman in a South Carolina storage container, they described her captivity in stark terms: She was kept “chained like a dog,” and the sheriff said, “This is the stuff you see in the movies.”

Now that rescued woman, Kala Brown, is describing the terror of her confinement.

In an upcoming two-part interview on Dr. Phil, her first since being free, Brown says she was kept nearly immobile by a short length of chain, no more than three feet, fastened around her neck.

“My neck was in one corner and my ankle was in another corner,” she tells host Dr. Phil McGraw in a new clip from the interview, which begins airing on Monday.

She says she was left handcuffed, chained and gagged by her accused abductor, Todd Kohlhepp, who investigators believe is a serial killer accused of murdering seven people. (It is unclear whether he has entered a plea.)

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Brown says in the clip that the container where she was kept was not empty. “It was pitch black,” she says. “but he had a flashlight and he had a lot of shelving with, like, dried food and rations and stuff and lots of bottles of water.”

Brown and her boyfriend, who was later found dead on Kohlhepp’s property, went missing on Aug. 31. Brown was found on Nov. 3, and Kohlhepp was arrested soon after.

In her sit-down with McGraw, Brown shares “intense details” from her ordeal – as well as her resilience.

“No matter what he did to me,” she says, “he did not break me.”

Brown’s interview on Dr. Phil will air Monday and Tuesday. Check local listings.

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Snap’s IPO Pitch to Tout Service as the Next Facebook

When Snap Inc. markets its IPO, it will be touting more than its virtual-messaging service: Its bankers and executives also plan to portray its founder as a visionary who can evolve the service into a content powerhouse. WSJD


Besides the Sales Pitch, Artists Should Offer Care Instructions

The conversation that artists are most likely to enjoy having with buyers concerns what inspired them to create this or that and the ideas they seek to express in their work. Less enjoyable are negotiations over price (how much it costs, if any discounts are available, how they will be paid), and less enjoyable still is a discussion of the type of care that their artwork may require over time. Too often, artists shy away from questions of care, because they themselves may not know much about the materials they are using and how their pieces weather over time (and what, if anything, to do about it) and because they worry that such talk might cause prospective buyers to back out of a purchase.

Phoebe Dent Weil, a retired sculpture conservator at the St. Louis Art Museum who continues to work for private and institutional clients, claims that artists need to look beyond the initial sale to the long-term maintenance of their work. And, they need to talk to buyers about how to keep artworks looking good. “Collectors may get very upset if the sculpture they buy starts to look very different and starts to lose its value,” she said.

Weil herself was called in by the Houston Museum of Fine Arts when a polished carbon steel sculpture in its collection by the Italian artist Pietro Consagra rusted all over. Should the museum sand off the rust and polish the piece, knowing that the rust would recur? She spoke with the artist, who was still alive, recommending that the work be painted, which might make the piece look a bit different but would provide lasting protection. The artist was happy with the recommendation and began incorporating paint into his other steel works. He also was lucky that the conservator the museum chose to contact had an idea about how to keep his work from looking good. That helps the artist’s reputation and keeps the museum interested in his work.

Light, heat, humidity, dirt, dust and especially water are all potentially harmful to works of art, and the damage is dependent upon the materials used and where the objects are located. Artworks placed outdoors are most likely to experience changes through cold, heat, moisture and pollutants, and some materials are better able to weather these changes or be treated than others. Stone sculpture, for instance, is porous and can absorb water vapor up to four inches deep, taking airborne pollutants into its interior. Eventually, when it dries out, the stone will “sweat” out these particles, which creates an erosion on its surface, slowly eliminating some of the detailing.

Bronze, too, reacts badly to humidity, turning green. Weil stated that chlorides in the patina — the surface sheen of an object — occasionally reacts with high humidity to cause “bronze disease,” which is green mold-like spots that start appearing on the surface. She noted that there is not much one can do to permanently stop this condition, although regular cleaning and waxing of the work does provide some protection from the humidity. Wood is most severely affected by moisture in the air, expanding in high humidity and contracting in a dry environment. Two adjoining wooden pieces in an object may expand against each other and knock themselves out of line, and the glue holding pieces together may dry up and cease to bind the parts together. The ideal relative humidity levels are 55 percent for wood, 50 percent for stone and 40 percent for bronze.

