Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2019

Inspired by a post-World War I quote from curator Alistair O’Neill, “Women had gotten used to wearing their husbands’ cardigans,” Fran Stringer patched together feminine and masculine silhouettes for this cozy, laid-back collection.
Oversized knitwear was worn over flowy knitted trousers, while other knits included a cable-knit granddad-style cardigan and a twin set in the form of a khaki brown sweater and asymmetric skirt with ribbing.

Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2019 

Stringer also adopted a “make do and mend” attitude. Classic cable-knit and intarsia argyle styles were reworked and patched together and whipped into a multicolored boxy jumper and a midi dress in black and green with a high neck.
Details on other knits included ruffle cuffs and necklines and vintage-looking buttons on oversized cardigans. An outfit composed of a roomy, acid green twin set and cargo-style military trousers with a high waist looked cool and chic.

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Anger as TV presenter poses with dead goats in Scotland hunt

An American TV presenter has been criticised on social media after posting photos of herself with dead goats and a stag during a hunting trip in Scotland.
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Pringle of Scotland RTW Fall 2018

Fran Stringer maintained her focused vision for Pringle of Scotland, with a tightly edited collection that played on the brand’s biggest strength: knitwear.
She delivered a range of laid-back, luxuriously crafted pieces that showcased the Scottish label’s flair for ath-leisure and its commitment to craftsmanship, including cozy, oversized double-wool capes and hand-knitted joggers.
“I wanted to showcase the vast variety of knitwear’s capabilities. For instance, we were the first to print on knitwear in the Sixties,” said the designer, pointing to a cool Fair Isle knit with blue leopard-print panels spliced in.
Stringer also resurfaced some of the brand’s icons. She managed to tap into the nostalgic, logo-obsessed mood of today while remaining tasteful: diamond argyle motifs featured on mixed mohair capes and hand-intarsia cardigans, a typographic logo from the Eighties made a reappearance on a sporty red sweater; while an oversized, abstracted version of the label’s lion emblem was embroidered on an oversize sweater.
“The wonders of Scottish nature” were another point of reference for the designer, who worked with the jeweler Gala Colivet-Dennison to create agate embellishments that were embroidered on tops and capes.

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Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2018

Fran Stringer is sharpening her focus at Pringle of Scotland, staying true to the label’s heritage and to what it does best: knitwear. Stringer said she wanted to offer a modern take on the idea of colorful winter dressing and her bright, upbeat lineup was filled with loose, chunky knits in a palette of sorbet shades such as lavender, turquoise and heather.
Stringer said she was inspired by the richness of the pastel colors found in French Cubist artist Francois Villon’s work and by archival brand imagery from the Seventies and Eighties, which led to an array of cool, chunky-knit dresses, loose ponchos and cardigans layered over each other. A charming lilac twinset — a standout in the collection — featured a knitted A–line skirt and cardigan in the same shade. “It’s our interpretation of the modern twinset,” said the designer.
Outerwear played a key role with plenty of loosely tailored wrap coats and ponchos done in wool or seam-sealed cotton gabardine.
As she continues to develop her handwriting, Stringer also felt more confident to revisit the brand’s signature argyle pattern, which she previously treated with caution in order to avoid associations with golfing. Argyle patterns were patched onto cardigans, dialed up and hand-knitted

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Health Help Donated to St. Margaret of Scotland Church by Charles Myrick of ACRX

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Women in Scotland allowed abortion pill at home

Women in Scotland are the first in the UK to be allowed to take the abortion pill at home.
BBC News – Health

World’s first floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland

The revolutionary technology allows wind power to be harvested in waters too deep for current turbines.
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NHS Scotland to fund ‘game-changer’ Prep HIV drug

Scotland will be the first place in the UK to routinely offer the drug to eligible patients.
BBC News – Health

Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2017

Thought Pringle of Scotland was known for its luxurious takes on classic Scottish knitwear? It is. But over the course of the brand’s 200-year history, it made a splash in arenas outside high-end fashion. “A lot of people you come across say, ‘I know it — it’s the golfing brand,’” said Pringle creative director Fran Stringer, noting that one of her priorities as she marks her first year at the brand is to better communicate the house’s modern identity, particularly in America, where it’s making a push beginning with pre-fall. (Pringle, famous for its twinsets and argyle on the links, no longer has a golf line.)
Stringer showed the collection in New York at the Mercer Hotel, hosting a small lunch for American editors to better acquaint them with her and her lineup. She very much focused on bringing the archive — rich with Fair Isles and paisleys, its original twinsets and argyle — into today’s world. She pushed cozy classics forward, reinterpreting the twinset as a cardigan and skirt or oversized poncho and skirt meant to be worn with trainers. Fair Isle sweaters became big statement pieces in subtle patchwork constructions, while the traditional argyle was shown on asymmetric cardigans.

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Outlander: “Not in Scotland Anymore” Review

Full spoilers for Outlander continue below.

Outlander certainly isn’t in Scotland anymore in Season 2, and it leaned fully into that premise in the second episode of the season.

