The fake social media accounts pushing their Brexit agenda

Far-right political groups have been using fake accounts and co-ordinated behaviour on Twitter to amplify pro-Leave views, according to new research.
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No pain: Adrian Peterson still pushing himself to ‘unlock’ his destiny

Returning to the site of his 2011 knee injury, Adrian Peterson has his sights on defying odds again. Those who work with him don’t doubt he can. – NFL

Color Me Badd singer arrested after pushing bandmate on stage

The lead singer of 90s US band Color Me Badd has been arrested after pushing a band member to the floor during a live stage show.
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The Trump administration is pushing hard for smartphone backdoors

The Trump administration is pushing hard for smartphone backdoorsDespite calls for backdoor keys, tech companies are continuing to encrypt their devices and services. But a new bill from the Trump administration could change that.

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Why is LeBron still pushing so hard this late in his career?

From his childhood in Akron to his Olympic days in Beijing to a summer of film study, LeBron James long ago planted the seeds for long-term success. Now the harvest has arrived. – TOP

Forget Phones. BlackBerry Is Pushing Software for Driverless Cars

Having abandoned production of its once-ubiquitous smartphones, BlackBerry is betting its future on a business that makes software for next-generation driverless cars. WSJD


Gary Numan on pushing limits of tech in music

British electro pop pioneer Gary Numan says he prefers working with computers to people.
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Somehow, Roger Federer keeps pushing the boundaries of greatness

Somehow, Roger Federer keeps pushing the boundaries of greatness – TOP

Pushing The Envelope, Book VIII: Be There

Pushing The Envelope, Book VIII: Be There

The sequel to Amber Allures Best Seller Pushing The Envelope: Yours Sincerely. In his last note, Scott offered Joe exactly the kind of scene in which he loves to partake. Now, it seems only fair that Joe takes the other man on the kind of date hed be sure to love in return. A fancy restaurant, outfits that dont contain any leather outside of a belt and a pair of shoes, a night spent surrounded by the kind of people who might not even like seeing two men together, let alone seeing them enjoying their kinks. So what could possibly go wrong? Joes ordered Scott to be there. All he can do now is hope he manages to survive a night in his own idea of vanilla-flavoured purgatory. NOTE: Dont miss the next installment in the series, Pushing The Envelope, Book IX: By Hand.

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This 19th-Century Brand Is Pushing 21st-Century Boundaries

We talked with Filson creative director Alex Carleton about the company’s new flagship store—and what it takes to balance history with innovation.

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Portland Homeless Stop Lewd Behavior By Pushing Over Porta Potty

Porta Potties are disgusting enough to begin with, so seeing a man repeatedly expose himselffrom inside one while the door is open understandably made some witnesses quite touchy.

Confronted with just such a situation on Thursday in Portland, Oregon, a group of homeless people took matters into their own hands. They forced a man to stop pleasing himself in the public toilet by tipping over the can while the alleged defiler was inside, KATU TV reports.

Witnesses said they were disgusted by a 48-year-old homeless man who brazenly touched himself in the john.

(He) was flashing us over and over again, and we asked him multiple times and told him to stop and he wouldn’t,” a woman said, according to Willamette Week.

Finally, somebody suggested toppling the toilet might be just the way to get the masturbating man to come around to their position against misusing the facilities.

The incident was immortalized on a cellphone video.

It worked. The grabby guy was covered in fecal matter when Portland Fire and Rescue crews arrived to free him, according to

Other than being covered in poop, the man was uninjured, reports.

Sgt. Willie Halliburton told the station the masturbator would not be cited for his actions.

“I think justice has been done,” he said. “I’m not going to cite him or anything. I’m just going to give him a stern warning.”

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Pushing The Envelope

Many claim that theatre holds a mirror up to society. But all too often, when society gets a look at its reflection, the results are not pretty. Boris Aronson’s famous set design for 1966’s controversial Kander and Ebb musical, Cabaret, featured a mylar mirror suspended above the stage at such an angle that members of the audience seated on the main floor could see their reflections (almost like the ghosts of debauchery past) at various moments during the show.

Boris Aronson’s set design for Cabaret

No matter how one dresses things up with sets and costumes, there is a certain element of truth telling that finds special power onstage. From the stock commedia dell’arte character of Arlecchino (Harlequin) to King Lear’s fool; from the title character in Verdi’s Rigoletto to Danny Kaye’s performance in The Court Jester (1956), it is the hired buffoon who, though he be surrounded by liars and cheats, can speak the truth without fear of retaliation.

For monologists who write their own material, a fetid, fervid, fevered, and fustian imagination is the gift that keeps on giving. Consider Martin Dockery’s bravura performance in the following clip:

Those who remember Mike Daisey’s March 2012 mini-crisis (after questioning the integrity of Apple’s labor practices in Chinese factories) won’t be at all shocked to learn that Daisey has not let up in his angry quest for some solid truth telling. Here he is, at 2011’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, Australia, urging his audience to Kill The Corporation.

* * * * * * * * * *

A recent posting on Facebook led me to a fascinating article by Jen Dziura entitled “When Life-Hacking is Really White Privilege.” If 2013 ends on some notes of utter ridiculousness, there can be no doubt that some of the blame is due to Megyn Kelly’s fatuous insistence that Santa Claus is white. Living in the intellectually challenged bubble known as the Fox News Channel, Ms Kelly obviously did not get the memo issued more than a decade ago from the producers of Queer Duck:

Directed by Joe Brancato and produced by Combined Artform, Jeffrey Solomon recently brought his one-man show entitled Santa Claus Is Coming Out to the Eureka Theatre for a brief holiday run in San Francisco. It’s a shame the opening night audience was so small because his monologue proved to be surprisingly touching and relevant.

The founding artistic director of Houses on the Moon Theatre Company, Solomon portrays 20 characters ranging from a flamboyant Hispanic queer to Mary Ellen Banfield (a conservative activist fighting to institute a “Santa No Fly Zone”); from Santa’s agent to Santa’s sexy Italian lover, Giovanni.

Poster art for Santa Claus Is Coming Out

According to Solomon, the play was inspired by the debate on providing gay role models to children, and the parents’ rights movement to keep gay issues out of the classroom. His protagonist is an adolescent boy who wants a Barbie-like doll instead of a truck for Christmas (a phenomenon recently captured by Nick Corporon in his short film entitled Barbie Boy).

While Gary’s mother is willing to indulge her son’s wishes, his macho father is much less understanding. Gary’s letters to Santa ultimately convince the famous icon to come out of the closet, even if it means losing lucrative advertising contracts with megacorporations like Coca-Cola.

Solomon’s astutely written monologue takes some interesting twists and turns. What ultimately wins over the audience is his genuine warmth as an actor. The following clip from one of Solomon’s other monologues (MotherSON) gives a sample of his dramatic range.

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