‘You’re Stupid If You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival

The Seattle giant’s cloud-computing business offers a look inside its model for expanding—even when it means moving in on allies’ turf. Some partners praise the unit’s chief for straddling the line between friend and competitor.
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‘You’re Stupid if You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival

The Seattle giant’s cloud-computing business offers a look inside its model for expanding—even when it means moving in on allies’ turf. Some partners praise the unit’s chief for straddling the line between friend and competitor.


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Trevor Noah Unloads On Gun Owners’ Stupid Accidents

Introducing… “A Series of Gunfortunate Events.”
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You'd be stupid to turn off Apple's iPhone performance limiter

You'd be stupid to turn off Apple's iPhone performance limiterApple will soon release an update that lets you turn off its performance limiter on the iPhone, but doing so will be a bad move.

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RelationShep Sneak Peek: Ouch, Shep Rose’s Date Admits He Looks “a Little” Stupid Riding a Horse!

 RelationShepIt may almost be winter, but things are heating up on Bravo. Ahead of some of the network’s big December premieres, including Vanderpump Rules, RelationShep and Top Chef, Bravo is airing a…

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Without Humans, Artificial Intelligence Is Pretty Stupid

Whether it’s winning at games like Go or keeping watch for Russian influence operations, the best AI-powered systems require humans to play an active role in their creation, tending and operation.


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Trevor Noah Responds To Trump Team’s Excuses: ‘This Is Honestly Stupid’

The Daily Show host believes the Trump team’s worst enemy is itself.
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Steve Carell Finally Took Ryan Gosling’s ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ Advice IRL

Whose mans is this?

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Chris Pratt Says His Blue-Collar America Remark Was ‘Pretty Stupid’

Anna Faris has been live-tweeting her life away this week, so maybe she noticed that her husband’s comments about diversity in Hollywood didn’t exactly go over well on social media. 

Earlier in the week, Chris Pratt told Men’s Fitness that Hollywood has a representation problem when it comes to blue-collar Americans, despite an Oscar season that highlighted the experience of working-class people (see: “Moonlight, “Manchester By The Sea” or “Fences”). 

“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” he said. “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

His comments immediately elicited a passionate response from tweeters who were quick to remind Pratt that not only are there a tons of movies about working-class white men, there are other and more pressing representational issues to focus on in Hollywood. 

Pratt apparently realized the error of his ways and took to social media on Friday to walk back his statements after the backlash. 

“That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I’ll own that,” he wrote on Friday. “There’s a ton of movies about blue-collar America.”

Celebrities, take note. Now this is how to take responsibility and apologize publicly.

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4 Stupid Myths About Dating In Your Twenties You Need To Stop Believing

For Glamour, by Suzannah Weiss.

If you believe the buzz about millennials—the group of people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century—you’ve probably heard the statement that we’re the generation that ruined dating. Supposedly, we’re constantly buried in our apps, we barely interact in person, and when we do, it’s just for casual hookups. Hell, we’ve even been credited with ushering in an actual dating apocalypse. But is there evidence to support these ideas, or have they just been drilled into us by the media?

Every year, the dating site Match surveys single Americans ages 18 and up to examine these kinds of beliefs about dating, sex, and love. And—surprise—a lot of them are totally off, according to the 5,509-person analysis. Here are some of the myths about twentysomethings that this year’s Singles in America survey will hopefully put to rest for good.

1. We're done with dating.

While it might seem like people have progressively come to prefer casual sex to dating, the majority of singles are either actively looking for a relationship (22 percent) or open to one if the opportunity presents itself (42 percent). Almost half of singles (41 percent) dated last year, and twentysomethings are the generation most likely to have done so. We’re also 30 percent more likely than other generations to want a relationship this year.

2. We're wasting our time with dating apps.

A lot of us have heard our friends (or ourselves) rant about how online dating doesn’t work and meeting through friends is so much easier. But the reality is, dating app users were four times more likely to date in 2016. In fact, dating apps were a more common means for meeting people, with 40 percent of actively dating singles getting their most recent first dates that way, rather than through mutual friends (only 24 percent). Complaining about Tinder will always be a favorite millennial pastime, and many of our complaints—like the creepy messages we receive—are totally valid. But the claim that it just doesn’t work is not.

