Gaming nearly ruined my life – how I kicked my addiction

James Good became addicted to gaming in his teens and it impacted every aspect of his life including his mental and physical health.
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Company faked NASA tests and ruined missions worth $700m

A company which manufactured aluminium components for NASA faked test results over 19 years, leading to the destruction of two space missions worth $ 700m (£536m).
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A Vegas getaway ruined and ‘never close’ calls: Inside the Antonio Brown trade

Antonio Brown and the Steelers were headed for divorce and the whole league knew it. Here’s how AB got an unlikely payday when a once-unthinkable deal with the Raiders was struck. – NFL

Driverless car laser ruined camera

A man took a photo of a lidar sensor system on display at a tech fair and found pink dots on all his photos afterwards.
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Meyer’s career may be ruined … by this guy?

As more lurid, troubling and ridiculous details come out about Zach Smith, the question remains: Why was Urban Meyer so loyal to an assistant with so many issues?

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Kaley Cuoco Explains Why Her Ex-Husband ‘Ruined’ Marriage For Her

“And that wasn’t my fault ― that was his.”
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Has Taylor’s Reputation ruined her legacy?

Taylor Swift was nominated for six awards at the MTV EMAs, but received none. So has her latest album, Reputation, backfired?
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Politics has ruined the Emmys… in many ways

For all those who thought award shows were already ridiculous, the age of Donald Trump has also made them irrelevant.
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Drunk, Naked Idiots Have Now Ruined Rome at Night for Everyone

First the fountains became off limits, now it’s everywhere.

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Mama June’s Workout Turns Into an Expletive-Filled Rant Against Sugar Bear: “You Ruined My Life”

Mama June, Sugar BearMama June Shannon is turning her pain into purpose.
In an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s all-new episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s ex…

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Help! UPS Ruined Bridesmaid’s Big Day

When the UPS store slaps the wrong label on Susan Baker's package, it threatens to ruin her daughter's special day. What should UPS do to fix this?

Question: My family and I attended a wedding in Columbus, Ohio, recently. We were coming directly from our vacation in Costa Rica and taking several connecting flights in order to get to the wedding in time.

Our daughter was a junior bridesmaid, and as such, she had a custom-made floor-length black gown. We didn’t want to risk losing our wedding clothes with all those flights, so I mailed our clothes via UPS at the UPS Store in Falls Church, Virginia, the day before we left for Costa Rica. The box included her bridesmaid dress, shoes, my formal dress and shoes, plus jewelry.

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While we were on vacation, I confirmed with the hotel in Columbus that the package had arrived. I double-checked the UPS tracking number, too.

We arrived at our hotel in Columbus with no time to spare, to get dressed and bring my daughter to the pre-wedding bridesmaid festivities. I opened our box, with the label the UPS Store had printed for me, and it was not our stuff. Someone at the UPS Store had put my label — after I confirmed it was accurate — on the wrong box.

Frantically, we went shopping in some boutiques nearby and ended up with an adult black dress that we belted up with gift ribbon and pinned everywhere, to make somewhat fit my nine-year old daughter. We stopped at Payless along the way to the venue to get her some shoes. She missed some of the festivities, but joined in at that point. We then drove to a mall, and I quickly found a dress and shoes for myself.

I contacted the UPS Store, and the store manager acknowledged it was 100 percent their mistake. Once we got home, I followed up a few times both with the store and UPS Store corporate. I feel like the clothes and shipping should be refunded due to their mistake.

Corporate UPS contacted the owner, but they wouldn’t be able to compel him to issue a refund since it was a franchise. They would put something on his franchise record, but that was it. I talked again to the manager, who was super nice, and she wished it was her decision as she would have refunded the cost for the last-minute clothes. I tried contacting the owner a few more times, but with no luck. Can you help? — Susan Baker, Falls Church, Va.

Answer: UPS should have delivered your package to your hotel on time. And if it didn’t, it needed to make the situation right for you.

This might have been preventable, but it’s hard to know. When I ship a box, I make sure the label is attached before I leave the store or post office. (By the way, the same rule applies to checked baggage. Look for the airport city code, and if you’re not sure it’s going to the right place, ask.) Had you affixed the label yourself, this might not have happened.

Eventually, UPS returned the package to you with your clothes, shoes and jewelry. You could have asked it to reimburse you for the clothes by appealing to someone higher up at UPS. I list the names, numbers and emails of UPS customer service executives on my site. You can also contact the UPS store through its site.

I don’t buy the “franchise-owned” excuse. Corporations do exert some control over their franchisees, and business owners who fail to meet basic customer service requirements could lose their franchise license. Alas, the UPS franchise site is light on details about the standards to which their franchisees are held, but suffice to say, there are standards.)

I contacted the company on your behalf. UPS apologized to you and refunded the costs of packaging and shipping. It agreed to make a notation in the franchisee’s record. The franchisee also contacted you and told you the employee responsible for the incorrect label had been terminated. UPS has refunded your daughter’s bridesmaid dress.

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Kate Moss’s Career-Making Calvin Klein Campaign Also Ruined Her First Love

Before Kate Moss was a household name worldwide, she was this: a scrawny, English model trying to break into the business with an Italian photographer boyfriend named Mario Sorrenti. And then Calvin Klein entered the picture.

“Calvin was clever; he saw from the pictures that it was obsession, and it really was an obsession,” she told photographer Nick Knight regarding the massive amount of photos Sorrenti was snapping of her (at the time, his professional portfolio was full of snaps he’d taken of his girlfriend, the future supermodel). The brand saw the commercial possibility and had the two shack up in a small house in order to shoot and shoot and shoot.


