The Who on splitting up, Brexit and why Ed Sheeran shouldn’t be sued

Their music defined a generation, but despite a string of top 10 hits in the 60s, acclaimed live performances and a successful rock opera and film in the 70s, The Who went their separate ways in 1983.
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In CBA talks, NHL players shouldn’t budge on long-term contracts

The players want to get rid of escrow, but their negotiations shouldn’t include sacrificing long-term deals and the job security that comes with them. – NHL

Why We Shouldn’t Be Surprised Pete Davidson Joked About His Split From Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, SNLIs all fair in love and post-break-up art?
That is the question when it comes to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s recent split, as the two 24-year-olds are now navigating the rocky…

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Movies That Look Like Kids Movies, But That Kids Shouldn’t See

These anthropomorphic animals and adorable puppets might look appropriate for all ages, but they’re actually in crass, violent and sometimes disturbing films intended for adults.


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3 Things You Should Ask Your Bridesmaids For Help With (And 4 You Shouldn’t)

Your inner circle is here to support you for this special occasion, not take orders.
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Why Marlins shouldn’t trade Giancarlo Stanton (Yahoo Sports)

Giancarlo Stanton

He is 27 and leading the majors in home runs. Trade Giancarlo Stanton and in a year or two or three you’re looking for that big, proven bat to make you legit.

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8 Things You Shouldn’t Say If Someone You Love Has Depression

And what you can say instead.
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Theater Won’t Apologize For ‘Julius Caesar.’ Hypocrisy Of Ire Proves It Shouldn’t

The controversy over Trumped-up Shakespeare in the Park continues to be a bloody mess.
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What you should and shouldn’t worry about in Android security

What you should and shouldn’t worry about in Android securityYour smartphone is surprisingly vulnerable to viruses and malware. Unfortunately, that sector is malware. Conversations with security professionals here at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile tech show, provided a dismaying, but necessary, reminder that the computers in our pockets are targets for authors of malware and other scams — and that many of us don’t care about those risks.

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Anna Faris Says You Shouldn’t Date Men In These 5 Professions

When Anna Faris has dating advice, you listen. After all, the woman found a gem of a man in husband Chris Pratt

On Tuesday’s episode of “Conan,” the 40-year-old actress gave a preview of the love advice you’ll find in her upcoming memoir Unqualified. Faris had some very specific thoughts on dating men in certain professions: Avoid athletes, chefs, comedians and magicians at all costs. 

“I enjoy a good magician every now and then but in [your] daily life do you want someone who’s like, ‘I’m not telling you my secrets!’” she explained. “It’s like, ‘Can you knock it off and at least tell me your secrets?’” 

There’s one problem with Faris’ no-date list, though: Actors are also on it. And her hubby is not only an actor but a budding magician

Hey, we don’t blame her for making an exception. Watch the video above to hear all of Faris’ advice. 

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Donald Glover’s Velvet Suit Shouldn’t Have Worked, but It Did

This is one style risk that paid off.

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No Matter Why You’re Considering Buying This Suit, You Shouldn’t Buy This Suit

Do not give in to the price tag, bro. 

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Here’s What a Lesbian Shouldn’t Bring on a First Date. A U-Haul.

The funniest jokes are the ones that are true, which is what makes the most famous lesbian joke of all so funny. Too funny for our own good, if you ask me.

“What does a lesbian bring on a second date?”

All together now: “A U-Haul.”

It’s scary but true. We are known for our insta-nesting. There’s no way around that. And why we do it is painfully simple. It’s in our nature to nurture.

So, we meet a girl we dig and the first thing we want to do is snuggle in and take care of her. It’s pair-bonding at it’s best — and it’s worst.

The thing is, although it might primarily come from a good place, it also comes from a place of fear, which is never a good place from which to operate.

When you think about marking territory, men and dogs might be the first groups that come to mind. But the truth is, lesbians don’t fall too far behind when it comes to the, “MineMineMine” behavior and mentality.

Why? Well, I’ve got a couple of ideas.

