A Vivid Reminder Of How Much Khloe Kardashian Has Changed

The reality-TV star’s style has come a long way over the years.
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CES a Reminder of How Far TV Tech Has Come (Guest Column)

As the industry gears up to attend CES this week in Las Vegas, I’m reminded of an invention that enthralled the conference 20 years ago: Web TV. The device promised a new era of entertainment, where television and the internet would converge to give consumers the best of both. They could channel surf and web […]



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets a Public Reminder to Save the Garment Center From Designers and Supporters

MAYORAL APPEAL: Rather than just send a letter to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asking — for a second time — that the Garment Center Steering Committee’s recommendations be considered before any changes to the zoning are made, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (N.Y.) and a group of supporters held a press event Saturday morning.
On the rooftop of Nanette Lepore’s showroom, Lepore, Bob Savage, Yeohlee Teng, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and about 25 others voiced their concern about the potential upheaval of the neighborhood’s ecosystem. Standing beside a chart that outlined the garment center’s boundaries, Maloney recalled the time in the Seventies when the district was created by former Mayor Ed Koch and how he spoke “forcefully” about the need “to preserve this dynamic, creative ecosystem. He had that vision and every other mayor has kept that vision. I’m all for development in Brooklyn, but there’s room for everybody.”
Earlier this year city officials proposed a $ 136 million “Made in New York” campus at Bush Terminal in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. About 40 Garment Center supporters helped to stall plans to set that plan in motion, by staging another press event days before an Aug. 21 City Planning Commission meeting.

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These Newlyweds Are A Reminder That You Can’t Put An Age Limit On Love

Their first kiss as husband and wife was steamy. 🔥🔥🔥
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Just A Friendly And Wildly Hot Reminder That Oscar Isaac Is Playing Hamlet

We are Shook-speare.
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Friendly Reminder From Lauren Jauregui That You Can Be Sexual AND A Feminist

Lauren Jauregui is arguably Fifth Harmony’s most outspoken, politically “woke” member. Since penning an open letter to Donald Trump supporters, and chatting with HuffPost back in March about immigration and feminism, Jauregui has made it clear she is not afraid to fight for what she believes in.

In an interview with Vulkan Magazine, Jauregui shared her thoughts on feminism, the meaning of modern-day girl power, and the role Fifth Harmony plays in conveying a positive and inspirational message for other women.

The interviewer asks Jauregui if she feels her passion for feminism is somewhat hypocritical, given the “sexualized image” that she and the other members of Fifth Harmony embody. Her response to that criticism could not have been better. 

I would say that regardless of how the brand has been created, we are four hard working women who have succeeded in making our dream to become artists a more possible reality through this. We’ve reached millions of people all over the world who watch our interviews and listen to the message beyond the sexualization, which is to love yourself first and to understand your worth.

Jauregui openly acknowledged that some of her song’s lyrics have flirtatious, sometimes even provocative, undertones, but she was quick to point out that embracing one’s sexuality should not take away from any feminist convictions. She explained that “women embracing their sexuality should never be a reason to disregard their intellect or ability to speak on topics beyond that.”

Jauregui also noted that numerous fans have turned to the group’s songs for comfort and emotional support.

“We had so many of our fans tell us how worthless they felt before they found out about us and watched our interviews and listened to our music,” she said.

Now if that isn’t female empowerment, we don’t know what is.

Catch the full interview with Vulkan Magazine here.

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These 8 Poems Are A Reminder That Black Women Are The S**t

There are no hardships, glories and frustrations like those that stem from the experience of black womanhood. 

With the pervasive nature of misogynoir ― seen everywhere from reality TV to the lack of media coverage around missing black girls in Washington, D.C. ― it can be difficult to remember just how exceptional we are. 

So in honor of World Poetry Day and the absurdly moving nature of spoken word, we’ve gathered a few poems that lay out exactly what makes black women so dynamic. These poems are essentially a reminder that we’re the s**t. 

Disclaimer: Some of the following poems contain profanity. 

1. “10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman,” Joshua Bennett

2. “P***y Poem,” Jasmine Williams

3. “This Woman,” Alysia Harris

4. “For Women Who Are Difficult To Love,” Warsan Shire

5. “A Message to Women,” Reyna Biddy

6. “Black Girl Magic,” Shasparay Lighteard

7. “Black Girl Blues,” Masterpiece Poet

8. “Black Girls Be Boxing,” Stella Binion

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Books of The Times: ‘How Propaganda Works’ Is a Timely Reminder for a Post-Truth Age

Jason Stanley analyzes modern propaganda and notes that it can pose a grave danger to democracies as well as totalitarian regimes.
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Mom Has Perfect Reminder For Fellow Mamas As Warm Weather Approaches

An Australian mom blogger has a friendly reminder for all the moms out there who are getting ready for the warm weather, and it comes in the form of a selfie.

