Ndamukong Suh finally makes his presence felt with the Rams

After a mostly quiet regular season, Ndamukong Suh led a defense that limited the Cowboys to just 50 rushing yards. Now L.A. needs him to do it again.
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Chanel Métiers d’Art to Expand Presence at Hyères Festival

HYÈRES HYÈRES: The luxury brands have been steadily moving in on the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography, and for the next edition in April 2019 expect a bigger presence from Chanel Métiers d’Art.
The festival in April featured an exhibition of Maison Lemarié creations produced in collaboration with the house’s artistic director, Christelle Kocher, who also presided over the accessories jury. But for next time, “We’re working on a project that will involve all 12 of the Chanel Métiers d’Art houses,” said festival founder Jean-Pierre Blanc, who recently opened the call for entries for 2019. Candidates have until Dec. 21 to apply. Blanc, who at the event’s last edition bemoaned the dearth of anglophone candidates, said Fabio Piras, MA fashion program course director at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, will attend the next festival.
In terms of signatures versus France’s other high-profile fashion prizes like the LVMH Prize and ANDAM, Hyères has always been about spotlighting young talents straight out of school, he said. Past Hyères festival winners include Paco Rabanne’s Julien Dossena, Viktor & Rolf’s Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren and Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello. Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, who since scooping the main fashion prize

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Milly Looks to Boost West Coast Presence With Fred Segal Pop-up

CALIFORNIA VIBES: Milly cofounder and creative director Michelle Smith always felt her brand had a California aesthetic to it. A new pop-up at Fred Segal’s Sunset Boulevard flagship could help the company in boosting the line’s physical presence on the West Coast.
“I have a big presence on the East Coast and other regions like Chicago and then the South, and I can see from milly.com that I have a tremendous demand from the West Coast, but I don’t have a very strong physical presence here with my product,” Smith said of why the Fred Segal pop-up made sense. “It’s really exciting to have a physical presence here now and be able to really meet customers.”
Smith was in town to not only show her fall line to fashion editors but also prepare for Tuesday’s unveiling of a six-week pop-up at Fred Segal, which will also include Milly-dedicated windows for the next two weeks. The windows will feature some of the pieces from an exclusive capsule done in collaboration with Fred Segal, in addition to neon art curated especially for the pop-in, with a focus around themes of female empowerment and self-care.
The capsule for the store, part of the “Wildflower” spring collection,

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Bride Showered with Late Father’s Funeral Flowers at Wedding: ‘I Felt His Presence’

When Kait Olidis lost her father to cancer in 2015, she knew she wanted to honor him in a special way. So, she saved some of the roses that his beloved friends and family brought to his funeral, and kept them for just the right moment.

“They stayed tucked away until I figured that I wanted to incorporate them in my wedding,” Olidis, 28, tells PEOPLE. “Confetti is kind of one thing that’s a lot of fun during weddings when people are coming back down the aisle, so with all the rose petals that we did have, I thought it would be special to have them thrown at us.”

A little more than two years after her father, Jim, died, Olidis and her now-husband Benett wed on Aug. 26, 2017, at a picturesque Canadian hotel resort. As they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, about 100 friends and family members showered them with the flower petals.

“That was definitely a really, really special moment. I kind of felt his presence even more because that was part of him, his favorite flowers. They also had been saved from his service so a lot of emotions were running through that day.  Olidis, of Toronto, tells PEOPLE.

“It’s one thing walking back down the aisle as newly pronounced husband and wife and you’re excited in that aspect too. The flowers kind of added a touch.”

Photos from the ceremony showed Olidis and Benett sporting wide smiles as they walked down the aisle hand-in-hand. The bride says she also honored her father in other ways at the wedding.

“We had little memory charms with his photo on each of our bouquets, mine including my bridesmaids and my mom had one,” she says. “My husband had one …  we all had a little memory charm on our bouquets or corsages. There were photos put up throughout. We had saved him a seat as well.”

The sign on Jim’s empty seat read: “I’m in heaven for your wedding, so what shall I do? I’ll come down to earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat just one empty chair. You may not see me but I will be there.”

Olidis and Benett have been together for nine years, with Benett proposing to her just months after her father died. She says Benett and her father had a great relationship, and Jim loved them as a couple.

As for Olidis, she says she misses her father’s “big, contagious smile” most of all.

“He was a great dad. We had a pretty close family growing up and everyone was a part of it, in terms of friends as well. He had a big impact on not only our life, but my friends’ as well,” she tells PEOPLE.

“There have been a lot of life events that have happened since he’s been gone. him being here.”


