Early-season help in specific fantasy hockey categories

Finding your fantasy hockey roster lacking in some areas? Victoria Matiash tells you where to turn for early-season help in categories like PIM, hits and shutouts.
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The Specific World of Patrik Ervell

NEW YORK — The University of California, Berkeley is far from being known as a fashion school. But it has nonetheless spawned some of the industry’s best-known names: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte and designer Patrik Ervell.
“It was the late Nineties in San Francisco and we all knew each other,” Ervell said during a preview of his spring men’s wear collection at his New York design studio, which sits above the Opening Ceremony store on Howard Street on the Lower East Side. “And we all ended up here.”
Ervell, who still counts Leon and Lim among his best friends and staunchest supporters, graduated UC Berkeley with a degree in political science, economics and art history. The California native, who was born to Swedish immigrant parents, didn’t immediately take up a fashion career; he actually had designs on becoming a diplomat and traveling the world. But he paid the rent by working as a stylist and managed to pick up a few highly lucrative commercial gigs including Apple, where he worked with the tech company to shoot its iPod and ear bud campaigns.
That led to a job at V Magazine and

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Wife Has Very Specific Instructions On How She Wants To Be Woken Up At 5 A.M.

Waking someone who is admittedly not a morning person before 7 a.m. is much like waking up a hibernating bear from his cave. At times it can be much, much worse.

That’s why one wife, who is not big on mornings, made sure to draft this handwritten contract when asking her husband to wake her up at 5 a.m. so she could get to work early before a big project.

If you read the note carefully, you will notice that after solemnly promising not to get mad at him, the wife stipulates that he may not wake her up by “grabbing my boob and shaking it.”

While that doesn’t exactly sound pleasant, it still beats an alarm clock, if you ask us.

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