Silent superstar: Kawhi fuels Raptors’ hopes

Kawhi Leonard's quiet confidence makes this year’s Toronto team different from the past.

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The Messy Timeline of P.T., Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills Horror Masterpiece

What happened to Silent Hill, or more specifically, the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro collaboration, Silent Hills? What’s going on with P.T., the playable teaser that announced Silent Hills, and is often hailed as one of the best horror games ever made? Is it gone forever? Is there any hope for it making an official return?

Some of these questions don’t have answers – the future of Silent Hill is very uncertain. But we can paint a clear timeline of the Silent Hills saga to better understand the events that lead up to this point. We’re coming up on P.T.’s fifth anniversary, and even after all this time, the mark that demo left on the horror gaming landscape is still there, spawning fan remake after fan remake and inspiring countless other games to follow in its footsteps.

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Apple silent amid iPhone ‘chargegate’ complaints

Customers complain that the iPhone XS and XS Max do not charge properly when plugged in.
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Spacey’s star power kept alleged victims silent

Why were so many afraid to speak out over the alleged sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey during his tenure at the Old Vic?
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Hearing Loss Is The Silent Killer Of Relationships

My recently deceased husband wore hearing aids in both ears. I’m serious when I say they likely saved our marriage. And to be honest, since he lost both of them in the nursing home where he spent his final few weeks, I can’t even be sure he heard me when I told him that I loved him for the last time.

Hearing loss is a big, big deal. And the fact that the population is aging and the number of people living with impaired hearing is projected to jump considerably means it’s about to become an even bigger deal, according to a study published online this week by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.

Almost 25 percent of those ages 65 to 74, and 50 percent of those 75 and older, have a disabling hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Let me paint a picture for you of what that looks like when you are married to someone who can’t hear well:

Conversation, as you know it, gradually comes to a complete halt. Communication is reduced to a series of nouns shouted out. Restaurants will be picked based not on the quality of the food, but on their acoustics. Going to parties becomes a whole lot less fun because of the noise level of the room; you will eventually resort to taking separate cars so that the person with hearing loss can leave early. The television volume will become a point of contention, as will the distraction caused by closed captions.

Actually, many things become contentious. When people can’t hear well, they frequently interrupt other speakers. They mishear words and jump into conversations inappropriately. And denial of hearing loss is a real thing. “You’re mumbling,” my husband always said in frustration, deflecting his inability to hear.

“Hearing loss is a major public health issue,” said study author Adele M. Goman of Johns Hopkins University.

The study reported that the number of adults in the U.S. aged 20 or older with hearing loss is expected to gradually increase from 44 million in 2020 (15 percent of all adults), to 74 million by 2060 (23 percent), based on population projections, according to a press release. 

The biggest increase will be among older adults, Goman told HuffPost. She urged that attention be paid now to prevention strategies. Better to preserve our hearing than deal with its loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by any number of things, including loud blasts of noise, music played at excessive volume, sudden changes in pressure, poking your eardrum with an object, and plain old ear-wax buildup. And yes, of course, aging. The degeneration of delicate inner-ear structures occurs over time. Even medications, such as the antibiotic gentamacin and certain chemotherapy drugs, can damage the inner ear. Diseases or illnesses that come with a high fever, such as meningitis, may harm the cochlea.

According to a survey by the British firm ― yes, they sell hearing aids and related products ― ongoing deafness can promote marital breakdown to the point of divorce. The site surveyed about 1,000 people over age 40 who had worsening hearing loss and found that 33 percent said it led to arguments with their spouse. Taking things one step farther, the site noted in an unpublished paper that the divorce rate among couples with one partner suffering from mild hearing loss was similar to current population norms. But marriages where one partner had severe hearing loss ended in divorce at four times the rate of the population norm. Unscientific, for sure, but it fits with my own anecdotal evidence.

I still recall the straw that broke my back when my late husband’s hearing had degenerated to the point I just couldn’t stand it any longer. We were on vacation in Kauai and eager to try a highly recommended new restaurant. The place was so popular that we waited an hour for our table, despite having a reservation. Once seated, the problem became immediately apparent. The sleek new eatery was minimalistic in design: High ceilings and nothing on the walls to absorb the sounds of a bustling eatery. Between the clanking of dishes, the ambience music and the surrounding conversations amplified as people shouted to be heard, it was pure chaos for anyone who, like my husband, suffered hearing loss. His face said it all. We left without ordering, both of us feeling deflated.

I told him that night that I couldn’t continue our lives like this. He got hearing aids in both ears as soon as we got home, and the improvement was astounding.

But there’s something that still needs to change: Medicare should cover hearing exams and hearing aids for those who need them, and currently it doesn’t, with a few exceptions. This safety net that provides medical coverage to those 65 and older omits the things that, arguably, seniors need the most: vision coverage, dental coverage and the ability to correct hearing loss.