Haddas Ancliffe posted a photo on Instagram on March 29, in which she’s wearing a crop top. “I rocked this look, tummy out and everything,” she wrote in the caption. She added that she’s glad she doesn’t care about showing her “flaws” and expressed her happiness with finally being able to enjoy wearing her summer clothes.

Ancliffe, who made headlines earlier this year for a striking photo in which she’s breastfeeding her son at a wedding and who regularly shares postpartum body posts with empowering captions, also encouraged other moms to embrace their bodies and not be afraid to show them off in the sunshine. 

“It’s getting colder in Australia now but for you guys on the other side of the world, enjoy your sun dresses, crop tops and shorts that squish your cute marshmallow thighs out when you sit down!” she wrote. “You deserve to bask in the warmth of the sun as much as anyone else.”

You heard her, mamas.

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From Beauty Salon – Appointment Reminder Greeting Card

From Beauty Salon – Appointment Reminder Greeting Card

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This Elle Spread Is A Reminder Of Fashion’s Major Diversity Issue

Elle magazine marked its 30th birthday with a fashion spread called “The Elle Look” in its September 2015 issue. The magazine called upon 30 prominent designers and their muses to recreate “The Elle Look,” which the publication describes as “channeling our rich history of strong, sexy women with great personal style.'”

Of the 81 designers and muses chosen for the story, only one is black: English actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who is biracial. The collective number of Asian and Latino or Hispanic designers can be counted on one hand, while the muses that represent each designers’ ideal were overwhelmingly white. 

The spread serves to highlight an issue that runs rampant in the fashion industry: a lack of diversity both within the pages of magazines and on the runways. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pose alongside Beatrix Ost, Giorgio Armani is pictured with model Karolina Kurkova, and the list goes on.

Bethann Hardison, a former model and a prominent fashion consultant who has been calling for diversity for decades, was surprised by the magazine’s glaring omission.

“When [then-publication director] Regis Pagniez brought Elle to the U.S. in the ’80s, he put black girls on the cover. Gail O’Neill, Karen Alexander, Kirsti Bowser. Conde Nast had to step back; it blew their minds,” she told The Huffington Post. This spread is just an example of Elle “feeling precious,” Hardison added. 

That history is why, then, it’s more than a little disappointing to see one of the most influential fashion magazines showing an utter lack of responsibility when it comes to choosing people that represent their vision. Elle didn’t respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post, but one thing’s clear: When designers, magazine staffers and industry insiders visualize their “girl,” that vision continues to omit people of color. 


Also on HuffPost: 

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On the Brink of the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision, a Quick Reminder That #loveislove

Sometime the next three days, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hand down a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which could potentially legalize gay marriage at the state level nationwide. History is happening now,…

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Out in the Night: A Gripping Reminder of LGBTQ Issues “Beyond Caitlyn” [Spoilers]


The NJ4: Venice Brown, Terrain Dandridge, Patreese Johnson and Renata Hill

The initial overwhelmingly positive reaction to “newborn” Caitlyn Jenner was a worldwide watershed moment to be sure.

But Out in the Night, a POV documentary airing June 22nd on PBS, reminds us that countless others in the LGBTQ/gender non-conforming communities still face discrimination daily.

The documentary opens with a police radio call describing “officers fighting with gangs…with Bloods and Crips.”

The assailants are identified as “five female blacks” who, according to an “anonymous unverified” account may have stabbed a male victim. Subsequent media sound bites allege said victim was stabbed by a “pack of lesbians,” who attacked him “just because he was a straight man.”

The four alleged “assailants” tell a very different story in the film.

According to Renata Hill, she and friends Terrain Dandridge, Patreese Johnson and Venice Brown headed for New York to “to have fun, look at girls, be gay.”

“We thought we wouldn’t have any problems,” she adds. “We could be ourselves.”

She was wrong.

Their night on the town took a dangerous turn when a young man, Dwayne Buckle, took a liking to one of the four. In his court testimony, read by an actor in the film, Buckle said, “They looked feminine. One was slightly pretty. So I said, ‘Hi’ to her.”

But Johnson remembers him saying, “Lemme get some o’ that,” a statement she took as a playful request for a sip of soda.

Wrong again.

“He said, ‘I don’t want that,'” Johnson recalls. “He pointed at my lower area and said, ‘I want that.'”

When Johnson laughed and told him, “Mister, I’m gay,” she alleges that the man spat and threw his cigarette, yelling, “Dyke bitches! You lesbian bitches! I’ll f–k you straight!”

Hill says she and her friends began to walk away, backwards, realizing, “He was coming for us. That was clear as day.”

Surveillance camera video proves that he came for them with a vengeance, ripping a handful of dreads from Brown’s scalp and even pinning Hill down on the ground with his arm. A group of male bystanders finally intervened, wrestling Buckle roughly to the ground and berating him for fighting with women.

