Trump Tells GM to Open Ohio Plant and Stop Output in China

General Motors plans to cut up to 14,800 jobs and end production at certain plants, marking the auto maker’s first significant downsizing since bankruptcy as it tries to adjust to lower demand for passenger cars. President Trump said GM should stop making cars in China and make them in the U.S. instead, in an exclusive WSJ interview. US Business


Tesla to Build Shanghai Plant, Amping Up Operations in China

Tesla announced plans to build a factory in Shanghai, a move expected to boost sales in the world’s largest auto market but comes amid a broader U.S.-China trade dispute. WSJD


Plant Swaps: The Cheap Way to Score Rare Houseplants

From Chicago to Paris, amateur horticulturists are gathering at plant swaps to flesh out their Instagram-worthy collections—and possibly sprout a friendship or two. Lifestyle


New Life for Steel Plant Perks Up Depressed Illinois Town

Things are looking up for Granite City, where U.S. Steel has decided to rekindle part of an idled steel mill that had seen about 1,500 workers laid off a few years ago. US Business


EPA to Withdraw Power Plant Rules

The Trump administration Tuesday will formally withdraw federal limits on carbon emissions at power plants, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said, triggering the next stage of what is likely a yearslong fight over the Obama administration’s centerpiece for slowing climate change. US Business


Free Medicine Help Donated to Mount Olive Baptist Church in Plant City,FL by Charles Myrick of ACRX

ACRX Recognition Gallery: American Consultants Rx -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.

The American Consultants Rx discount prescription cards are to be given free to anyone in need of help curbing the high cost of prescription drugs.

Due to the rising costs, unstable economics, and the mounting cost of prescriptions, American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACRX) a.k.a (ACIRX) an Atlanta based company was born in 2004. The ACRX discount prescription card program was created and over 25 million discount prescription cards were donated to over 18k organizations across the country to be distributed to those in need of prescription assistance free of charge since 2004.

The ACRX cards will offer discounts of name brand drugs of up to 40% off and up to 60% off of generic drugs. They also possess no eligibility requirements, no forms to fill out, or expiration date as well .One card will take care of a whole family. Also note that the ACRX cards will come to your organization already pre-activated .The cards are good at over 50k stores from Walgreen, Wal mart, Eckerd”s, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, and many more. Any one can use these cards but ACRX is focusing on those who are uninsured, underinsured, or on Medicare. The ACRX cards are now in Spanish as well.

American Consultants Rx made arrangements online for the ACRX card to be available at where it can also be downloaded. This arrangement has been made to allow organizations an avenue to continue assisting their clients in the community until they receive their orders of the ACRX cards. ACRX made it possible for cards to be requested from online for individuals and organizations free of charge. Request for the ACRX cards can also be made by mailing a request to : ACRX, P.O.Box 161336,Atlanta,GA 30321, faxing a written request to 404-305-9539,or calling the office at 404-767-1072. Please include name (if organization please include organization and contact name),mailing address,designate Spanish or English,amount of cards requested,and telephone number.

American Consultants Rx is working diligently to assist as many people and organizations as possible. It should be noted that while many other organizations and companies place a cost on their money saving cards, American Consultants Rx does not believe a cost should be applied, just to assist our fellow Americans. American Consultants Rx states that it will continue to strive to assist those in need.

Chemical Fire Erupts at Flooded Plant

Two explosions were reported at a Texas chemical plant, hours after the facility’s owner urged residents and others to stay away. US Business


Hollywood actor jailed over power plant protest

Veteran Hollywood actor James Cromwell has been sentenced to a week in a New York jail following a protest at a power plant.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Artist Realizes Only Appropriate Use Of Trump Tweets Is Plant Food

President Donald Trump’s tweets might be polluting the natural environment that is your mind, but they’re finding greater purpose somewhere: specifically, in a subterranean lavender field in New York City.

Austrian artist Martin Roth, now based in NYC, is the mad gardener behind an idyllic new art exhibition, which happens to be powered in part by Trump’s 140-character declarations. Nestled inside the Austrian Cultural Forum of Midtown Manhattan, it consists of 200 lavender shrubs that are nurtured by grow lights whose power corresponds with the activities of several social media accounts.

That’s right, the strength of the bulbs depends on how frequently accounts like @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, @PressSec and @KellyannePolls issue a tweet. (Other connected accounts: @foxandfriends, @seanhannity, @tuckercarlson, @breitbartnews, @heritage, @CNN and @washingtonpost.)

