Scream Mega Fans Rent Out the House from the Film to Recreate the Iconic Final Party Screen

Scream lovers can have the scare of their life — at a price.

Die-hard fans Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon reportedly spent $ 22,000 to rent out the 5 bedrooms, 4 bathroom Santa Rosa, CA home from the horror movie Scream to recreate the final party scene for a Halloween celebration, according to TMZ.

But the duo plan doesn’t plan to keep the horror nostalgia to themselves, they are throwing a big spooky bash — just like the characters did in the film.

However, while many who attended the party in the 1996 film paid with their lives, this party will be a ticketed event named Scream Comes Home.

Taking place the weekend before Halloween, the party will allow guests to experience the movie in real life as Masi and Ragon plan to fill the house with scary surprises and memorabilia from the film.

“The movie, SCREAM, was filmed in Santa Rosa, California, and the last act of the movie was filmed in a single location… a large house in Tomales, a little town adjacent to Santa Rosa. This house was known as ‘Stu’s house’ in the script, and the screenplay referred to the length showdown ending as SCENE 118,” Masi and Ragon wrote on the event’s website.

When filmmakers finished filming it, they had T-shirts made up that said, ‘I survived Scene 118.’”

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Tickets start at $ 200 for basic entry, but fans also had the option to purchase the overnight package for $ 1750, which sold out in just two days. And for those who really want to be scared, they can have the guy behind Ghost Face’s voice actually call their cell phones.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ghost Face gave YOU a call? Now you’ll be able to find out because voiceover artist Roger Jackson– the voice of Ghost Face in all four SCREAM films- has agreed to call fans and talk to them just like he does in the movies!” the site explained.

The original film — which spawned three sequels and an MTV television series — starred Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David ArquetteDrew Barrymore also had a cameo in the iconic movie.

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Adorable Kids Recreate Met Gala Looks

For over six years, photographer Tricia Messeroux has been recreating iconic style moments with adorable kids through a project she calls Toddlewood. Her latest photo shoot brilliantly tackles the incredible fashion at the 2017 Met Gala.

“I was excited but nervous to give the Met Gala the Toddlewood treatment,” Messeroux told HuffPost. “The Met Gala is the gold standard for high fashion and creative costumes by some of the most amazing designers.” 

Messeroux make-up artist Shameika Simmons, hair stylist Peta-Gaye Antoine and wardrobe designers Mo Glover and Quianna Mercurius to transform a group of kids, ages 3 to 6 into the standout stars of the Met Gala red carpet. 

The photographer said it took 48 hours to make the designs, and for the first time ever, she put her camera down to work on the costumes ― along with some help from Michaels craft stores and her daughters, Skylar and Sunday.

“Mini Rihanna’s dress was the biggest challenge, so I did it myself,” Messeroux said. “It was the best arts and crafts project my daughters and I have ever done.” Photos of “mini Rihanna” quickly went viral on Twitter.

Messeroux was excited to pay homage to Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons, especially because she plans to launch her own line of high fashion costumes called “Toddlewood Red Carpet Stars” just before Halloween.

“The line features costumes inspired by this year’s award season (Golden Globes, Grammys and The Oscars) as well as the mega event for fashionable costumes, The Met Gala,” she told HuffPost.

Messeroux said the kids had a blast wearing the costumes and posing for pictures. 

“The Migos boys were on cloud nine,” she told HuffPost. “We even put on the song ‘Bad and Boujee’ to keep their swagger going. Mini-Anna Wintour loved knowing that she was the queen of the night. Mini Janelle Monae loved the feathers.” 

Though the girl who dressed as Rihanna loved her outfit, she was admittedly happy to get out of it by the end of the shoot, as it wasn’t the easiest to walk in.

“All the kids had funny one liners and silliness like kids do,” said Messeroux. “Great day for dress up.”

Keep scrolling and visit the Toddlewood Instagram to see more of the Met Gala series and some behind-the-scenes photos. 

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For seven years, Maggie Storino has been recreating iconic movie posters and stills from the films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. She shares the finished products on her blog, Tumblr and Instagram account ― “Don’t Call Me Oscar.”

Since becoming a mom, Storino has enlisted her daughters to give the images an adorable spin. This week, she released the latest batch of photos, featuring 6-year-old Sophia, 4-year-old Sadie and 1-year-old Sloane.

Keep scrolling to see the little girls’ take on the 2017 Best Picture nominees. 

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Watch 2 Guinea Pigs Recreate Iconic ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Spaghetti Scene

Sharing is caring, and these guinea pig sisters care about each other in the most adorable way. 

Guinea pigs Grace and Suzie were caught on camera sharing a single blade of grass. The teeny meal eventually results in a friendly game of tug-of-war, filmed in slow motion. 

The video, which was shared on Facebook earlier this month, has taken the Interwebs by storm. It’s racked up more than 40 million views as of Wednesday afternoon. But how could you not completely melt after seeing these two munch on their piece of grass? 

Just watch as Grace and Suzie civilly snack on their respective ends of grass. When they reach the middle, however, their meal becomes a harrowing quest for the last bit of grass, intensified by the slo-mo effect. Don’t worry, though! After the two split the food, they back to politely nomming on their snack like nothing ever happened.

The clip is pretty darn cute, and some social media users have even compared it to the spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp.” 

These guinea pigs are so precious that we totally understand if, after seeing the video, you have a hankering to get one of your own. But if you do choose to get a teeny furry friend, check out some of your local shelters and rescue organizations — many of which have rescue guinea pigs in need of a forever home. Petfinder is also a good place to start looking for that adorable grass-munching critter. 


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