Fashion Deals Update:

Plus-Size Brand Addition Elle Set to Grow U.S. Presence

TORONTO — For the last three years Canada’s plus-size leader Addition Elle has been on a mission at New York’s Fashion Week to spread its “fashion democracy” message to the world. That campaign garnered its best results ever earlier in September when the Montreal-based brand owned by Reitmans became part of New York Fashion Week’s official 2017 shows.
According to data from NYFW producer IMG, “Addition Elle was the most viewed video from Fashion Week’s web and app platforms, getting 45,000 views within 24 hours of being posted,” said Roslyn Griner, Addition Elle’s vice president of visual planning and marketing.
“Those numbers were more than triple the amount of Fashion Week’s second-most watched video, which featured Gigi Hadid on the Prabal Gurung runway,” Griner revealed.
Addition Elle also gained 20,000 new fans on Instagram during fashion week, while its live feed got 74,000 videos, which represented a 54 percent view rate.
Moreover, Miss Universe, Miss America, actresses Danielle Brooks, Gabourey Sidibe and other celebrities watched the September show from their front-row seats, while Addition Elle’s new Jordyn Woods collection gained exposure on fashion magazines’ web sites.
Addition Elle also used Ashley Graham in its Sept. 11 show to help boost the brand’s fashion democracy message.
“All this

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City National Bank Bolsters Presence in Nashville, Atlanta

City National Bank is continuing to expand its footprint on vital music hubs Nashville and Atlanta. The company today (Sept. 27) announced four senior bankers joining the CNB team. They include Nashville-based Brian Austin, senior vice president and senior relationship manager, and Candie Brooks, vice president and senior account manager. Both will tailor financial advice and service […]



They Are Wearing: Stage Presence

It seemed Paris’ street-style peacocks saw the haute couture collections being shown this week on the runways as a challenge. Many chose to turn up the theatrics, dressing in grandiose eveningwear for day, or striking a dramatic pose, sometimes using a parasol or fan as a summery prop.

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The Crisis of Presence in Contemporary Culture

The Crisis of Presence in Contemporary Culture

Discussions about the contemporary online world are often in a one-dimensional manner shaped by moral panics about online trolling, cyberbullying, cybercrime, terrorists online, etc. The associated right-wing extremist agenda for Internet politics is about control, surveillance and censorship. Vince Miller’s book questions this agenda and is an excellent work for understanding how to use philosophical thought for the analysis of ethics, privacy and disclosure in this turbulent world of the Internet in the information society. It shows how to come to grips with the contested relationship between online freedom and control.” – Christian Fuchs, University of Westminster, Author of Social Media: A Critical Introduction By investigating three issues which have captured the public imagination as ‘problems’ emerging directly from the contemporary use of communications technology (anti-social behaviour, privacy and free speech online), Vincent Miller explores how the digital revolution is challenging our notion of ‘self’ and ‘presence’. Through a critical and philosophical examination of each of these cases, he argues that they have at their root the same phenomena: ‘a crisis of presence’. Focussing on the concept of presence, and the challenges that our changing presence poses to our ethics, privacy and public discourse, Miller illustrates how ubiquitous communication technologies have created a disjuncture between how we think we exist in the world and how we actually do exist through our use of such devices. The solution, he claims, is not to focus exclusively on ‘content’ and its regulation as much as it is to examine, understand and resist the alienating aspects of the media itself, such as the technological ordering, metaphysical abstraction and mediation which increasingly define our social encounters and presences. He suggests that such resistance involves several ambitious revisions in our ethical, legal and technological regimes.

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How to Give Birth in the Presence of the Lord

How to Give Birth in the Presence of the Lord

At Last! You can have a phenomenal pregnancy and child-birthing experience that can be pain-free. Wouldn’t it be amazing, to give birth easily and naturally? You are probably saying, yes, but how is this possible? Well, the answer can be found in this book, “How to Give Birth in the Presence of the Lord: A Biblical Guide to be Fit for the Master’s Use During Your Birthing Journey” By the time you finish reading this book, you will have learned: How to prepare your spirit, soul, and body for birth from a biblical perspective. How to break-free from the curse of a painful pregnancy handed down to Eve in the Garden of Eden How to overcome the negative effects of fear on your pregnancy and baby How to have a beautiful pregnancy-naturally-through the power of Holy Spirit. And how to avoid the potential side effects of drugs on you and your baby when possible. And, much more. The Lord has anointed us to Equip You to Excel in Your Health and Fitness by the Explosive Power of Holy Spirit-which will lead you to Divine Healing, Divine Health and Wholeness in every area of your life. So, you can be Fit for the Master’s Use.

