‘You’re Stupid If You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival

The Seattle giant’s cloud-computing business offers a look inside its model for expanding—even when it means moving in on allies’ turf. Some partners praise the unit’s chief for straddling the line between friend and competitor.
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Are you scared yet? Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI

Norman is an artificial intelligence which sees death and destruction in everything.
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Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

‘You’re Stupid if You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival

The Seattle giant’s cloud-computing business offers a look inside its model for expanding—even when it means moving in on allies’ turf. Some partners praise the unit’s chief for straddling the line between friend and competitor.


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Sarah Paulson Hides in a Box After Getting Scared Again on Ellen: ‘Worst Place on Earth’

If Ellen DeGeneres promises not to scare you on TV… don’t believe her.

The latest celebrity to fall victim to DeGeneres’ favorite talk show stunt is Sarah Paulson. While appearing on Ellen Monday to promote the upcoming Ocean’s 8, Paulson was skittish from the moment she sat down. (She was spooked no less than three times during her last appearance on the show.)

“The coast is clear — so far,” said Paulson, 43, after apprehensively checking out the hollow coffee table between the two chairs, which someone typically jumps out of in the middle of interviews to scare guests.

“I did ask for this mirror so I could check behind me at any chance,” she added, joking that she had considered conducting the entire interview facing the other way to make sure no one surprised her from backstage.

And while DeGeneres, 60, vowed she had no plans to scare the American Horror Story star, she couldn’t help but break her promise during a hilarious game of “5 Second Rule,” arranging for a staff member dressed as a clown (one of Paulson’s biggest fears) to jump out of the podium for another priceless fright.

“This is the worst place on earth,” called out Paulson, who promptly sought refuge in the hollow box. “I’m not coming out!”

Ellen airs weekdays (check local listings).


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Game Of Thrones star ‘scared to reveal pregnancy’

Game Of Thrones star Gemma Whelan told Sky News that, while filming for The Crown, she kept quiet about being pregnant.
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‘I’m Scared About Remarrying Because Married Women Stop Wanting Sex’

Reader I Have Clients Just Like This Guy writes,

I am a 43 yr old male, one year separated from my wife and 4 children (17 girl, 14 girl, 12 boy, 10 boy). I have always been fit and active, own a thriving business and live a mostly family centered life (read: I really enjoy doing stuff with my kids).  The ex and I met in high school, and have been together ever since.  As much as it pains me to be truthful about this, we are getting a divorce because I came to the conclusion a couple years ago that sex would never again be remotely satisfying or frequent with her. It had gotten so I had difficulty finishing sex with an orgasm – and this from a guy who could finish in 90 seconds or less when we first met!

Of course, since the separation, she has reclaimed her sexy self, lost 30lbs, rediscovered makeup and fashion, and generally become someone I would once again consider dating. Except that I won’t. I don’t trust any of it. In fact, I think her sexy new self would last about 6 months before the effects of monotogamy (good one!) set in again.

And here comes the best part. After reading your blog (thanks, you are fantastic, I am a fan), I am unsure I want to be in a committed relationship with ANY normal woman. I mean really, it sounds just awful!  For me, a healthy love life is crucial to a happy relationship. Let me repeat this for clarity: I don’t think I can ever be happy in a relationship without a robust and healthy sexual component. This. Is. Not. Negotiable.

And I’m not even going to be so ambitious as to ask for oral, anal, or whatever other delights are making my fellow men feel neglected in their absence. I am happy to settle for normal, connected, intimate lovin. Bonus points if she ain’t fat.

I have plenty of opportunity to date….if I want. Hell, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel compared to the last time I was in the dating pool 25 years ago. But geez already, it is really discouraging to think that a year or two into a new relationship, I will be disappointed and unhappy once again. And to make it worse, I can’t think of a single married friend of mine who is happy with his marital sex life.

So my question for you is: What’s a guy to do?

never again?