3. We're having a ton of sex.

Compared with our parents’ generation, we’re 51 percent more likely to be totally uninterested in sex. (Confirming that finding, a study published last year found that people in their twenties and early thirties have less sex than baby boomers and Gen Xers.) We’re also, for whatever reason, 66 percent less into oral than other generations. And despite fearmongering about our generation’s penchant for empty promiscuity, we’re actually 40 percent more likely to believe emotional intimacy enhances sex.

4. Online dating is only for the most desperate among us.

Nowadays, online dating is the absolute norm. Most singles (53 percent) have made a profile at some point, and almost half (40 percent) have met a date online. This is especially true for millennials: Fifty-seven percent more millennials than people of other generations have created profiles, and 75 percent more than baby boomers have gone out with someone they met online. Dating apocalypse, be damned.

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s Son Thinks Acting Is ‘Stupid’

It doesn’t look like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris‘s son Jack will be following in his parents’ footsteps.

During an “Ask Me Anything” segment on Reddit, the 37-year-old actor admitted to fans that his little guy — who turned 4 in August — is less than impressed with his and his wife’s career choice.

“He knows i’m an actor,” Pratt wrote. “But he thinks it’s kind of stupid. haha! I suppose he’s right!!!” (Pratt had previously said that his son thought he was a firefighter, which led to the question.)

As the Q&A went on, Pratt said his favorite actress was his wife, who turned 40 last month. Faris was mentioned in another question, when a Reddit user wrote, “Anna Faris from Scary Movie(s) or Anna Faris from The House Bunny?”

“Wow. that’s a good question,” he responded. “like a kiss marry kill thing? trick question. I’d marry and kiss them all. And I did!!!”

He was also asked to compare his real-life self to a fan-favorite, his role of Andy Dwyer in NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

“Andy Dwyer is the personification of my comedic schtick,” he said. “I have been making people laugh with that clown for years and years. Way before I ever did Parks and Rec. He not all of me. But I AM all of him, if that makes any sense.”

As for what he misses most about the beloved show, Pratt said, “I miss the cast and crew. I miss my friends. I miss the commute. I miss the fact it was a steady gig, all comedy, and took me 7 minutes to get to work.”

He addressed his past weight gain, and said he started his career in L.A. in shape, but he was not given any opportunities to pursue improv or comedy.

“It wasn’t until I built a shlubby exterior, which stood in stark contrast to my inner confidence that people gave me room to play,” he said.

RELATED VIDEO: WATCH: Chris Pratt Is Taking Time Off From Filming for an Adorable Reason!

Pratt, who stars in the upcoming film Passengers, talked about what it was like working with Jennifer Lawrence.

“Jen is awesome,” he said of his latest costar. “She’s funny and cool. She’s refreshingly tough. She’s an amazing actor. It feels good to be around her.”

He even recalled one of his favorite moments starring alongside Lawrence.

“We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby and she screamed. high pitched. very feminine,” he said.

“Then she immediately looked over at me and said, ‘Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?’ and for the rest of the shoot i couldn’t convince anyone it wasn’t me. I just had to own it.”

 Passengers hits theaters on Dec. 21.


Fashion Deals Update:

This Stupid Rock Costs $85 At Nordstrom. Seriously.

In the latest sign that the rich should be eaten and the end is nigh, Nordstrom has apparently started selling a totally regular-looking rock for $ 85. 

Yes, in what is apparently not a joke but in fact real life, the department store is selling a rock in a little pouch for an amount that is frankly insulting to humans who spend their money on things like rent or food or, well, anything besides $ 85 rocks. 

Surely by now you must be wondering whether this is the sort of fake news that has infiltrated the internet and clouded our collective judgment. But no, it is not. This is the reality we live in now. And in the blurb attached to what is just, really, a rock, the creator of said rock doesn’t even pretend that there’s some specific purpose for it. Because again, it’s just a rock:

A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It’s up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast whipstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests. A traditional hardening process gives the leather a beautiful ombré effect. Like all Made Solid leather pieces, this one is cut, shaped, sewn and finished by hand in artist Peter Maxwell’s Los Angeles studio. Using vintage leatherworking tools and traditional saddle-stitching techniques, Maxwell aims to create beautiful designs that embody both simplicity and functionality, and that develop rich character and patina over time.