One, it’s not easy to meet the right girl. So, when you do, you want to hang on to her. I get that.

Two, we like to lock things down; it’s easier on our over-thinking, over-processing brains. If we can get a confirmation on this coupling thing down quickly, we can move on to other things like volunteering at that food bank and starting that kale garden.

Three, and don’t get all bent out of shape about this, but we are girls. And even the toughest amongst us fear a broken heart. So, having a girl park her VW in your garage and her golden retriever and jet-black feline in your house is, let’s face it, a welcome safety.

But, my friends, we have to break the cycle. This U-Hauling business may work for some, but it is not a good idea in the long run for most of us.

I repeat — not a good idea.

I know, I know. You have this friend… Or one time you… We all have those stories.
But I’m not talking about the exceptions. I am speaking of the rule. Make no mistake, insta-nesting is a dangerous game.


For starters, you miss out of a lot of the fun stuff. Sure, safe and easy might feel nice. But new and exciting feels amazing. If you’re meant to be, you’ll be. Trust me.

The rush has more of a chance of ruining you than solidifying you. So enjoy the slow burn instead. Go out on dates. Stay at your own place by yourself once in awhile. Don’t lose track of your friends. Leave the wedding planning for later.

When you take the time to really learn someone, you can enjoy the experience of being new and special to someone. And there’s no feeling in the world that compares to that.

Waiting for that person to call or text. Looking forward to a big date at the end of the week. Planning outings for the next time you’ll see each other — Those are the joys of dating. Why rush through them?

You have a lifetime to figure out who’s going to make dinner and who’s going to take the dog out.

I have a confession to make. I was a U-Hauler — if not literally, then certainly figuratively.

I would meet a girl; feel a connection, and get right to the relationship part, promises and all. And — you guessed it — it never worked out. I have asked myself a thousand times why exactly I do this. I have no good answer other than, sigh, genetics, old habits and, I don’t know, my star sign?

But this time around, I’m dating a new kind of girl. A non-U-Hauler, if you will. She’s younger than I; maybe the next generation is learning from our mistakes?

She is committed to her job and her friends and her life. And she wants someone to share her life.

But she doesn’t need someone.

That is something I have long preached. But I am doing a far better job of practicing this time around…

Read the rest of the piece here.

First published in the January 16, 2015 edition of the Dallas Voice.

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Why You Shouldn’t Laugh at Someone Who Stutters

The bar is packed, and I have to lean across the table to introduce myself. “Hi I’m…” The usual mouth-gapping, eye-opening silence. Followed by the repeated putter of “Ka” “Ka” “Ka.” She stares for a second, maybe two. And then she laughs. She looks around the table, reaching out for someone to join her private joke. Met with blank faces from my friends and half-smiles from strangers, she turns back to me, still braying. My mouth is not ready to smile. Even if I wanted to, I’m not able to save her. I’m mid stutter, still reaching deep inside of myself, clawing down into my lungs and my throat, to drag my name out of my mouth and into the open. I greedily inhale a fistful of air and try again, “Hi, I’m K K K.”

Improbably, her laughter continues. I watch as one of my friends, the one who knows her, leans over and whispers something. The distraction loosens something in me and finally I spit out “Katherine.” My friend pulls away from her ear. The girl looks confused. I hope that my friend has told her to stop being so rude (I honestly hope for something more expletive-ridden), but I know she has told her I stutter. The first thing she says is “sorry.” And in that silence it doesn’t sound like she is apologizing for her insensitivity — it sounds like she is sorry that I stutter. Sorry that I have a name that has never escaped my mouth unscathed. Sorry that I am who I am.

As the writer Benson Bobrick once wrote, in those moments my heart hardens against her. She is an adult who has been through years of education, someone who has all the capacity necessary for empathy. She is a magazine editor, a label she had thrown around like a badge of honor moments before. She should know better. We all should.