Well, IHCJLTG, as the moniker I gave you indicates, you are in a fairly common predicament.  I have many male clients who get out of sexless or low sex marriages, and get back onto the mid-40’s or 50’s dating scene, finding that it is indeed like shooting fish in a barrel, as you so sensitively phrased it.  Women go nuts for men who like kids and who look presentable, because a lot of them just got out of marriages with guys that let themselves go the same way as you feel that your wife let herself go.  So then these newly single guys have a lot of sex, and they find someone they want to be more serious, and then they get cold feet, because after all, they are smart guys, and they read things like my blog (thanks for reading, by the way!), and they know what’s what, namely, that women will not continue to be as hot to trot after a couple years into the relationship.

Here are my thoughts on your dilemma.

1. You met your wife when she was extremely young.  She had no earthly idea what marriage would be like, nevermind being married with 4 kids.  She could not have possibly known how she would feel about sex, touching, communication, or anything in her 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s.  However, if you met a woman now, who is around your own age, this would not be an issue.  Women around 40 know themselves way, way better than teenagers do, obviously.  If you made it clear to your 16 year old girlfriend that you wanted regular sex forever, of course she said yes and assumed she would want it too.  If you make it clear to a 40 year old girlfriend that you want regular sex forever, she would know herself well enough to tell you whether she thinks this is possible for her.  It is not her first rodeo.

2. Do not overgeneralize from my articles.  There are plenty of people who have regular sex, once or twice weekly, for the majority of the years they are married.  But, even for these people, they still have to put effort in to get in the mood for sex.

3. As I discussed with my awesome Functional Couple, Gail and Jason, people are often a lot more motivated to make things work in their second marriages versus their first.  If you’re divorced once, it could have been just the stars aligning poorly, but if you divorce twice, you kind of have to look inward.  So many people will work harder on marriage #2.  Which in your potential case would mean, you’d try to be more loving, appreciative, and say less stuff with what I believe may be your trademark sarcastic style, and your wife would try to get herself in the mood for more frequent lovemaking than she might otherwise yearn for.

4. You are newly single and drunk on your power to have sex with many women.  Soon this excitement may fade (for real) and you may want someone to discuss current events with, or take to family functions, or who likes running, or The Daily Show, or whatever else you like.  You may want a loving long term companion EVEN MORE than you want hot hot hot sex forever.  So you may decide that the best way to go is to put your faith in a woman who tells you that your happiness is important enough to her that she will commit to trying to keep your sex life interesting for the long haul.

5. I have no idea what happened within your marriage but it always takes two to tango.  She could very well have let herself go and stopped caring about sex, but I am willing to wager that she did not always think of you as a cross between Mr. Big, Dylan McKay, and James Bond (you may have to google the first two but you get my drift).  You may have to do some soul searching as to why your ex-wife so selfishly insisted on turning into a fat sexless blob.  Something tells me she may have been unhappy in the marriage too.  So you’re going to have to be the best partner you can be if you want a woman to WANT to keep things hot forever.

6. If you do decide that re-marrying isn’t for you, then keep in mind you yourself will not be hot forever either.  A fit attractive 43 year old man can sleep with many woman.  A fit attractive 50 year old man less so.  And by 60, nope.  Also, we have no idea if you’ll even be that into sex anymore in 10, 15, or 20 years.  Testosterone decreases for men around then and can be a big wake up call for guys who have previously defined themselves by their raging sex drives and morning erections.  Your worldview may change at that point, and you’ll be less appealing to the majority of women, so keep that in mind now when turning down women who want to date you.

7. Men who are happy with their sex lives and who are around your age, are, from my clinical experience, fairly unlikely to talk openly about it to other guys.  They know the score, that the average guy isn’t supposed to be sexually satisfied within marriage, so they aren’t going to brag if they are because it’s (1) mean, and (2) not very gentlemanly to share intimate details about their wives.  So don’t take everything you hear from your friends as gospel.  And honestly the guys who are getting a lot of sex are usually not the ones who are going to poker nights and ballgames with the guys and so forth.  They are usually getting a lot of sex because their asses are home at night taking care of their kids and having conversations with their wives.  So your sample group may be biased purely because it’s based on guys who have enough extra time to sit around and shoot the shit with you. Again, this is both my clinical and anecdotal experience so DON’T SEND ME HATE MAIL THAT YOU HAVE LOADS OF SEX AND ALSO GET TO GO OUT WITH THE GUYS FIVE NIGHTS OUT OF SEVEN.  SAVE THE TIME YOU’D BE SENDING ME HATE MAIL AND GO MAKE OUT WITH YOUR AWESOME WIFE.  So my point is, the more nights per week a guy is home, the more sex he’s getting AND the less likely you are to hear about it by virtue of the fact that you don’t get to spend time with this guy because he’s busy either being at home or having sex.