Made Solid, the “creator” of this “product,” states that most of the rocks are around 3 inches by 4.5 inches by 2 inches, but makes clear that “Each piece is unique and will vary slightly,” which makes sense. Because they are rocks.

Not able to afford an $ 85 rock? The wallet feeling a little light because of student debt, rent and food? Hey, don’t worry, because there’s another rock you can buy for just sixty five dollars

When historians look back on the year 2016, the year when the first real cracks in democratic capitalism began to show, will they mention the rock? Will they see it as a sign of a people searching for meaning in all the wrong places? Of a society that spread its collective wealth incorrectly? Or will they simply look the other way, face to the wind, as they shout into the ethers, “WHAT HAPPENED? HOW COULD THE GREATEST NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD SO QUICKLY CRUMBLE TO ITS KNEES?”

We don’t know yet. But for now, at least the shipping on this rock is free. And that’s pretty sick. 

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You Now Have Scientific Permission to Laugh at Stupid Videos

So tell your coworkers to stop glaring.​

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Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

Get this: Cronus liked to eat babies. Narcissus probably should have just learned to masturbate. Odin got construction discounts with bestiality. Isis had bad taste in jewelry. Ganesh was the very definition of an unplanned pregnancy. And Abraham was totally cool about stabbing his kid in the face. All our lives, we’ve been fed watered-down, PC versions of the classic myths. In reality, mythology is more screwed up than a schizophrenic shaman doing hits of unidentifiedwait, it all makes sense now. In Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, Cory O’Brien, creator of Myths RETOLD!, sets the stories straight. These are rude, crude, totally sacred texts told the way they were meant to be told: loudly, and with lots of four-letter words. Skeptical? Here are a few more gems to consider: Zeus once stuffed an unborn fetus inside his thigh to save its life after he exploded its mother by being too good in bed. The entire Egyptian universe was saved because Sekhmet just got too hammered to keep murdering everyone. The Hindu universe is run by a married couple who only stop murdering in order to throw sweet dance partieson the corpses of their enemies. The Norse goddess Freyja once consented to a four-dwarf gangbang in exchange for one shiny necklace. And there’s more dysfunctional goodness where that came from.
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Did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Break Up? Selena Gomez Calls the Rumors “Stupid”

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' relationship has been picture perfect since they started dating in March. (Literally—a photo of them together is one of the most-liked Instagrams ever.) From day one, their romance has given…

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I’m With Stupid: How Do You Fire a Pistol With Your Feet?

As you’ll no doubt agree if you’re a regular reader of this column, I’ve been rather wrapped up in myself the past couple of weeks. I’ve been yammering away so much about my play — which has two more showings, by the way — that I’ve totally neglected my important role as arbiter of what is and what is not stupid in today’s society.

So self-engrossed was I, in fact, that I completely missed a story so dumb it couldn’t not be a column. Here’s the 2-week-old headline from the Trenton, New Jersey, Trentonian, just so you know what we’re dealing with: “Weapon charge dismissed for man with no muscle control in arms.”

I know on the surface that seems innocuous enough, but perhaps we could let the man’s attorney sum it up in a more straightforward way. As she said, “Really? It took this long to dismiss a case against a guy who can’t use his arms? It’s beyond belief. It’s the tip of the iceberg, but shows you what’s wrong with this system.”

Here’s what happened: A year ago, a man from Salem, New Jersey, who couldn’t move his arms due to a spinal injury was riding in a car with three other men. The car was pulled over for a moving violation, and in the back seat police discovered a bottle of prescription codeine and a 9 mm handgun that had been stolen in Anchorage, Alaska, of all places.

No one would admit to ownership of the pistol or the codeine, so the police charged all four of the men, including the guy who couldn’t move his arms, with possession of an illegal gun. I’m going to assume the cops thought the guy planned to fire the gun with his toes, because I’m not sure how else he could have manipulated a firearm.

All of the other men in the car told police that the gun didn’t belong to the man with no arm control — a fact that I would think would seem obvious — but the cops weren’t buying it, and the guy ended up spending four months in jail before common sense and public outcry prevailed. The charges were eventually dropped due to “insufficient evidence,” and the man was set free.