Motivated by the “heightened anxiety” many have felt in the wake of Trump’s election, the arrangement is meant to turn the chaos of our present political reality into something capable of assuaging our collective terror.

“The pace and tenor of the current political discourse, blasted out through social media 24/7 without respite, affects our psyche in a profound way,” Martin told Mashable. “I’m interested in Twitter because it seemed to be the only news getting through. It’s fast and used as a political weapon, but … it seems overall just to be there to distract us.”

Using eight tons of soil, six rows of lavender and a soothing backdrop of nature-adorned wallpaper, Martin has created what appears at first to be place of refuge, a fragrance-filled spot where art lovers can stop to, quite literally, smell the flowers.

However, they can’t do so without wondering just how many tweets are flying through the digital ether at any given moment. If the lavender is thriving, so too are POTUS and co.’s statuses. The effect, Hyperallergic’s Claire Voon notes, is amplified by “the windowless, concrete space,” which she describes as “claustrophobic.” Even when the air smells like perfume, something capable of transcending the underground sanctuary is probably amiss ― you just can’t see it.

“The total effect is less an immersion into the woods, and more a sojourn in a doomsday bunker of the One-Percent,” Kate Sutton wrote in an essay that appears on the Forum’s website. “Any calm this environment induces is innately tinged by suspicion of its circumstances.”

You can visit the not-so-subtle installation until June 21.

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Led Zeppelin reunion rumours triggered by Plant

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has sparked a frenzy of rumours about a possible reunion of the legendary rockers.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Books of The Times: In ‘Janesville,’ When the G.M. Plant Closed, Havoc Followed

Amy Goldstein chronicles in vivid, sophisticated detail the evisceration of life in a Wisconsin town after the loss of its major employer.
NYT > Books


Intel Announces $7 Billion Investment in Arizona Plant

President Donald Trump and Intel Corp. Chief Executive Brian Krzanich announced plans for a $ 7 billion investment in a major manufacturing facility in Arizona. US Business


Toyota Draws Trump’s Ire for Mexican Plant

Donald Trump in a tweet Thursday criticized Toyota’s plans to build a $ 1 billion plant in Mexico and threatened a tax on imported Corollas. US Business


Rare plant named after rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix

SAN DIEGO (AP) — California researchers have named a newly discovered rare plant after Jimi Hendrix.
Entertainment News Headlines — Yahoo! News


Best Buy Co, Inc.

Successful gardening – plant partners

Successful gardening – plant partners

Create a garden where plants, trees and shrubs work beautifully together. An innovative approach to choosing the best plants for your garden. Hundreds of ways to mix and match plants for stunning, long-lasting beauty. tips on planting trees and shrubs for subtle and effective backdrops – or as dramatic focal points. How to integrate bulbs, perennials, and annuals for continuous garden color.
List Price: 23.94

Dig Gardening? Plant Some Connected Tech This Spring

Dig Gardening? Plant Some Connected Tech This Spring

This is 2016, and in 2016 everyone puts chips in things. This planting season, let technology keep watch over your home garden. The post Dig Gardening? Plant Some Connected Tech This Spring appeared first on WIRED.


Home Theater Week at ...Your Source for High-definition Entertainment

Pendant, Indian Rubber Plant Copper-finished Brass, 48x20mm-72x30mm Leaf. Sold Individually

Pendant, Indian Rubber Plant Copper-finished Brass, 48x20mm-72x30mm Leaf. Sold Individually

Leaf pendant is made from an actual leaf from a rubber bush, an ornamental plant grown around the world. Each leaf is unique and is electroplated to retain its natural size and shape. Delicate looking and lightweight enough to be used as earrings, they’re great for fall or nature-inspired designs. Size and shape may vary +/- 20%.
List Price: $ 2.85
Price: $ 2.85

Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises

Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises

Preview using Google Book SearchThis easy-to-follow, full-colour guide was created for instructors teaching plant structure at the high school, college, and university levels. It benefits from the experience of the authors, who in teaching plant anatomy over many years, came to realize that students learn best by preparing their own microscope slides from fresh plant samples. The exercises contained in this book have been tested, require minimal supplies and equipment, and use plants that are readily available. Detailed instructions are given for sectioning and staining of plant material. The book contains a glossary of terms, an index, and a list of suppliers of materials required. A CD-ROM of all the illustrations is included for easy downloading into PowerPoint presentations.Although a number of new plant anatomy texts have been published in recent years, none is as innovative, exciting and user-friendly as Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises by Peterson, Peterson and Melville. What makes this book so usable from high school biology courses on through to upper level university plant structure labs is the wealth of experience that the authors have incorporated into this comprehensive clearly illustrated text. Using mostly photomicrographs of hand sections and wonderfully clear colour illustrations, they cover all aspects of plant structure from organelles to organs. The book also outlines some easy to use techniques, such as hand sections and clearings and macerations, which will certainly be very useful for any plant related lab. This book really does bring plant anatomy to life and will be a must for any course that deals with plant structure even if it''s just to prepare plant material for molecular techniques. An excellent contribution to any botanical teaching where you want your students to get a hands-on approach to the subject….Dr. Usher Posluszny, University of Guelph
List Price:

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin interview released by Bob Harris

Former Old Grey Whistle Test presenter releases never-before-heard interviews with music legends. RSS feed
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Geologist Discovers Plant That May Only Grow On Top Of Soil Laden With Diamonds

There she grows!

A picky plant found in West Africa may grow only on top of mineral deposits often loaded with diamonds, according to research soon to be published in the journal Economic Geology. Stephen Haggerty, a professor at Florida International University in Miami and the chief exploration officer of Youssef Diamond Mining Company, said the discovery could be a game changer for the region.

The thorny plant, Pandanus candelabrum, only grows atop deposits of kimberlite, a type of volcanic rock found in giant underground “columns” around the world. Diamonds, formed hundreds of kilometers deep by intense heat and pressure, are pushed upward with the kimberlite during subterranean volcanic activity, resulting in gem-rich veins of rock.


Pandanus candelabrum, left, is seen in the Liberian jungle.

Until recently, there was no reliable way to locate these concentrated deposits of diamonds, which can be just a few acres in size and buried in thick, remote parts of the jungle.

Haggerty made the discovery in the bush of Liberia after venturing to the country in 2010 to continue research he began in the 1970s. He told The Huffington Post that Liberia, infamous for its trade in so-called “blood diamonds,” had extensive mining operations in place, but the miners had no real way of knowing where to look for the gems. The region is covered in dense forest “so inaccessible, you can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you,” he said.

Moving through the jungle and taking soil samples with an 8-foot steel rod, Haggerty eventually discovered a kimberlite “pipe” about 500 by 50 meters, or 1640 by 164 feet. Four diamonds, two of them around 20 carats apiece, have already been found in the soil above the pipe, according to Science magazine.

Aside from the pipe itself, Haggerty’s most interesting observation was the discovery of Pandanus candelabrum, which thrives on a unique mixture of minerals found in the kimberlite soil. “For reasons that we don’t yet know,” he said, P. candelabrum appears to grow only atop these diamond-rich deposits.

Various plants have been used as discovery elements for other metal-laden soils, Haggerty said. Scientists uncovered some eucalyptus trees in 2013 that contained gold in their leaves, having tapped into mineral deposits deep underground with their far-reaching roots.

Haggerty said he hopes to use satellite mapping of the plants (via their spectral signatures) to help unearth new pipes of kimberlite throughout Liberia.

“That’s the way geology works. We don’t operate in singularities,” Haggerty said. “If there’s one pipe, there have to be others.”

Still, not all kimberlite deposits contain diamonds — in fact, only about 1 percent of the world’s known kimberlite pipes “are rich enough in quality diamonds to be worth mining,” writes Eric Hand at Science.

But if the mapping goes as hoped, it could pave the way for new diamond exploration in the country that could help boost local economies without harming the environment. Whereas a lot of current diamond mining involves unearthing and discarding all kinds of substances, some of them terrible for the environment, the main by-product of mining at kimberlite sites would be the kimberlite itself — which is basically composed of the same nutrients as garden fertilizer. In a country still battling Ebola and malaria, Haggerty said, that could be a saving grace.

“That’s what Liberia needs, and that’s what West Africa needs,” he said.

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Amour Vert Launches Plant a T(R)EE Collection

SOCIALLY SUSTAINABLE: When a model, a photographer and an actresss get together to host an event, one can count on a good-looking crowd. On Thursday night, at the behest of friends Lily Kwong, Claiborne Swanson Frank and Elizabeth Gilpin, a bevy of PYTs filled Beverly Hills’ Switch boutique to celebrate the opening of eco-friendly apparel line Amour Vert’s pop-up shop inside the store.