8. You could finish in 90 seconds or less because you were probably 16!  Did you try to keep the passion alive with your wife?  Did you ask why she didn’t like sex and what you could do to turn her on?  Did you ask what her fantasies were, did you try to read erotic stories with her, did you get overnight sitters for the kids, did you write her love letters, did you text her in the middle of the day to tell her you were thinking about her?  You may say yes, or, more likely, you may say you used to but you stopped when she still didn’t give you the time of day.  Well there are ebbs and flows and peaks and valleys in marriages. Your wife pushed four kids out of her vagina within 7 years!  She was tired as hell.  You don’t know, maybe if you hadn’t divorced her, and were loving, attentive, and looked in at yourself with a critical eye as to what you could change to improve things yourself, she would have dropped her 30 lbs and started putting mascara on again anyway!

9. I am not trying to be harsh with you. I feel for you.  But I think that you’re oversimplifying relationships.  So here are the take home points to mull over, as you click through Match.com and bubble over with delight at all the hot 30 year old women who are asking you on dates:

a. Are you focused on becoming the best partner you could be, that would make a woman want to work on keeping sex hot forever?

b. Do you have the patience to weather ups and downs in a woman’s sexual drive without catastrophizing that sex is completely over now because she didn’t want it in a week?

c. Are you looking deeply into what you could do to keep romance and connection alive forever, e.g. communication, empathy, validation, surprises, warmth, affection?

d. Do you know that a relationship takes work and no aspect of it, especially not sex, will just keep going, “naturally,” over time without you focusing on it?  But do you also know that if you work on a relationship, the closeness you achieve will make your sex much more awesome, close, and intimate than sex with random women you meet?  (For real, it’s not just me that thinks this; most male clients I have think their best sexual experiences were within relationships versus one night stands.)

If the answers are yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, then I urge you to reconsider.  You may be able to find a great woman who is as committed to all facets of a relationship (one being SEX) as you.  Then, with work, you’ll have the best of both worlds: sex, and love.

Till we meet again, I remain, The Blogapist Who Wants This Guy To Find His High Sex Drive Love And Treat Her Right.

This post was originally published here on Dr. Psych Mom. Follow Dr. Rodman on Dr. Psych Mom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Céline Dion: René is so scared

Céline Dion has told husband René Angélil she will be there so he can die in her arms.
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Naked In Dangerous Places: The Chronicles Of A Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, But Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler

Naked In Dangerous Places: The Chronicles Of A Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, But Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler

Finally, after years as a struggling radio host, Cash Peters has been given his own TV adventure show on a big-time travel network. The idea is simple: “Let’s dump him in an unfamiliar culture in a faraway land with no money and no place to stay, and see what happens.” Unfortunately, there is one major problem: Cash doesn’t want to go. Not only is he NOT the adventurous type, he is afraid of nearly everything and horribly allergic to the rest. Bottom line: they’ve given the show to the wrong guy.Naked in Dangerous Places is the story of one man’s efforts to remain sane in an insane world. Told with wit and shameless honesty, it documents a yearlong journey through exotic lands, from Kenya to Cambodia, Morocco to Dubai, as Cash drops in on fascinating cultures, eating, drinking, even sleeping in cow-dung huts with the locals, and eventually proving the truth of the old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Though, to be honest, killing you is more likely.
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The Day Jay Leno Scared the Hell Out of Me (and More from ‘The Tonight Show’ Hallways)

As I watched Jay Leno say goodbye on his final Tonight Show, I started thinking about all of my experiences with Jay, the stars on his show, the various wild animals roaming the halls and his incredible staff. You see, for a good part of my 12 years as host and correspondent on Access Hollywood, my dressing room was in the same hallway as The Tonight Show.

