Does spending on running backs actually pay off?

Todd Gurley's disappearing act late in the playoffs breathed new life into the debate about the risk-reward nature of spending on running backs.

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Free, Easy and Legal: How to Stream Great TV and Movies Without Spending a Dime

How to get your online TV and movie fix without spending $ 10 a month—or spending anything at all: A guide to using ad-supported streaming services. WSJD


Google helps boost High Street spending with search

Technology showing inventory for local shops will go live on Google search over next 12 months.
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GoFundMe Donors Speak Out as Couple Is Accused of Spending Homeless Man’s Money: ‘Despicable’

Donors who contributed money to help a homeless man in need say they are “saddened” by reports that the New Jersey couple who launched the GoFundMe campaign may have spent the funds on luxurious vacations and even a BMW.

Johnny Bobbitt, 35, was living on the streets of Philadelphia when he famously spent his last $ 20 to buy gas for 28-year-old Kate McClure after her car broke down on Interstate 95 last October. To repay him, McClure and her 39-year-old boyfriend Mark D’Amico launched a GoFundMe campaign, with more than 14,000 people donating a total of $ 402,706 to the man.

Now, less than a year later, Bobbitt is back on the streets and McClure and D’Amico are under criminal investigation. Through his lawyer, Bobbit has accused them of engaging in fraud and conspiracy by withholding money from him and spending the funds on a lavish lifestyle.

“It looks like they scammed him. That is despicable,” donor Janine McClenny, of Houston, tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t donate money to the couple. I donated to Johnny.”

McClure and D’Amico have denied the fraud allegations contained in Bobbitt’s lawsuit, and they have not been criminally charged.

On Thursday, the Florence Police Department executed a search warrant at McClure and D’Amico’s apartment and seized the couple’s BMW, a spokesperson for the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office told PEOPLE. The search came just days after the couple’s attorney said in court that the money they had been court-ordered to hand over to Bobbitt’s legal team is all gone.

“That kind of money can bring out the worst in people,” donor Sheilah Scofield tells PEOPLE of McClure and D’Amico. “It was just too much money for them to handle,” she speculated. “I thought was right to . They were withholding money that was raised for him.”

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Burlington County Judge Paula Dow ordered the search warrant that prompted the prosecutor’s office to tow away the pair’s BMW, the spokesperson with the prosecutor’s office told PEOPLE. The spokesperson said that should criminal charges be filed, the couple could potentially face arrest.

Earlier this week, the couple’s attorney, Ernest Badway, said in court that all of the remaining funds are gone and Dow has ordered D’Amico and McClure to appear before her on Monday to explain where the money went. A court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 14.

McClure and D’Amico have said they began to keep the remaining funds from Bobbitt after he allegedly spent $ 25,000 in less than two weeks, some of it on drugs. They spoke about the incident last week on Megyn Kelly Today, claiming that they went above and beyond to track down the man’s birth certificate and get him identification.

They said they used the money raised to buy Bobbitt a camper that he asked for, an SUV, clothes, food and to admit Bobbitt to rehab for drug addiction.

Scofield says she is “saddened” by the recent developments, and McClenny tells PEOPLE that she thinks the couple should never have withheld the money.

“I don’t think the couple should have the right to decide to keep the money from Johnny,” she says. “He is an adult. They are not in a position to make decisions about how he spends money raised for him.”

RELATED: Homeless Vet Will Get $ 400K in GoFundMe Donations Despite Couple’s Alleged Fraud, Lawyer Says

Attorneys for neither Bobbitt nor the couple immediately responded to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

“He was our family. He is our family. I still think, to this day, that he is our family,” McClure told Kelly. McClure spoke through tears as she claimed the couple’s been receiving death threats.

On Thursday, GoFundMe officials said that they would ensure Bobbitt received money through their GoFundMe Guarantee program.

“Johnny will be made whole and we’re committing that he’ll get the balance of the funds that he has not yet received or benefited from,” officials wrote on the organization’s Facebook page. “GoFundMe’s goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves.”