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Speaking Truly: Bringing Presence to the Power of Our Word


What an immense gift we are given in this human power to speak; this wild phenomenon of mind and heart coming together with sound to be voiced!

I’ll never forget the moment when my sweet daughter Arayla, at about 10 months of age uttered her very first word, “kiss.” We were still lying around one morning in bed, having just finished nursing, and as I adoringly kissed her sweet, pink, juicy face all over, with each kiss I planted, I said softly: “kiss… kiss… kiss… kiss… kiss…”

It was just an ordinary moment of divine mother-baby love. And then suddenly she said, distinctly: “KISS!” and I gasped, watching her little eyes open wide in recognition of her newfound power, as she repeated with her high-pitched baby voice: “Kiss, kiss, kiss!” clapping her hands with pride and joy. Oh to witness her little vocal mouth merging with her intelligence, discovering the capacity to let sound become word: what a wondrous thing!

It is an awesome power indeed — how we can use our words to bless, to praise, to pray, to convey our heart’s ponderings, to clarify our thoughts, giving voice to insight and intention. What a treasure: this way we can use our words to tell a brave and tender truth, to teach and explain, to express our perceptions, our yearnings and vulnerability. What a potent capacity we have — to use our words to express our remorse, to name our gratitude and proclaim our love; to extend the grace of forgiveness.

And of course, on the shadow side, what equally powerful and humbling capacity we have to cause real harm with our words. There are the blatant forms of this — when we allow our pain, anger and fear to speak in ways that sever us from our own hearts; the unfortunate power we have to use our words violently in blame and judgment; to wound, to punish, to intentionally cause another being to suffer; or simply in narcissistic sloppiness, how we can quickly make a mean mess with our words.

Recently I stumbled into a dark mood. Agitated by the Summer heat, sleep-deprived and triggered by a few different things not going my way, I became grumpy and impatient, and for a stretch of about 40 minutes, I indulged this grumpiness and lazily let my words extend from it. Unfortunately, during this time, I happened to interact with several different people, including my two children, and watched the power of my energy spreading like a contagious force of dark will. Fortunately I was able to catch it before too much harm had been done, re-center my intention, and apologize sincerely in the different directions I had allowed my irritated energy to flow. But it was a humble reminder of the infectiously toxic ripples we can create with our words.

And there are even more subtle, less conscious ways we can unwittingly cause harm with our words — while speaking from our blind-spots, our own sub-conscious wounding and conditioning; moments when unbeknownst to us, our voices are contributing to the poison of ignorance, subtly perpetuating the disease of war and separation in our world.

I was quite young still — 16 or so — when I began to notice this great range of power to be found in speaking; this innate capacity to bring both beauty and harm with our words; and as though remembering something from my ancient soul reserves of wisdom, I knew I must learn to be vigilant, discriminating and discerning with my words. It was at that point that silence became a precious companion.

I spent a lot of my college years alone — quiet in contemplation, creating art, attending class, studying and writing. The social atmosphere of college life held little interest or resonance for me. Often, in everyday social situations, when I would go to speak, I would find the uncomfortable gap between what my heart knew to be true, what I authentically yearned to share, and my limited confidence and ability to say it. I felt socially awkward (not unlike how I still feel in moments!) in the face of the cultural expectation to exchange words loosely, superficially, disingenuously and casually: “Hey, how are you? Why, just fine thank you, and you?”

After college I lived for 18 months at a remote residential healing school, sequestered in the golden hills of Northern California. It was there I was offered the unusual choice to wear on occasion a small sign around my neck, much like a name tag, with the simple words printed “In Loving Silence.” I wore this sign on specific days when I was authentically called to embody quiet. What a gift this was — the permission to claim my own silence, the speechlessness and utter wordlessness I so often felt, while attending my classes and meals; inhaling and exhaling the colorful bounty of sunrises and sunsets.

Not long after that I met my spiritual teacher Gangaji, and by the grace of her spoken words, so masterfully pointing the heart Home to its Source, I awakened to the truth of my being.

Her words were unlike any I had ever heard: words of utterly profound, mind-stopping truth; words of true teaching. Her words were sublimely given to speaking the unspeakable, somehow telling the un-tellable, inviting direct revelation of the unknowable; holy words pointing to the vast, silence Source, from which all words arise. Her words invoked the realization of what cannot be thought; what is deeper than thought, deeper than knowing and unknowing. Her words somehow illuminated the shining, endless, exquisitely mysterious truth of the matter.