In fact, there were actually two main hallways, one on each floor. I was on the second floor. The musical guest of the night had the dressing room at the top of the stairs, mine was down the hall. It never ceased to amaze me what famous singer or band I’d run into, sometimes literally, at the top of the stairs as I headed down to our studio to shoot our show. Once, I nearly took out Prince. The things I have seen, heard and smelled coming out of that room remain a cornucopia of the times for me. Snoop. The Cure. Keith Urban. Rihanna. Slash from Velvet Revolver. John Mellencamp. Too many to count.

We shot Access Hollywood in Johnny Carson’s old Tonight Show studio. In fact, we even kept the star on the floor where Johnny would come out and deliver his monologue every night. (A monologue to roughly 15 million people — 15 million!!)

Jay shot his Tonight Show across the hallway from Johnny’s old studio. That ground-floor hallway was always a beehive of activity. Producers, writers and incredibly talented people in audio, lighting, make-up, wardrobe, grips and more racing about. Then you add into the mix of stars on the show that night, their handlers plus a wild animal or two, and you can see how that hallway — maybe five to six feet wide — was like an artery on a busy freeway. The doors leading to the stage were smack dab in the middle of the hallway, leading to more congestion. I’ve run into everyone from Tom Cruise, who was saying hello to every single person, including an NBC Page, to an NBC president by the name of Scott Sassa, who chased after, found and closed the door to talk to Jimmy Fallon way back in the day. It’s actually how we got to this point, nearly a decade later, of Fallon taking over The Tonight Show. I wrote about it here.

But even though I’ve seen United States presidents walking the hallways, movie stars and television stars, there was one other thing I always saw that I thought was pretty cool and it sticks with me to this day. The smiles. Sure, doing a show like The Tonight Show is tough, demanding and stressful. But, nearly every Tonight Show person I met over the years I liked and found to be friendly, funny and nice. Even the red-haired lady who had something to do with numbers and money was nice. Those people are never nice.

My point is, and Jay made the same point last night, is that you felt those who worked on the show were one big family. Jay was incredibly loyal to them and they to him. In fact, I can remember when Jay was going to leave the first time and I ran into some of the Tonight Show staff in the commissary. I’d come to know a good number of them fairly well by this point. There was a lot of worry at the time. Most of them were going to lose a job they loved. Plus, the economy was in the tank. But, one of staffers told me Jay held a private meeting with the staff and told them he was going to do everything he could to help them keep their jobs on the lot in some capacity. Turns out, they just went with him to his short-lived 10 p.m. show and then back to The Tonight Show.

I had a number of interactions with Jay over the years. I sensed he always found our show amusing. He’d always have some sort of wiseacre comment about some silly or insane thing we were covering. And he was usually right. Truth is in the humor. But, he was always nice. I gave him crap a number of times about brown-bagging it on his private jet he’d jump on after the show to head to Vegas for a quick gig that night. What? No chef to whip up a meal on your private jet? He had me on a couple of his shows, in the opening of the show, playing myself. Once in a Michael Jackson skit and once with Kim Kardashian. When I did those bits it was a blast because I got to work with his great producers and camera crews.

Much has been made of Jay’s workaholic lifestyle. I think it’s pretty simple. I feel it benefitted Jay and the show greatly. It allowed Jay to do the kind of comedy he could not do on The Tonight Show while getting a feel where the country was at any given moment. You can’t get that behind guarded gates in Beverly Hills. I always likened Jay’s Tonight Show to the Olive Garden, the mid-scale restaurant chain. It has that all-you-can-eat salad bowl, some above average dishes, and a surprise special every now and then all packaged in a nice, friendly setting. Comfortable. Digestible by the middle of the country. Not risky like the new, foie gras-servin’ hot restaurant down the street which may be gone in a year. Jay Leno, the comedian on Sunday nights at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach was a little different and riskier than Tonight Show Jay. But what wasn’t different was his ability to make everybody feel good. Just be nice to people. To care about them. At the club. At the studio. On the street after the show.

There is one hitch in all the love for Jay and it is his perceived handling of when he left The Tonight Show the first time and how many believe he firebombed any chance Conan O’Brien had of finding success as the new holder of the show’s flame.

I have my own, somewhat inside view. Remember, I was at Access Hollywood at the time, both in 2004 when it was announced that Jay would be fired five years later (WTF?, I thought at the time) and when it actually happened in 2009. I knew people in all three camps; Leno, Conan and the network.

Let’s start with this.