The reality is that our increasing longevity is nice and all. But we still need to hear. And for too many of us, that won’t be possible.

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A Trump Inauguration Casualty: The Silent, Smiling Rockettes

Current and former Rockettes find themselves in a new spotlight as they take sides over the inauguration, breaking with the solidarity that defines the troupe.
NYT > Arts

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Chewbacca Sings a Rousing Version of ‘Silent Night’ (Watch)

Ever wondered what “Silent Night” would sound like if Chewbacca roared sang it? How It Should Have Ended, a YouTube channel which makes animated parodies of major motion pictures, posted a hilarious rendition of the Christmas classic sung by everyone’s favorite furry “Star Wars” companion. The video is a series of snippets of Chewie serenading us… Read more »



Should I Stay Silent During One Child’s Populist Taunt of Another?

Also, grappling with the Christmas blues? A few ideas from Social Q’s. And an adult son’s holiday plans.


Silent Screams

Silent Screams

The mysteries of the world have been hidden from you all your life. I beseech you to stay, so that I may give you but a taste of the truth you seek.” ~ Demetri BithanosSink your fangs into this edgy tale, consumed with dark romance, blood lust and creatures that lurk in the night.R & B sensation, Sharayna “Rayne” Piers, lives her life dedicated to her music. On stage and in the studio, she pours her heart and soul into the lyrics of her songs, hoping to deliver a piece of herself to the listeners. But ever since her twentieth birthday, her seemingly normal life has taken a turn to the dark side. Piercing screams and horrendous acts of murder seizes her mind, haunting her night and day. Women similar to her in age are vanishing all over the world without a trace. It leaves Rayne wondering if the rash of disappearances is connected to her visions. Soon, she will discover the world she was raised in is just a cover for what really hides in the shadows, and that her life as a human is a deception to mankind, a guise to conceal her true nature. Will she shun the darkness that has befallen her or step up to the throne and become what she was created to be?

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STARTING LINE PRODUCTS Super Silent Muffler (09108)

STARTING LINE PRODUCTS Super Silent Muffler (09108)

This muffler for the Polaris RZR is an incredible 5 decibels quieter than stock while providing a 41% increase in airflow (20 more cfm) for more power. The subtle sound of this muffler provides a relaxing environment for the rider and passenger to carry on a conversation easily while under way not to mention the benefit to others in the surrounding area. Whether you are using your RZR to get you in and out of your favorite hunting spots or just want to have a more enjoyable ride with less noise this muffler is perfect for you. Features a removable Forest Service approved spark arrestor.
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Diamond Select Toys Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Jay Action Figure

Diamond Select Toys Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Jay Action Figure

Collectors will enjoy the highly detailed Diamond Select Toys 7″ Action Figure. Its lifelike features are sure to please. It’s been 20 years since the world met them in Clerks, and the company is celebrating the less-than-dynamic duo’s anniversary with their most realistic figure ever! You will appreciate its craftsmanship. It is designed and sculpted by Patrick Piggott. Trade the toy with your friends and reenact the film. The toy action figure includes multiple interchangeable parts, multiple points of articulation and connecting display bases. The unique packaging features a select style display which stands out from the rest. Get ready for an adventurous day at the drug store! Gift the Jay and Silent Bob action figure to a devoted collector today.

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The Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes

Author Hans Moederzoon van Kuilenburg was a 10-year-old girl living in Amsterdam when German soldiers invaded Holland in the spring of 1940. The Dutch had intended to stay neutral at the outbreak of the war, as their military was no match for the Nazi hordes. Within five days, Holland had fallen and the German occupation was underway. The five ensuing years were among the darkest chapters in Dutch history, culminating in the “hunger winter” of 1944, during which 30,000 Dutch citizens died of hunger and cold. Even today, people like the author, who grew up during that time, are more prone to heart attacks as a result of the physical stress of those years. But despite having capitulated so quickly in the face of the overwhelming might of the German war machine, there were many heroes in Holland during the occupation; people like the author’s father, a civilian supervisor of marine supplies, who robbed the Germans blind and gave stolen food and clothing to Dutch people in need. Eventually his activities attracted the attention of the German authorities and he was imprisoned. Thankfully Hans’ mother was able to stage a dramatic escape with the help of the family doctor. The Silent Heroes is a true story of heroism, survival and resistance during a time of fear, despair, and hardship. Hans Moederzoon van Kuilenburg was born in Amsterdam and immigrated to the U.S. in 1959. She had a distinguished career as a medical assistant before retiring. In addition to writing, she also does photography and sometimes exhibits her work. The Silent Heroes is her first book. Publisher’s website:

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The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine

The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine

Examining all the major research data since the 1940s, this book challenges two orthodox medical models: HIV as the cause of AIDS, and random genetic mutations as the cause of cancer. Based on the recent findings from Evolutionary Biology and Nitric Oxide research, it presents a fundamentally new understanding of the human cell, its double genome split between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria, and the role of energy production and signal modulation for immune reactions and carcinogenesis. Finally, it explains the concept of a new Cell Symbiosis Therapy for the treatment of all chronic diseases, including cancer. Now available in English for the first time, this book is a must-read for doctors, patients and anyone following the cutting edge of biology and immunology. With the blasting open of such doors of knowledge, the medical world will never again be the same. Heinrich Kremer, MD, Medical Director Emeritus was, from 1968-1975, head of social therapy for addicts, sexual offenders and people with personality disorders at the Berlin Tegel prison which was the pilot project for the reform of the German penal system. In 1988 he resigned as medical director of a model clinic specializing in youth drug addiction due to differences on medical ethics regarding the HIV test and AIDS therapy. From 1993-1999 as collaborating member of the Study Group for Nutrition and Immunity (Bern) he investigated together with Prof. Alfred Hässig the mechanisms occurring in AIDS defining illnesses and in cancer. Since the publication of this book in German in 2001 he has been in demand as a lecturer on the treatment of chronic diseases, working today as senior consultant in a growing medical network for Cell Symbiosis Therapy.

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The Silent Lady

The Silent Lady

Catherine Cookson was one of the world’s most beloved writers. Her books have sold millions of copies, and her characters and their stories have captured the imagination of readers around the globe. She passed away in 1998, but luckily for her fans, Cookson left behind several unpublished novels, among them the compelling Silent Lady. The story begins with a shocking revelation, delivered by a disheveled woman who presents herself at the offices of a respectable law firm in London. At first the receptionist suspects this mysterious woman is a vagrant; the clothes that hang on her frail body are filthy, and she seems unable to speak. When the woman requests to see the firm’s senior partner, Alexander Armstrong, she is shown the door – but when Mr. Armstrong learns the name of his visitor, all the office staff is amazed by his reaction. For Irene Baindor is a woman with a past, and her emergence from obscurity signals the unraveling of a mystery that had baffled the lawyer for twenty-six years. To those around her, Irene Baindor had been a young woman of class and musical talent, the wife of a wealthy and powerful man, and the mother to a beloved baby boy. But behind closed doors she was a woman with a dangerous husband, a husband who would one day act with such cruelty that Irene would be left without most of her voice and memory. It was then that Irene disappeared. What Irene had been doing, and where she had been, gradually emerges over the following weeks, as the unlikely benefactors who had befriended her step forward to reveal the remarkable life she has led. Fans of Cookson’s novels, with their larger themes of romantic love and class conflict, will be delighted by the mystery and surprise of The Silent Lady. Drawing from her own firsthand experience of working-class life between two world wars and in the 1950s, Cookson once again displays the irresistible plotting, scene-setting, and characterization that have made her an icon of historical and romance fiction.

Price: $
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Silent Waters: Tsunami 10 Years On Official Trailer (2014) – Documentary HD

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Silent Waters: Tsunami 10 Years On Official Trailer (2014) – Documentary HD

What happened once the waters receded, the beaches were cleaned up and the aid organisations left? Silent Waters provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of fishing communities on an undeveloped Thai island in the Andaman Sea.

The immense power from the waves destroyed the main village of 200 households. Many survivors moved to the mainland, too afraid to return. Those that chose to re-build their lives on the island recap their memories of that fateful day and how they coped after losing their families, homes and livelihood. They talk about their concerns for the future and how their unique lifestyle will likely change with the arrival of electricity.

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Shia LaBeouf Gives Strange Silent Hour-Long ‘Interview’

Celebrate your Thanksgiving by watching Shia LaBeouf be silent for an hour. In the Winter 2014 issue of Dazed, writer Aimee Cliff chronicled her time arranging an “interview” with LaBeouf. They emailed at length about his recent projects including the “I Am Sorry” installation in LA, “Fury,” “Nymphomaniac” and “his newfound affinity with metamodernism.” He suggested that when they met in person, they wouldn’t speak. When they finally did sit down in a London hotel, LaBeouf and Cliff strapped Go-Pros to their heads and sat for an hour in silence.

During these emails, LaBeouf also wrote that he had been raped during “I Am Sorry,” the exhibit in which he met people one by one (also in silence) for five days. His account of the incident is below:

One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me…There were hundreds of people in line when she walked out with dishevelled hair and smudged lipstick. It was no good, not just for me but her man as well. On top of that my girl was in line to see me, because it was Valentine’s Day and I was living in the gallery for the duration of the event – we were separated for five days, no communication. So it really hurt her as well, as I guess the news of it travelled through the line. When she came in she asked for an explanation, and I couldn’t speak, so we both sat with this unexplained trauma silently. It was painful.

Watch the whole “interview:”

INTERVIEW from Rönkkö / Turner on Vimeo.

To read the whole story, head over to Dazed.
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