While there was artistic success, with Moss’s famous 1992 couch photo emerging and being used in an Obsession for Men campaign, the ability to mix personal and professional roles and responsibilities didn’t work well for Moss and Sorrenti—they broke up after. “When you’re in a relationship with a photographer and they start abusing that relationship and being like, ‘I want you to do this, and I want you to do that,’ it makes you go, ‘No.’ I didn’t want to work all the time.”

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How Cell Phones Would Have Ruined Most of Our Favorite Movies

If you’re a pop culture maven, most likely it can be agreed that the modern cell phone can be traced back to two classic TV series of the 1960s: Star Trek and Get Smart. Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his USS Enterprise crew were always armed with their “communicators” when traveling abroad on a distant planet. They were palm-sized devices with covers the flipped open, providing instant connection with the orbiting space ship. This design was aped, no doubt, by former Trekkies for the classic “flip phone” design that ruled the high-tech roost in the late 90s and early millennium.

Secret Agent 86 Maxwell Smart had his shoe phone, surely the most creative (and ridiculous) example of technology ever invented by someone who was most likely thought to be a creative and scientific genius. However, it did enable Max to get out of one sticky situation after another. After all, how many bad guys confiscate a spy’s shoes after he’s been captured? With these questions in mind, we’ll take a look at a handful of classic movies, and how they literally couldn’t have played out, if they had been set in a cell phone-ruled universe.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Spirited teen Dorothy Gale runs head-on into a 19th century Kansas tornado in search of her terrier, Toto, who’s run off. Now, if Oz had taken place in 21st century Kansas, not only would Dorothy and all her relatives, farm hands and neighbors have smart phones stuck into that big front pocket of their overalls, Toto would have been stuck with a microchip by the local vet when he was just a pup, enabling Dorothy to track him via Google and changing her desperate, fumbling search for him through the cornfields into an easy search that would have taken all of ninety seconds. Cut to Dorothy: “Bad dog!” Dorothy snatches up said dog, scrambles into the storm cellar with time to spare, grabbing a piping hot biscuit for herself from Auntie Em’s fresh batch in the kitchen, and a stew bone for Toto. No conk on the head. No hallucinating about Munchkins, poppy fields and animated scarecrows. And no drug problem for the college-bound Dorothy a few years later because, let’s face it: once you’ve been to Oz, you’d wanna keep going back. And back. And back…

Casablanca (1942)
Former lovers Ilsa and Rick are reunited in Nazi-occupied North Africa. There is still major chemistry between the two, but Ilsa’s heart belongs to her husband, noble Hungarian freedom fighter Victor Laszlo. If Ilsa and Rick had cell phones, their first meeting never would have taken place. Think about it: a chick dumps your ass in Paris, the most romantic city on Earth, in the middle of a frickin’ rainstorm. What’s the first thing you do? You defriend her sorry excuse for a girlfriend on Facebook and get all your real buds to do the same! The minute Ilsa and Victor arrived at Rick’s Café Americana, and of course “checked-in” on Facebook, that one semi-catty female “pal” that stayed in touch with both Rick and Ilsa would inform Rick post-haste that Ilsa was in his establishment. Rick would then text Captain Louis Renault, dropping dime on the fact that the Nazi-wanted Laszlo was in his joint. Louis and his boys would arrest the hot couple on the spot, without Rick ever having to deal with them directly. End of story, with revenge served as the coldest of cold dishes on Rick’s part. Final fade out has Rick telling Sam to tinkle the ivories with the J. Giles Band classic “Love Stinks” as Rick dances with a beautiful Casablancan gal.

Vertigo (1958)
Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, cited by the British Film Institute as the greatest film ever made, could have played out much the same for its first half, until Kim Novak’s Madeline Elster character is “reborn” as Judy Barton, discovered by James Stewart’s ex-cop Scottie Ferguson on the streets of San Francisco. In the world of cell phones and the Internet, Scottie would have become a shut-in after the trauma of losing Madeline, spending all his time surfing dating and hook-up sites on the web and his phone. While cruising chicks on Tinder one lonely night, Scottie would have discovered Madeline/Judy’s profile, as the forlorn girl is now looking for love herself. Scottie quickly puts the pieces together via Photoshop, comparing and contrasting picks of Madeline and Judy under extreme magnification, realizing they’re one and the same. After setting up a Coffee Bean date with “Judy” using a fake Tinder profile picture, Scottie spikes her chai latte with drugged almond milk, taking her to the Golden Gate Bridge, making her confess all as she comes to. As the cops drag Judy off, Scottie throws his cell phone into the San Francisco Bay, deciding to move up to an Oregon commune where all technology is forbidden.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
“E.T. phone home!” Well, here’s the thing: if we’d had cellphones in 1982, what do you think an uber-advanced alien would’ve had at that point? He would’ve phoned home. As in post-haste. As in, “Dude, what h-e-double hockey sticks are you guys thinking?! You left me stranded!” The captain of E.T.’s ship, scared shitless that his commanding officer, who happens to be E.T.’s uncle, will find out about this, uses a top secret do-hickey to travel back in time to the point where E.T. wandered off in the first place, grabbing him and dragging him onto the ship, chastising his subordinate for being “a space cadet.” Meanwhile, Elliott, Gertie and the nice suburban family have a normal suburban life, and adopt a Golden Retriever puppy a few months later. They name him Fernando, which translates to “brave traveler,” and got the idea from a new naming app Gertie downloaded onto her iPhone 6.
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