Welcome to 18th century Paris, and all the glitz, glamor and political intrigue that comes with it. “Not in Scotland Anymore” leaned into the humor of the Frasers being a couple in the wrong setting (twice over for Claire, as she’s not even in the right time period). If there was one through-line of the episode, it’s that it was funny, and that balanced the darkness that was plaguing Jamie and Claire.

Speaking of that darkness, the big reveal at the end of the episode is that Black Jack Randall didn’t die at Wentworth Prison. Showrunner Ron Moore was smart not to keep that a secret past two episodes (especially given the fact Black Jack’s “alive” status in Dragonfly in Amber is well-known by book readers). Still, the structure of the episode underlined well just how significant that reveal is. Even if Black Jack had been dead, he still is alive in Claire and Jamie’s relationship. The poison of his torture is keeping them apart intimately, in both a sexual sense and a personal one.

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Scottish Baby Names: Names from Scotland for Girls and Boys

Scottish Baby Names: Names from Scotland for Girls and Boys

This guide offers information on a large collection of Scottish baby names for girls and boys. This includes a variety of traditional, popular, unique and modern Scottish names. Each name includes information on any known meaning, and its traditional gender use.

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Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland

Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland

Fancy a Highland fling? This anthology showcases a sexy Scotland for your pleasure. Glasgow by the back door: Kinky fun awaits a newlywed on her honeymoon, when she learns that it’s always the shy folks who love anal. Up Helly Aa celebrates the Viking history of the Shetland Isles in a fiery tangle of sex. Celtic Tongues: A woman joins a threesome at Loch Ness with two Gaelic-speaking lovers. The Blackening sees a friendship renewed, and then some when a visitor takes part in the ancient Pagan ritual of blackening a bride-to-be before her big day. There are plenty of opportunities to get naked and dirty in this tale. Scottish grub: The unique cuisine of Scotland is explored one sexual encounter at a time. However sex and food is a partnership made in heaven, so good taste wins in the end. Local Colour: A hidden heritage is discovered where a woman learns to love submitting to her Master. The Middle sees a threesome play out their sexual fantasies on the beautiful Isle of Skye. Scotland the brave: a fan of the film, Braveheart works as a gigolo. He meets his match in a woman who loves William Wallace just as much as he. Everyone has a good time on this tour; they just have to let go of their preconceptions and watch as the sparks and the sporrans fly! Warnings: This title contains f/f m/m, multiple partners and ménage, bisexuality, transgender themes, BDSM, and anal sex.

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In Stunning Twist, England Leaves United Kingdom Instead of Scotland!

In what is sure to take up at least a whole chapter in the history books, Prime Minister David Cameron delivered the stunning news that England is leaving the United Kingdom in order to pacify Scotland and that the latter will continue to stay in the union. Queen Elizabeth II will be going with England while Cameron will remain with the UK.

It is rumored that the British were forced to make this sudden decision when the Scots threatened to invade England wearing nothing but kilts — and more disturbingly — no underwear.

In a statement clearly intended to diffuse the growing tension between the two neighbors, Buckingham Palace said, “It is with a heavy heart that we do this but as we say in the stuffiest British tradition: needs must. We did everything we could to persuade the Scottish people to stay within the union but it became increasingly apparent that they just don’t care anymore. As a result, England was forced to make a sacrifice for the sake of everyone. Typical, isn’t it? Anyway, as the James Bond song goes: Nobody Does it Better, and so even though we are leaving, you can be sure we will look bloody good doing it!”

After its separation from the UK, England will no longer be part of the European Union nor will it continue using the pound, which itself will henceforth be called “the currency formerly known as the pound” since the Scots never liked the name. The new seat of government for the UK will be based in Scotland and its iconic flag, the Union Jack, will be replaced by the image of Sean Connery instead.

In celebration of the newfound influence of the land of its birth, Johnnie Walker will provide free scotch to everyone on the planet — except the English, of course — for six hours or until everyone is well and properly sloshed.

Speaking from a castle in the Scottish highlands, which will replace No. 10 Downing Street as David Cameron’s office, the prime minister said that he wishes England nothing but the best for the future but they should really go bugger themselves now that Scotland has emerged as the victor in this game of political brinksmanship. “We never really liked the English in the UK anyway,” he added with a wink.

The only blemish to the jubilation of the Scots has been NATO’s reaction to the news. The leading commander for NATO forces in Western Europe has indicated that the organization may have to kick the UK out because of the Scots. When pushed to clarify the reason for this unusual position, the commander answered, “It’s that damn bagpipe music the Scots are always playing! We have enough problems dealing with Russia without having to be assaulted by that cacophony. The English are annoyingly polite and boring to the point of physical pain but at least they are f—ing quiet.”

Still, according to a poll conducted in Scotland, most people feel that after the Ukrainian fiasco, NATO doesn’t have much credibility left anyway, so why worry about being expelled from the organization? It might actually save the UK some embarrassment if they weren’t part of NATO.

And the best part, according to the Scots, of England leaving the UK? The UK’s most famous alumnus and the reason that anybody even knows the British Secret Service — Sir Sean Connery, who can’t stand the English, has promised that he will return to the big screen as super-spy James Bond as soon as the English depart the scene. According to his agent, the legendary thespian looks forward to many new daring adventures, and to reconnecting with his old flame Pussy Galore.

Long live the Queen!
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