Unlike paintings and drawings, wooden sculpture cannot be placed under glass to protect them from strong light. She noted that these pieces should be kept away from windows where direct sunlight would hit them, since their veneer absorbs heat which can lead to cracking.

Certain types of antiques or sculpture are born trouble, no matter what anyone does, Weil claimed. Claes Oldenburg’s outdoor pieces, for instance, are cast in Everdur bronze that has the distinction of tarnishing and discoloring very rapidly. If one touches a piece made in Everdur bronze, the mark must be immediately cleaned off or else the fingerprints may be permanently etched into the metal within a matter of days.

Other problems may have been found with Cor-ten steel, which has been used for works by Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson, Pablo Picasso and many other artists. Cor-ten was thought to be an answer to outdoor environmental conditions as it formed a tight oxidation layer that stabilizes and acts as a buffer against further corrosion. Weil stated that there have been serious problems when conservators seek to clean graffiti off works made of this metal. “To clean it, you have to remove the entire rust layer. Then, another rust layer has to develop.” The result is the removal of actual metal, which may change the proportions and appearance of the entire work.

Artists, of course, choose the materials they use often for other reasons than longevity. Picasso would not have pasted newsprint onto some of his late Cubist canvases had his concerns been the problems conservators would face decades later. As a result, artists should provide guidance to their buyers in the maintenance of their work. Here are some Don’ts that Weil has to offer:

Don’t use Pledge on a wood sculpture. It may leave residue, cause discoloration and provide moisture that enters the wood.

Don’t use Brasso metal polish on metal sculptures. It has a mild abrasive and leaves a residue of white powder that collects in corners.

Don’t use a rag to remove dirt and dust. The rag may catch on sharp points and abrade the surface. Feather dusters are better but are more difficult to control. Instead, use a soft bristle paint brush, taping the metal ferule to guard against scrapes.

Don’t put a waterproof coating on stone sculpture. Rainwater will get underneath the coating through cracks and cause the coating to chip off, distorting the overall look of the piece.

And, of course, what one might expect from a conservator: If a buyer has questions about how to protect a work from damage or restore a piece after damage has occurred, contact a qualified conservator.

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Easton Mako Torq -10 Fast Pitch Fitness Equipment

Easton Mako Torq -10 Fast Pitch Fitness Equipment

EastonA(R) MakoA(R) Torq -10 Fast Pitch Bat :: High-speed video shows that the game’s greatest hitters actually adjust their grip in mid-swing to get more leverage and keep the barrel of the bat in the hitting zone longer. Easton’s exclusive new TorqA(R) handle technology allows hitters of all skill levels to more easily rotate their hands during the swing. Set your hands free and feel the power of TorqA(R) technology. Your item needs extra special love and care. Shipping fees apply. This web exclusive item ships separately within the continental U.S. only. You can count on this item to ship in 3-5 business days!
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David Koechner’s Hilarious Pitch For The Next Viagra Commercial

With all the talk this week about the new drug being called the “female Viagra,” libido was on the brain during Friday’s episode of “The HuffPost Show.” To that end, comedian David Koechner, who is set to appear at the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend charity event kicking off June 19, shared his pitch for the perfect commercials to woo men and women alike to the sexual-performance drug market.

Watch more from “The HuffPost Show” here.

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Mom’s Movie Minute – Pitch Perfect 2

In this special Dad’s Edition, Diego Schoening gives us his bottom line on Pitch Perfect 2.
Mom’s Movie Minute

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Man Pulls Off Aca-Amazing Proposal For His ‘Pitch Perfect’-Obsessed Girlfriend

Unless you count singing in the shower, Max Podell has no vocal experience whatsoever. But that didn’t stop him from popping the question to his girlfriend by recreating a scene from “Pitch Perfect” with a group of his equally amateur (but enthusiastic!) friends.