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Record demand for sexual health services amid spending cuts

Clinics in England say they are struggling to meet a huge increase in visits.
BBC News – Health

Alibaba Sales Jump 61%, Fueled by Online Spending

Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba reported a 61% increase in sales, as Chinese consumers continued to spend on the internet despite slowing economic growth. US Business


Meghan Markle Increased Prince Charles' Spending By 40%

The Duchess of Sussex has cost the royal family 40 percent more money since she started her duties. "Live From E!" figures out how.
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Father’s Day Spending Expected to Hit $15.3 Billion This Year

Dads can expect a little less to be spent on them for Father’s Day this year.
According to a study by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, spending on the holiday is projected to reach $ 15.3 billion this year, down just slightly from the $ 15.5 billion spent last year.
This translates into an average of $ 133 a person for the 77 percent of Americas who plan on celebrating the holiday on June 17. Individuals between 25 and 34 years of age are expected to spend the most, an average of $ 188.
“We are pleased to see consumer confidence continue to rise, leading to another near-record holiday spend on Father’s Day,” said NRF president and chief executive officer Matthew Shay. “Leading into the second half of the year, Americans are looking forward to treating their dads, and retailers will be prepared to offer a variety of gift options that will create new memories on this special day.”
According to the survey, consumers plan to spend $ 2.2 billion on apparel, which is expected to be purchased by 43 percent of shoppers; $ 2.1 billion on gift cards (42 percent), and $ 1.8 billion on consumer electronics (20 percent). In addition, $ 878 million will be spent on home

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19 Tweets That Sum Up The Pain Of Spending All Your Money On Weddings

“When a friend asks you to be a bridesmaid, she’s really saying ‘Give me $ 1000 & get ready to look pregnant in an empire waist dress.'”
Weddings – Ideas, Dresses, Songs
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Consumers Shy From Spending, Despite Tax Cut

Spending at U.S. retailers bounced back in March, but the broader trend shows only moderate consumer-spending growth despite a solid labor market and growing paychecks. US Business


‘Sherlock Gnomes,’ ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Top Studios’ TV Ad Spending

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Paramount Pictures claims the top spot in spending with “Sherlock Gnomes.” Ads placed for the animated film had an estimated media value of $ 5.07 million through Sunday for 1,043 national ad airings on 30 networks. (Spend […]



Matt Lauer Spotted Spending Time With His Wife Annette Roque Amid Divorce Rumors

Matt LauerLooks like the holidays are bringing the Lauer family together.
Matt Lauer was fired last month for allegations of sexual misconduct, and shortly thereafter, his wife, Annette Roque, was…

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Timing Is Vital as Companies Set Bonuses, Spending Before New Tax Law

The timing of AT&T Inc.’s pledge this week to give $ 1,000 bonuses to more than 200,000 workers once President Donald Trump signs the tax overhaul may have saved it $ 28 million. US Business


‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Tops Studios’ TV Ad Spending

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Twentieth Century Fox claims the top spot in spending with “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Ads placed for the action comedy had an estimated media value of $ 6.3 million through Sunday for 1,202 national ad airings across… Read more »



Facebook Identifies $100,000 in Ad Spending by Fake Accounts With Suspected Ties to Russia

Facebook said it has identified about 500 “inauthentic” accounts responsible for $ 100,000 in advertising spending that it believes have ties to Russia, following a review of ad buying on the site in response to intelligence-community concerns about Russian activity during the 2016 election. WSJD


WPP Sounds a Warning Signal on Consumer-Ad Spending; Shares Sink

WPP shares were off 10% after the world’s largest advertising company reported a steeper-than-expected slowdown in ad buying by consumer-goods companies, especially in North America. US Business


Amazon’s Revenue Rises 25%, but Profit Falls on Heavy Spending

Amazon revenue climbed as the retailer bucked an industry slump with its dominance of online shopping. Profit fell 77%, more than expected, as the company spent heavily to expand. US Business


Amazon’s Revenue Rises 25%, but Profit Falls on Heavy Spending

Amazon revenue climbed as the retailer bucked an industry slump with its dominance of online shopping. Profit fell 77%, more than expected, as the company spent heavily to expand. WSJD


