‘She was so desperate, she swallowed a toothbrush’

The government’s aim to move people with learning disabilities from secure units has failed, campaigners say.
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‘She said yes!’ Rio Ferdinand and Kate Wright engaged

Rio Ferdinand and Kate Wright have revealed they are engaged, posting pictures following a rooftop proposal during a family holiday in Abu Dhabi.
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‘She Should Be Revered, and She Is Not’

With two more high-profile plays opening in New York this season — and a huge movie deal in the works — Theresa Rebeck’s time may have come.
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‘She never left’: Detroit mourns Aretha Franklin

Detroit has lost a sister. Their sadness, though, somehow still feels like a celebration.
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‘She was MY friend’ Ant’s wife on TV star’s new love

Ant McPartlin’s estranged wife has hinted at her heartbreak hours after it emerged he is dating his personal assistant – who his wife says was her friend.
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Paris Jackson Draws Inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor for New Ambassador Role: ‘She Was an Unstoppable Force of Change’

Paris Jackson is drawing inspiration from her late father’s close friend, Elizabeth Taylor, as she tackles her responsibilities as the new ambassador for Taylor’s AIDS foundation.

Jackson, daughter of music legend Michael Jackson, said Taylor’s example has influenced her own philanthropy — especially within the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

“Elizabeth was a real badass,” she told PEOPLE ahead of the Mothers2Mothers and ETAF benefit dinner Tuesday in Beverly Hills, which she attended with brother Prince. “It’s very rare that you see someone with that kind of influence really use their platform for something so important.”

She added of Taylor: “She wasn’t going to let the HIV/AIDS pandemic run wild as it directly impacted her friends and loved ones.”

Jackson, 19, was recently named the new ambassador, in a role she said touches her “familial roots.” Taylor, who died in 2011, was a close friend of Michael’s before his 2009 death and was even the teen’s godmother.

“She was a courageous and unstoppable force of change during a time when the government remained silenced on the ongoing crisis,” Jackson told PEOPLE of Taylor. “She demanded give HIV/AIDS the attention it desperately needed.”

“Her story is an example of how one person can have such a profound and positive effect on the whole of humanity,” she continued.

As part of her duties, Jackson visited Malawi with the organization, where she met with those living in a small village.

“There I met a young mother who told us about her experience and how the mothers2mothers program has helped her journey,” she told PEOPLE of the trip. “If she had gotten medication sooner, she wouldn’t have passed HIV on to her child.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” she added. “The programs funded by ETAF are working hard to make sure mothers and families get the care they need.”


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Grandma Accidentally Buys 6-Year-Old Granddaughter a NSFW Children’s Book: ‘She Was Mortified!’ Says Daughter

One grandmother was recently reminded to not judge a book by its cover when she bought one filled with dirty words for her 6-year-old granddaughter—which, luckily, had the whole family (except her) cracking up.

“My mother was at Barnes & Noble buying magazines for my dad, and she just saw this book and thought my daughter would like it,” Tiffany, 32, (who declined to give her last name) tells PEOPLE. “Emmersyn is 6 so she thought it would be something that would be easy for her to read.”

Tiffany’s mother, Geri, ended up buying If Animals Could Talk by Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy, a seemingly innocuous book featuring a cartoon bear, alligator and blowfish on its cover, which could easily be mistaken for a traditional children’s book.

As they would soon find out, it was far from that.

Because Emmersyn usually likes to read My Little Pony and I SPY books, she didn’t pick out grandma’s book for her nightly reading until almost two weeks later on October 3. That’s when Emmersyn pointed out a word she didn’t quite understand to her dad, Cody, 32—and he immediately ran to Tiffany who was washing up after dinner.

“He handed it over to me and I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ We just started laughing,” Tiffany says. “I called my mom and asked her if she looked inside the book, and she said she hadn’t. I tried to read a few pages to her but I was laughing too hard. I finally regained my composure, and she was mortified!”

When she finished laughing, Tiffany took to Twitter to post about the incident, and her followers found it hilarious, as well. Her tweet has accumulated more than 200,000 likes and 73,000 retweets. As of October 5, the book’s listing on Amazon currently has it listed as “temporarily out of stock.”

Grandma Geri was “a little annoyed” when finding out her daughter posted the story to social media, but Tiffany assured her that it was all in good fun.

The couple plans to keep If Animals Could Talk around the house, they just have to make sure curious Emmersyn and her siblings—Carson, 3, and Harper, 1—don’t get their hands on it just yet.

“It’s a great coffee table book as long as you keep it away from kids, but I actually tweeted at the author and he said we should regift it to Emmersyn for her 18th birthday,” she says. “I think we will, and we’ll write a little excerpt about what happened. I’m not sure if I can actually keep it without losing it for 12 years, but I’m sure going to try!”


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Glenne Headly Remembered: ‘She Was a Total Perfectionist’

Glenne Headly was a very serious actress with a gift for comedy. That’s how Anna D. Shapiro, artistic director of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Co., remembered the theater’s longtime ensemble member, who died Friday at the age of 62. “Glenne was a very, very serious actor and one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever worked with,”… Read more »



Cancer Survivor Collects Christmas Cards for Friend with Inoperable Tumors: ‘She Loves to Read Them’


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Singer Sharon Jones Remembered by Barbara Kopple: ‘She Was So Vibrant!’

Sharon Jones, who died Nov. 18, “was one of the most phenomenal human beings I’ve ever met,” said filmmaker Barbara Kopple, who spent nearly three years with the powerhouse singer for the recent documentary “Miss Sharon Jones!” Film workers are nomads, creating intense working relationships for a few months, then moving to the next project… Read more »



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