Despite that damning video evidence, the four women were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree with intent to use, assault in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, gang assault in the 1st and 2nd degree, and attempted murder.

And the media went into a feeding frenzy.


One of many lurid, fear-mongering headlines

Fox News said the attack was part of a crime wave instigated by lesbian gangs called “Gays Taking Over” and “Dykes Taking Over” who were attacking and raping young girls in Philadelphia and Tennessee. On camera, New York Post reporter Laura Italiano proudly declares she still stands by her description of the women as a “seething, Sapphic, septet from Newark, New Jersey.”

“I don’t think it was a stretch to say they were out for blood,” Italiano insists.

The jury agreed. All four women were convicted. Three were sentenced to 8 years in prison. Johnson received 11 years for stabbing Buckle with a small knife. The wound was not life threatening.

Director/producer blair dorosh-walther–she prefers lowercase–believes the “NJ4” case is yet another example of prejudice and discrimination in the American legal and law enforcement systems.


Director blair dorosh-walther–she prefers lowercase–on set

“There is so much that still needs to happen,” she explained in an email exchange. “Unfortunately, I don’t think it is just a matter of changing a few laws or fixing particular parts of the criminal legal system or putting cameras on police. I think the entire system of law enforcement and the legal system need to be destroyed and reconstructed. The system is just too rooted in prejudices with no oversight. I think it is unwise to try and crawl out of a racist system inch by inch.”

dorosh-walther also had harsh words for the media.

“I believe the media vilified them because of their intersectional identities,” she said. “When I spoke with Laura Italiano, the New York Post journalist who is interviewed in Out in the Night, she repeatedly referred to the women as ‘tough.’ What makes these women ‘tough?’ That they are Black? Because they look like Black men? Because they physically fought back? Because they do not dress like you? What is it exactly that makes them ‘tough?'”

And though this story unfolded in 2006, dorosh-walther isn’t so sure our attitudes toward racial “minorities” and those who identify as LGBTQ or non-gender conforming have changed as much as we like to think.

“It is great that Caitlyn Jenner has received such a warm welcome,” she said. “Likewise Laverne Cox, who is also an activist and fights for trans civil rights constantly. My fear in lionizing individual people or even a law is that people who are not directly affected think the fight for equality or civil rights are over.”

As for the four women whose stories inspired Out in the Night, dorosh-walther hopes viewers will, “honor their unapologetic defense of who they are.”

“They were a pocket of resistance, both that night and in the courtroom when they plead [sic] not guilty,” she asserted. “They were facing 25 years, so a not-guilty plea was incredibly difficult and holds the courts accountable. They should be honored for the resistance, resilience and perseverance.”

Photo credit: Images of dorosh-walther and the “NJ4”, Lyric Cabral. New York Post headline, author screenshot.

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Purple Divas Salon Reminder Cards Beauty Note Cards Paper Greeting Cards Greeting Card

Purple Divas Salon Reminder Cards Beauty Note Cards Paper Greeting Cards Greeting Card

5 x 7 Paper Greeting Card
List Price: $ 3.50
Price: $ 3.50

An Important Reminder To Not Take Relationship Advice From Your Cat

Cats are great at squeezing into impossibly small spaces, making death-defying jumps, and showing your pet dog who’s boss whenever they get the chance.

They’re not that great at giving relationship cues. Unfortunately, one woman who recently wrote into a vet’s advice column in The Sonoma Valley Sun was not aware of that.

Reader “Picking Up Kitty’s Cues” wrote to Dr. Vallard C. Forsythe and said that she was convinced her husband was cheating on her based on the peculiar behavior of their cat, Muffin Top.

Apparently, while her husband Bill has been clocking in extra hours at work, Muffin Top’s been busy peeing on Bill’s side of the bed — and twice on his laundry. A coincidence? Kitty Cues thinks not.

“My theory is that Muffin Top knows that my husband is lying to me about something and is punishing him,” she writes. “Whey else would it only be HIS cat acting weird and peeing on HIS side of the bed?”

Smartly, Dr. Forsythe does’t venture into the human drama (“I wouldn’t even try to pontificate the answer to that one for all the gold in Fort Knox or backstage passes to an Usher concert.”) But he does offer some sage advice on ol’ Muffin Top’s health — and reminds his readers that our cats are not Iyanla from “Iyanla: Fix My Life”.

“While it is true that animals can often sense things before humans can, it sounds to me like you need to face your marital situation head on rather than let Muffin Top and Cupcake sell you a load of baked goods. Cats are very sensitive to change in the house and when tensions run high, their behavior can change. This can often show up in aberrant urination or defecation. Don’t forget it could also be that one cat has a bladder infection causing him to urinate on the unoccupied side of the bed.”

In other words, sometimes a cat peeing all over your bed is just a cat peeing all over your bed.

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