Top 15 remaining 2019 NFL free agents

Who is still out there on the open market? Here are the top free agents looking for new homes, including pass-rusher Ezekiel Ansah. – NFL

Rankings and predictions for every top remaining free agent

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado aren’t the only big names still searching for the right fit. We examine who is available and their most likely landing spots. – TOP

Warriors ‘sad’ as remaining games in Oakland dwindle

After Thursday’s matchup against the Rockets, the Warriors will have just 20 regular-season home games left before moving across the bay to San Francisco. – NBA

Imax Is Shutting Down Its VR Business, Closing Remaining 3 VR Centers in Q1

Imax is making its exit from virtual reality (VR) official: The company notified shareholders with a SEC filing Thursday that it will close down its remaining 3 VR centers, and write off “certain VR content investments.” A company spokesperson confirmed the closure and shared the following statement with Variety: “With the launch of the IMAX […]



NFL free-agency reset: Best remaining players, teams still in the QB market, more

Who are the high-end players still on the market? Here are the top 10, plus more on the new benchmark set for contracts and teams that still will be looking to draft quarterbacks in April. – NFL

Playoff bracket reset: Insiders predict 7 remaining matchups

With two upsets on wild-card weekend, the 2017 playoff bracket was upended. So we asked 11 ESPN Insiders to re-pick every game through Super Bowl LII. Will Tom Brady win title No. 6? – NFL

The Last Remaining Evidence of My Father’s Voice is Fading Away

His accent was a thing to behold, and all too soon I will have forgotten it.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Weeklings!: Let’s Harass the Remaining 35 States Into Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Congrats to my home state of Illinois for becoming the 15th state to legalize gay marriage! Thanks to your kickass House and Senate, you’ve narrowly dodged this list.

Today we’re harassing the 35 states without official gay marriage legalization into changing their tune. From Virginia to Hawaii, Oregon to Michigan, we’re snarling at them all. Come on, states. Let’s finish this up.


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Comedy – The Huffington Post
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