Bless the countless teachers who use their voices in such a way: to inspire, to guide, to clarify, invite and embrace! Bless the words used as skillful swords to slice through the mind’s relentless habits of dichotomy, separation, and defense. Bless the words so generously intended to open, to ignite and beckon awakening; to annihilate illusion and confirm true self-awareness.

Yesterday, retreating at a beloved local hot springs, a place I visit in gratitude for the sacred, natural healing sanctuary it is, I found myself challenged at one point to incorporate the constant presence of human chatter into my space of silent reverie.

Irritated and distracted, I witnessed my own impatient, opinionated human thoughts — wishing everyone would just be quiet, especially in a holy, healing place like this. I thought: if only we could let the incessant need to express our minds just come to rest for a bit, take a blessed pause, be willing to look deeper than social and vocal exchange, so as to open more fully to the infinite treasures waiting for discovery within?

Of course I noticed with ironic humor the sound of my own thoughts, certainly just as loud and annoying as anyone’s chatter, and my impatience thankfully gave way to a deeper truth of inclusion: all the sounds of life can be seen as sacred and precious, when seen from the eyes of the heart. Mindless, social, human chatter is not unlike bird chatter; simply another sound of God speaking to itself.

And yet, I still can’t help but take notice of how often people approach me in this space, wanting something — ranging from sexual energy to simple friendly acknowledgment; various forms of seeking attention. We all want something, don’t we? It’s natural, and really quite innocent. But how often do we turn to mindless chatter and casual conversation, sharing our endless stream of thoughts, either in hopes that it will bring us what we want — attention, connection, intimacy, acknowledgment, entertainment, love — or that it will temporarily distract us from the discomfort of our deeper longings?

What we most deeply want is unspeakable, and cannot be sated by any exchange. Words can certainly serve it, but they will always fall blessedly short.

I invite you, as I invite myself, just as an experiment: to try speaking only what must be said, and leave the rest behind. I invite you as I invite myself to hold the word as a sacred power we have: to heal, to inform and transform, invoke and invite, as well as to harm, to wound, to delude and to sever.

What are we contributing to today, with the words we choose to share? What are we hoping to get from what we say? Attention? Agreement? Collusion? Connection? Are we contributing to love, or to fear with our chosen words? To truth, or to suffering?

Speak less, and see what arises. Speak from presence, and see what this feels like in your heart and body. Speak only what is true for you to speak, and see what space this opens for yourself and the ones with whom you share your words.

It is only a short while we are given with these minds and hearts and voices unified in these particular, individual forms.

What will you say? How will you use the gift? How will you voice your heart, your seeing, your perception, your questions, insights and revelations? How will you bless us with what you choose to speak, and equally so by allowing us to receive the delicious, silent spaces in between?

I can hardly wait to hear.

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Youre Being Googled! Building an Online Presence and Networking Strategy That Advances Your Career

Youre Being Googled! Building an Online Presence and Networking Strategy That Advances Your Career

In today''s world, the Internet is proving to be the most important resource people can use to network and put their name out in the open. When searching for a person on Google, what does – and doesn''t – show up in the search results can be either rewarding or damaging to an individual. Digital dirt- whatever is associated with a person''s name in search features – can help to highlight an individual''s past experiences, skills, and talents. Yet links to negative websites, unflattering pictures, or bad associations can hinder a person from achieving the opportunities they seek.Six Figure Networking aims to advise readers about the advantages of various social media tools, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as a way of networking yourself to the world. If the information isn''t out there, no one is going to be able to find it. But the information has to be positive in order to be advantageous for building connections, and not anything that will deter people from associating with you.So what if you haven''t spent the last year honing a great online image and building a community of followers ready to recommend you at a moment’s notice? Is it too late? No. Franzoni and Greenspan first provide readers a fast overview of the social media landscape from large public open spaces to a host of highly effective niche markets for your message. Then they show you how to use the tools – and avoid the social gaffes – both obvious and at least three you haven’t considered. And, they provide real-life examples of successful job campaigns including how to express yourself in different social outlets. Finally, a plan for personal branding that will get you through your current search and provide some career insurance in future years.
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Naomi Campbell Graces Fashion Week With Her Presence, Internet Bows Down Accordingly

Sorry, everyone at New York Fashion Week. Naomi Campbell just stole your thunder. With good reason, of course.

The gorgeous, ageless beauty closed out Zac Posen’s show Monday night in a breathtaking, magenta, sparkly, perfectly Zac Posen gown with the designer himself in tow. Naturally, the Internet couldn’t contain itself. Tweets, Instagrams and e-mails started circulating immediately, proving once again that this is truly Naomi’s world and we’re just living in it.