There is a saying in the industry that you never follow a legend. You follow the guy who follows the legend. That’s because the guy who follows the legend usually gets hammered, not only in the ratings, but in the press as well. It usually ends badly for the new guy. This is because the legend usually exits kicking and screaming and scorches the earth, leaving nothing that can grow in the legend’s absence, most of all ratings and goodwill. That’s Jay Leno Is Fired: Part One. Imagine knowing for five years that you are going to be fired, even though there is nobody in the country who is better than you. You are number one, yet, you need to be replaced. That has to burn for five years. So, when it finally happens, there is an incredible amount of buildup — anger, frustration and loss.

When Johnny Carson said goodbye to The Tonight Show and cleanly handed it off to Jay Leno, Carson was done. It had been a sensational 30-year run. Carson was 66 when he passed the torch to Leno. He didn’t throw it at him and light Leno on fire. He didn’t run around the studio and the media lighting everything on fire, burning it to the ground. Scorching the earth as it were. Carson said goodbye in a way that kept — what I assume Carson knew was the only thing bigger than him — The Tonight Show in tact, polished, tuned-up and ready for the new driver.

But, what if Johnny had suddenly decided to do a 10 p.m. show on the very same network, just as Jay was getting his footing hosting The Tonight Show? Carson would have cut Leno’s show business legs out from under him. Carson would have damaged The Tonight Show and buried Leno. It would have been a disaster.

That’s the one caveat in the career of Leno. He not only broke Conan’s legs, he tied one of Conan’s arms behind his back. By the way, I never thought Conan was the right choice. Did he deserve a shot? Sure. Was he the right fit? Never. Just like Ann Curry hosting the Today show. She deserved it. Great person. Just the wrong skill set to host a morning show. Jimmy Fallon. Right guy. Right skill set. Will do well.

Other than the Leno-Conan fiasco, Leno was brilliant at finding the right balance hosting The Tonight Show. He revered it and it’s place in the history of television and in the lives of millions of Americans. He was a good driver. He took care of the show, it’s guests and it’s staff incredibly well. It always put a smile on his face.

As Leno emotionally said when he closed out the last few minutes of his final Tonight Show, “I’ll tell ya’ something. The first year of the show, I lost my mom. Second year, I lost my dad. Then my brother died. And, after that, I was pretty much out of family. And the folks here became my family.” Leno is saying goodbye to the only family he has.

I leave you with one of the thousands of images I have of seeing Jay during my 12 years on the NBC lot. Funny enough, it’s a time when I saw him away from The Tonight Show. And he scared the hell out of me.

My parking spot was directly across from Jay. I would turn right into my spot and he would turn left into his. I loved driving in everyday, wondering what amazing car Jay would have parked in his spot. In fact, I would often take pictures of his car and email them to my dad, also a car buff.

On this particular sunny Thursday, I finished shooting our show around 5:30 p.m. and left the studio to head up Buena Vista Street to stop at Lowe’s. I’m at a stop light. It’s a two-lane road each way. I’m in the right lane. I have my music pretty loud, windows closed. Suddenly, my SUV starts to vibrate slightly. Within seconds, the vibration continues to grow and grow. I turn off my music. There is an insanely loud rumble like a train is coming and my car is vibrating so much it is almost rocking. It alarms me.

“Holy Moly! It’s an earthquake!” I think.

I look for light poles, telephone poles and trees to see if they’re swaying. It’s what you do when you feel movement, hear a train-like rumble and live in California. However, nothing is swaying. By the way, this all happens in about 20 unsettling seconds. I’m confused. Then light turns green and the rumble grows louder and the vibration increases.

I’m looking around to see if I can go as the cars in front of me take off slowly. The lane to my left is going faster than my lane. Cars are passing me.

Then I see it.

It is Jay Leno.

He is in an open-cockpit, huge car that has an airplane engine. Yes, an airplane engine. Now, I’ve seen this incredible car in his parking spot but have never heard it running. Jay drives past me wearing old-school driving goggles and a scarf wrapped around his neck. The scarf is flowing in the wind. Jay is smiling. People are smiling and waving at Jay. Jay is waving back. I watch him drive away into the golden California sunset. Happy, with a huge smile on his face and firmly in the driver’s seat.
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