‘The Emoji Movie’ Tops Studios’ TV Ad Spending

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Columbia Pictures claims the top spot in spending with “The Emoji Movie.” Ads placed for the animated film had an estimated media value of $ 5.8 million through Sunday for 1,497 national ad airings across 37 networks…. Read more »



Amazon launches a social network for spending money

Amazon launches a social network for spending moneyAmazon’s Spark is a social network that for spending cash. Available Tuesday for Amazon Prime members using the company’s iOS app, Spark is a Pinterest-like service that lets users upload images of themselves using products, or just products. Other users can then view those images and follow links to purchase the displayed items through Amazon.

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Yuri Milner: Online Spending Will Fuel World-Wide Growth

Massive growth in online spending will help fuel world-wide growth in the technology sector in the next decade, Yuri Milner, founder of DST Global, said at The Wall Street Journal’s D.Live Asia 2017 conference. WSJD


Father’s Day Spending Expected to Hit $15.5 Billion

It’s expected to be a record for spending on Dad this year.
According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insight & Analytics, spending is expected to hit $ 15.5 billion this year, the highest figure in the 15-year history of the survey. Last year, spending was $ 14.2 billion.
According to the survey, shoppers are expected to spend an average of $ 134.75 this year, up from last year’s $ 125.92. 
“It’s encouraging to see that consumers are spending on special occasions such as Father’s Day,” said Matthew Shay, president and chief executive officer of NRF. “This is a positive sign of strong consumer confidence heading into the second half of the year, and a good deal for all the dads who will reap the benefits.”
The survey found 27 percent of dads would love to receive a “gift of experience” for Father’s Day — and 25 percent of shoppers will fulfill that wish by buying their fathers tickets to a concert or a sporting event.
Gift cards are expected to account for $ 2.2 billion in spending, given by 43 percent, the same that will be spent on apparel. Consumer electronics will account for $ 1.8 billion, personal-care products such as a bottle of cologne will total $ 888

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Want to Know Exactly How the Government Is Spending Your Taxes?

Check out this new database.

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Spring Break ’17: Experiences, Apparel and Beauty Top Spending

Spring break is a rite of passage for college students to travel to far-flung locations, hang out on the beach, party until the wee hours and indulge in new outfits and accessories.
But in a survey conducted by College Fashionista of those college students planning a spring break trip, the most popular destination was New York.
Other destinations to which they were headed were California, the Caribbean, Mexico, Aruba, Europe, Maine, Texas, Japan, Jamaica and Texas.
College Fashionista surveyed 63 college students at campuses around the country, and 57 percent of them said they were planning to go away for spring break. Of those taking a trip, 77 percent said they were traveling within the U.S.
Students were polled from such universities as Central Michigan University, DePauw University, University of Oregon, Rutgers University, Kent State University, Temple University, Fordham University, University of South Florida, Tulane University, Fashion Institute of Technology, University of Mississippi, The George Washington University and Penn State University.
The students said their top reason for traveling was to explore a new city, followed by seeing friends, family and partying. Many said they were spending the same to significantly more than a year ago on their trips. The majority of the students surveyed said

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Spending Millions to Keep a Home Safe

Some high-end homeowners are installing James Bond-esque security measures to manage threats ranging from burglars and kidnappers to terror attacks and civil unrest. Lifestyle


The UK Is Spending Far Less on Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs

Wish we could say the same.

Lifestyle – Esquire


NHS England chief contradicts May over spending

Simon Stevens dismisses government claims the NHS is getting “more” money than asked for.
BBC News – Health

Rob Kardashian Reveals How He’s Spending the Last Days of Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Baby ShowerRobert Kardashian is almost officially a father!
In honor of the upcoming arrival of the E! reality star and Blac Chyna’s daughter, the engaged couple has taken over sister Kim…

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3 Signs You’re (Probably) Spending Too Much Money

Don’t let cash ruin everything around you.

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How to Maximize Your Swim Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

Have you looked through your swimsuits from last year and realized that you’re missing some tops and bottoms of your bikinis? Hey, it happens. That’s when mixing tops and bottoms from different suits comes in, but as you know from missing prints in other genres, it takes some skill.