You may have gay men to thank for your life, Naomi, but you’re giving us life in that dress. Take a look at some of our favorite reactions below.

Perfect moment: @zac_posen and THE @iamnaomicampbell taking the runway together at #ZacPosen #FW15 #NYFW.

A video posted by Who What Wear (@whowhatwear) on

“I would have PAID to see this. Glad I didn’t have to…” – @elainewelteroth #NYFW #takeover @zac_posen

A photo posted by HuffPost Style (@huffpoststyle) on

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Exchange Your Presents for Presence

There is always a moment around Thanksgiving — that time when the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sets in — when we begin to dread the responsibilities and chaos of the holidays. To counter that feeling, I have reframed my thinking, shifting focus from presents to presence, to reclaim the spirit and peace of the season. That has made all the difference.

We teach this shift to the professionals in our leadership class. The December sessions focus on connecting with the humanity of others — others whose wants and needs may differ from your own. We work on the gifts of presence: listening, storytelling, and paying it forward.

As families gather this season, shifting focus to the gift of presence can enrich the conversation and bring back the spirit of joy. It begins and ends with listening. Instead of repeating the same old mundane travel stories or complaints about relatives who are not in the room, how about laser-focusing on one another in a loving and positive way? We use the following strategies in class to gift presence to one another, and they are easily adapted to the dinner table.


1. Shining the Spotlight: In class, members of a team take turns shining the spotlight on each other with undivided attention and specific positive feedback. Starting with one person, everyone around the table takes turn sharing what they admire about that person, what they have learned from them, or how they have been helped by them. Then the attention moves to the next person, and then the next. It’s a bit awkward at first, but quickly the conversation warms up as group members rivet on one another’s strengths. The givers and the receiver are enriched in this exchange, and the shared joy warms the room.

2. Storytelling: Storytelling animates the room and creates the ties that bind us. We do a variety of exercises in class designed to help people share their stories. At the dinner table, ask each person (this works for all ages) to share a story that made them smile or touched their hearts. This bonding experience opens our hearts and eyes to the goodness we experience around us. Everyone has a tale to contribute.


3. Pay It Forward: Each year, we give our class members one actual present: a $ 20 bill. The only stipulation is that they must pay the $ 20 forward to someone, without expecting anything in return. This requires that people pay attention to the wants and needs of strangers around them, and step up to help them. I’ve made a tradition of giving my children Pay It Forward $ 20 bills as stocking stuffers, so that they continue this practice. They have helped street musicians, mailmen, and mothers in the grocery line with this unexpected generosity and presence.

4. Legacy: As the new year approaches, we often take time to reflect on what we’ve done in the past year and what we hope to do in the coming year. In class, we ask our students to take this a step further and consider their legacy 40 years from now. How do they want to be remembered by their family, colleagues, friends, and community? In the end, what will they have done that mattered? What will they do to make this world a better place? How will they contribute to the goodness that this world needs so desperately? By listening inwardly to discern what calls to them, they gain insight into what to start doing right now.

This can feel like the best of seasons — filled with love, joy, and possibilities — or the worst, filled with the frustration of buying presents, being bombarded with advertisements for things we do not need or cannot afford, and national news stories of tragedy and grief. What we do need and can afford is to demonstrate leadership in conversations with family and friends and take action to increase our presence and that of those around us. Exchange presents for presence to experience and spread the joy that we all hope for at this time of year.
GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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Özlem Sulak: Fictive Presence

Özlem Sulak: Fictive Presence

Turkish artist Özlem Sulak (born 1979) spent three months in Vienna on an artist''s residency. This publication presents her personal and politically charged video works and installations, examining issues of migration, entry and residency permits, and language and cultural barriers.
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Transubstantiation, And The Real Presence Briefly Examined. To Which Is Added The Faith Held At Present By Most Romans In Ireland,

Transubstantiation, And The Real Presence Briefly Examined. To Which Is Added The Faith Held At Present By Most Romans In Ireland,

The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind. Now for the first time these high-quality digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts are available in print, making them highly accessible to libraries, undergraduate students, and independent scholars.The Age of Enlightenment profoundly enriched religious and philosophical understanding and continues to influence present-day thinking. Works collected here include masterpieces by David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as well as religious sermons and moral debates on the issues of the day, such as the slave trade. The Age of Reason saw conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism transformed into one between faith and logic — a debate that continues in the twenty-first century.++++The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to insure edition identification:++++<sourceLibrary>British Library<ESTCID>T132118<Notes><imprintFull>Dublin : printed, and sold by the book-sellers, 1739. <collation>24p. ; 8deg
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