I don’t say, “that’s okay.” It isn’t. Instead, I smile and I tell her that I stutter. Before she says sorry again, I tell her that my name takes me a while. She nods. Mute now. The hurt, angry side of me wants to tell her off, to make her feel small and repentant. The stronger side of me wants to educate her, to teach her about stuttering. Instead, I motion towards my other friend and she introduces herself. It is over in less than five seconds. I pipe up as she finishes, “That was far too easy.” We all laugh. It sounds different.

The thing is, I believe in laughter. I believe in smiling in the midst of a stutter, in telling someone that there is nothing to be afraid of and bringing my listener towards me. I believe in laughing at all the ridiculous situations that my stutter creates. And yet, I know that there is something cruel in laughing at the spectacle of stuttering.

So why do people do it? In all honesty, it is rarely done out of malice. More often it is done out of surprise. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, we expect the world to be a linear and predictable place. If we hear someone speaking “fluently” one moment, we expect that to continue to the next. When it does not, when it is interpreted and broken apart, we are shocked. I know I am. And so, in our surprise, we laugh. It is a natural reaction.

Yet, it is a response that we need to curb. We need to be kind. We need to resist our most basic and uniformed urges.

I spent years of my life expecting my listeners to be mind-readers, expecting them to react in the perfect way to my stutter. And yet, I realize that I’m not at all sure that I would know the best way to respond if I did not stutter myself. It is not always an easy thing to behold and there has never been a manual for our audience. It is not as simple as it could be, not everyone wants the same reaction. Some stutterers like people to fill in their words when they get stuck; others can’t imagine anything worse (I fall into the latter category). The best our listener can do is to ask, but that requires a level of trust that is not present in every interaction.

And so, we must be our own ambassadors, we must lead the way. Having interviewed hundreds of stutterers I know that there is no one single correct response that we require from our listeners. And yet, there are standards that seems to be largely universal. These are the best guidelines that I know:

  • Look beyond the mask of stuttering. Listen to our words, not how we say them. React to us, just as you would to anyone else.
  • Keep coming towards us. Don’t frown or turn away. Don’t make us feel too monstrous to behold.
  • Keep eye contact, but don’t turn it into a staring competition.
  • Be patient. The words will come, they may just take a few extra seconds. Don’t give up on us and shut down the conversation. Definitely don’t walk away.
  • Don’t laugh at us. Don’t pity us or mock us. If you smile out of kindness that is something else. That is wonderful. If you laugh alongside us, we will all feel less alone.

Above all else, show your compassion.

Katherine Preston ( is the author of “Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice.”

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NFLPA: Players shouldn’t talk ‘Deflategate’

New England Patriots players union representative Matthew Slater said Saturday that the NFLPA has advised players not to speak on the NFL’s ongoing investigation regarding underinflated footballs.

Jennifer Aniston on Why Feminism Shouldn’t Be That Hard

The actress shares her strong opinions on motherhood, her hair, and much, much more.
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Aniston reflects on photos from her past, opening up about the first time she worked with Justin Theroux, reuniting with her Friends costars, and whether she’d still wear a crop top.
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Eastern Michigan Sledgehammered A Wall And Maybe It Shouldn’t Have (VIDEO)

Its college football season hadn’t even started yet when Eastern Michigan hit a wall. Over and over.

The Eagles entered the field before their season opener on Saturday by sledgehammering a concrete brick wall.

As you can see in the video above, the demolition didn’t exactly pack a dramatic wallop.

Eastern Michigan went on to beat Morgan State, 31-28.

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Here Are Two Last Names You Probably Shouldn’t Hyphenate

Two people coming together in marriage is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes the blending of surnames isn’t as beautiful. Below, we present a very unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your sense of humor) last-name fail that Redditor NotSoPro45 spotted on a wedding sign and posted to the site on Monday.

We wish this couple many satisfying years together.

Check out more hilarious last-name fails in the slideshow below:

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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Follow a Low-Carb Diet

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Follow a Low-Carb DietThink you know all there is to know about carbs? Think again. Here's what you need to know why you should keep them in your diet.

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