We spoke to Gabby Sabharwal, designer of swimwear brand Giejo, who knows a thing or two about print mixing when it comes to swimwear. Her line was born out of a fruitless search for a swimsuit that she says “fit my personal style of mixing and matching print, textures, and silhouettes.” To help in the styling process, she shared with us her tips on swimwear print mixing, just in time for summer:


  1. Opposites Attract: “I love putting together unexpected combinations, like stripes and animal prints, or contrasting colors of the same print,” Sabharwal says.
  2. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone: :The beach is the one place where you can have fun!” she says. “Try a new color or vibrant prints—after all, all colors go with a healthy glow.”
  3. It’s All About Balance: “If you’re wearing a loud print, pair it with something more traditional, like stripes,” she adds. “For a large print, try mixing it with a micro print. The same applies for silhouettes: If you are wearing a high-waisted bottom, pair it with a more feminine top.

Want to shop more combinations of printed swimwear? Find some of our favorites here:

Giejo x Rebecca Taylor paisley swimlette top, $ 125,, and mixed boy brief, $ 105,

Striped French bikini top, $ 52,, and hipster bottom in liberty Santa Maria floral, $ 40,

Issy underwire top, $ 150,, and Ren hipster, $ 95,

Cropped rash guard, $ 28,, and classic swim bottom, $ 13,

Textured stripe bandeau top, $ 19,, and Lily tie-side bikini bottom, $ 15,

Keyhole string bikini top, $ 50,, and bottom, $ 45,

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Hungry in the Department Store? Your Spending May Rise

Study finds ravenous people tend to purchase more nonfood items Daily News
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How to Wear 2 Wedding Dresses Without Spending a Fortune

The bride doing a wardrobe change midparty is almost as common at modern weddings as, you know, swapping vows. But the cost of buying multiple wedding dresses can really add up. Here’s how the bride…

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America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams

America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams

Do you have too much month at the end of your money? Is your credit card screaming for relief? Are you tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul…whoever they are?Meet Steve and Annette Economides. They’ve been called cheapskates, thriftaholics, and tightwads, but in these tough economic times, Steve and Annette have managed to feed their family of seven on just 0 per month, pay off their first house in nine years and purchase a second, larger home, buy cars with cash, take wonderful vacations, and put money in savings. Without degrees in finance or six-figure salaries, Steve and Annette have created a comfortable, debt-free life for themselves and their children. In America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money, they show you how they did it-and how you can do it too.Steve and Annette share many down-to-earth principles and the simple spending plan that they have used since 1982. They have taught this economizing lifestyle to thousands of people worldwide through seminars and their newsletter, and they include lots of real-life stories to make you feel as if you’re having your own private coaching session. Not only will you find solutions to your financial dilemmas, you’ll also discover a whole new way of life.You don’t need to be a CPA or a math wizard to learn their revolutionary system, which will teach you: hundreds of ways to save money on everyday household expenses, including groceries, clothing, and health carehow to save in advance for major purchases such as homes, cars, and vacationshow to stop living paycheck to paycheckhow to eliminate debt . . . forever America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money puts meeting your financial goals-and living well at the same time-in reach for every family.

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Stop Spending Less and Start Saving More

Stop Spending Less and Start Saving More

Learn the secrets to getting electronics and appliances for 50% or even 80% off the regular price in your local mall or electronics store. It’s so easy, but surprisingly few people know how it’s done. Discounts at your local grocery store. Unbelievable savings almost everywhere you shop. This book is designed to show you how save large amounts of cash as you continue to spend money on your favorite items as usual. Do you like to get a new outfit, video games, movies and more every month? Great, keep doing that, I can teach you how to buy it for a lot less. You get to keep buying your favorite things each month, and you also get to pocket the savings you never knew you could get. It’s so much fun, and I think you’ll really enjoy the savings you’ll get after learning the secrets to saving big almost anywhere online, and at your local grocery store. You’ll also learn how to get over 20% off gasoline at the pump!

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