Actresses Dylan Penn, Ashley Hinshaw and Claire Holt, aspiring musician Caroline Vreeland and model Amanda Hearst shopped the San Francisco-based brand’s Plant a T(R)EE collection, which promises one tree planted in America for every t-shirt sold.

“It just felt like a call to action,” Kwong, recently named Amour Vert’s director of brand strategy, explained. “Fashion is the number two polluting industry in the world after oil. I have this platform in fashion…so I had to do something.”

Kwong, who commutes between New York and San Francisco juggling modeling and urban planning, enlisted the help of her Los Angeles pals to spread the word. “When she [Lily] told me about the brand and I realized what a good cause it was, I said to her, ‘Why don’t I help you organize an event in LA?’” said Gilpin, an aspiring actress and

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WWD » Amour Vert Launches Plant a T(R)EE Collection
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Artist Launches Bonsai Trees And Other Lovely Plant Arrangements Into Space

We’ve heard that outer space is, visually speaking, a pretty majestic experience. Yet although the galaxy beyond is undoubtedly filled with stars and misty clouds for days, there aren’t any decorative touches around to spruce up the space.

Enter Tokyo-based artist Azuma Makoto, aka the official interior decorator of outer space. For Makoto’s recent artistic endeavor, entitled “EXOBIOTANICA,” he launched a 50-year-old Japanese white pine bonsai, along with an arrangement of orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and irises, into the great beyond.


The carefully arranged greenery was expelled from planet earth from Black Rock Desert, Nevada — also the location of the Burning Man Festival. The whole project was taped, thanks to the six GoPro cameras strapped to the balloons which carried the plants. As you could probably guess, the juxtaposition of crisp floral arrangement and the empty wilderness of outer space is a surreal sight to behold.

“I went to Amazon, Brazil last year and created art pieces with plants that were full of aliveness in dense forest where I could hear groan from the earth,” the artist explained to the Huffington Post. “This was a mind-blowing experience since I really felt that I was arranging the plants onto the earth. For this EXOBIOTANICA project, one of my inspiration sources was curiosity – I asked myself, ‘what would it happen when I arrange plants on the globe, from up in the sky?’ as a concept that is completely opposite of what I did in Brazil.”

The goal was simple: “I wanted to explore how flowers and plants would bloom, decay and change outside of the earth. I wanted to seek and tell how their beauties will look with the earth as its background.”


Before actually launching the flora into outer space, Makoto, in collaboration with John Powell of JP Aerospace, “experimented number of times under low-temperature and did rehearsals for camera’s angles beforehand so that we would able to estimate what would happen to some extent.” Despite all the preparations that took place, nothing could predict the staggering beauty that results from the strange and enchanting vision of a domesticated floral arrangement floating through the unbridled Milky Way.

Now that he’s tackled outer space, Makoto has set his sights on artistic destinations closer to planet earth, though just as visually compelling. “For the next steps I would like to try various conditions such as the bottom of the sea, volcano, the Arctic and the Antarctic to see what kind of expressions flowers and plants would display. These challenging concepts make me excited by only thinking about it.” We cannot wait to see where Makoto brings his lucky bouquets next.

See the breathtaking photos below and let us know your thoughts in the comments:

Arts – The Huffington Post
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Robert Plant, Big Freedia Rock: Good Day for Golden Gods and Goddesses at Jazz Fest

Robert Plant was in fine form closing out the stage at Saturday’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, with Phish jamming across the track for hours. From Led Zepplin classics to thoughtfully curated covers, he did not disappoint. AXS Review: Here.

Robert Plant


Big Freedia, a force of nature if ever there was one, performed before Robin Thicke’s set but it won’t be long before the New Orleans native is closing out a Jazz Fest stage while bringing down the house. She bounced through a sizzling set in honor of her mother. AXS Review: Here.

Big Freedia


New Orleans native Kermit Ruffins was full of Kermitude, advising fellow trumpet player Irvin Mayfield to “stay well away from my wife,” and joking that “he follows me everywhere. With a trumpet as smoking as Kermit’s, you can stay as unfiltered as you like. He shared with the audience that he was only half stoned on account of the Jazz Fest gig.

Kermit Ruffins


Jazz Fest is saluting the music and culture of Brazil this year and, as ever, you never know who or what may be coming around the track. The samba beat goes on.


Photos by Jeff Beninato
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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