At a friend’s birthday party on May 8, Max and eight of his buddies sang along to the Treblemakers‘ finale performance from the first movie for his girlfriend Lindsay Versage. The guys rocked blazers and shorts and even attempted some choreography all in the name of romance. Towards the end of the routine, Max comes out and serenades the bride-to-be with a cover of B.o.B and River Cuomo’s song “Magic.”

“We love the movie, and we love the soundtrack,” he told The Huffington Post. “So do most of our friends. Lindsay puts the music on almost every time we are in the car together. Every time that song comes on, I sing that part to her. It’s special between us.”

cute engaged pic
Courtesy of the couple

At first, Lindsay thought the performance was something the boys had planned as a surprise for their friend Jenny’s birthday. But once she figured out what was going on, Lindsay was over the moon.

“I was absolutely stunned!” she told HuffPost. “It was the most surreal moment and it took me a little while to even realize exactly what was happening. I couldn’t believe how many people were involved and how they pulled it off. It was the best moment of my entire life and I will remember it forever.”

via YouTube/Brian Beattie

Watch the aca-awesome video above.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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Anna Kendrick Skewers James Corden In A ‘Pitch Perfect’-Style Riff-Off

“The Late Late Show” was basically a college a cappella concert Friday night.

Anna Kendrick joined host James Corden in a “Pitch Perfect”-style riff-off to determine who had the best a cappella chops. Along with a cappella group The Filharmonic, the two sang hits including *NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye “and Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.” Kendrick took home the title, but with those ace song choices and Kendrick and Corden’s fun dance vibes, isn’t everyone a winner? (Not to mention it was an “Into the Woods” reunion.)

Later in the show, Corden sat down with Kendrick and her “Pitch Perfect” co-stars Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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The Cast of Pitch Perfect 2 Has Been Killing It on the Red Carpet

Who’s excited for Pitch Perfect 2? The film opens today, but before you rush off to your local movie theater, check out how the cast has been killing it on the red carpet recently.

For the world premiere of the movie, Anna Kendrick wore a sultry one-shoulder Stella McCartney cutout gown in royal blue and purple.

At a photo call for the film in Rome, director Elizabeth Banks went with this black-and-white Donna Karan skirt and top.

She was spotted in Berlin for another photo call wearing a multicolor Peter Pilotto dress.

Rebel Wilson mixed a blue top with a black-and-white checkered skirt, which we love. File that away for your next work outfit idea.

Brittany Snow went the elegant route in an Edition by Georges Chakra gown with sheer cutouts and paneling for the L.A. premiere.

Anna Camp looked way edgier than the character she plays in the film in a Philipp Plein minidress.

Alexis Knapp wore a red-hot Lorena Sarbu gown with a high-low satin skirt for the world premiere.

Kelley Jakle went for an angelic-with-an-edge style at the L.A. premiere of the film.

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Pitch Perfect 2 and More Picks to Watch, Read, Stream, and Listen to This Weekend

Let's just cut to the chase: It's Pitch Perfect 2 weekend—which means that it's only a matter of time before we start using aca- as a prefix to everything. But lucky for us, it's not…

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The Barden Bellas Run the World In the Hilarious New Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

A new trailer for “Pitch Perfect 2” is here! Check out your favorite Barden Bellas in an extended look at the hilariously musical new film.
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Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson Are Coming Back For ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

Let’s be honest, no one is surprised by this news: Universal announced on Thursday that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel to “Pitch Perfect.” Elizabeth Banks is set to direct the new film from a script by original writer Kay Cannon.

“Pitch Perfect 2” was announced back in January. When HuffPost Entertainment spoke with Kendrick shortly after the news broke, she played coy about her involvement. “I wish I knew. I wish there was a script,” Kendrick said. “But I really do [want to be in it]. I’m like banging down the doors.”

For more on “Pitch Perfect 2,” head to THR.
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