I found the man’s attorney’s comments about the whole affair interesting, but I think I disagree with some of her points. For example, whereas she says, “It’s beyond belief,” I would argue that it is entirely within the realm of belief. In America today, we are governed and policed in such a cockamamie fashion that the only surprising part of the no-arm-control man’s story is that he isn’t going to spend the rest of his life in jail.

But you still have to wonder what the point was of arresting the guy, putting him through a costly legal process and then paying to keep him in prison for four months when he was clearly not guilty of the crime. What did that accomplish?

The easy answer is to say that it was just a stupid procedural hiccup and a waste of time and taxpayer money, but I think there could be a more nefarious reason behind the actions of the police and courts. This is purely speculation, mind you, but I think the state of New Jersey might have actually done it to save taxpayer money.

My theory, which is unsupported by any evidence or research, is based off another ridiculous story I just read, although the issue has apparently been around for years.

Did you guys know that many states have contracts with private prison operators that allow the prison operators to sue the states if the prisons don’t stay filled? So even if crime goes down, as it has in New Jersey, the state is still responsible for incarcerating enough people to fill privately-run prisons, otherwise it can be sued for millions of taxpayer dollars.

Is that the worst idea you’ve ever heard of or what? How on Earth could any state sign a contract like that? Just so you know, I have no idea if New Jersey has signed such a contract, but it would help explain why the guy who couldn’t use his arms spent four months in the hoosegow on a weapons charge.

The no-arm-control man’s story is certainly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bureaucratic stupidity, but I have to disagree with the attorney’s final point: It doesn’t begin to show all the things that are wrong with the system.

Todd Hartley’s prehensile toes are further proof of how little he has evolved from our simian forebears. To read more or leave a comment, please visit zerobudget.net.

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To Be Old And Wise You Must First Be Young And Stupid Wise Slogan T Shirt Womens Fitted

To Be Old And Wise You Must First Be Young And Stupid Wise Slogan T Shirt Womens Fitted

This item is also available in Men’s – please see our other listings. tdm-style clothing was created in the cultural quarter of Bristol – Stokes Croft. Surrounded by the coolest Street Art and inspired by various Banksy pieces, Stokes Croft has quickly become the go-to place for musicians and artists alike. Our designs call upon the style, art and bohemian culture, to bring you the freshest designs from the streets. Using local artists and supporting the local scene, you can be sure your garment is highly original and of the highest quality. Our T-Shirts are all printed to order using the latest in Direct to Garment printing technology. We print the ink pigment directly within the fabric of the shirt, which gives a superior quality print that that will withstand repeated washing but is soft to the touch and doesnt crack like many screen printed shirts do. Your T-Shirt will be manufactured expertly and with care in the UK and shipped to you rapidly with our no quibble satisfaction guarantee. We only use the latest, top of the range printing techniques and equipment, for the ultimate in long lasting design wear and only the highest quality of garments. All have a classic contemporary cut, ensuring you always look good. T-Shirt Selection info and size guides: Women’s Premium: Genuine Russell Brand J155F Slim T 100% Ring Spun Cotton (or equivalent) * Side seamed for a feminine shape. * Back neck tape. * Superior fine gauge knit fabric for excellent decoration results that last. Fabric: 100% ring spun cotton Weight: Colours: 145g/m2 White: 140 g/m3 Size Guide: XS – 8, S – 10, M – 12, L – 14, XL – 16 Machine washable, do not dry clean

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Unusually Stupid Celebrities

Unusually Stupid Celebrities

The Greeks honored Zeus, the Romans revered Juno, but modern civilization worships a different sort of god: Celebrity. Face it, we follow the stars’ every move, fashion choice, and deliciously dishy affairs. Now Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras, authors of Unusually Stupid Americans, pull the demanding divas, screwball stars, and celebu-twits off their pedestals-and prove it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to become famous. Cases in point: ? Courtney Love misses an important court date relating to “possession of a controlled substance” because she can’t find a professional bodyguard at the last minute. Mariah Carey’s entourage includes a skirt-from-touching-floor specialist, a towel hand-off person, and a professional drink holder/lifter. Cheap or frugal? Actor/director Kevin Costner scores a ,000 never-before-used Vera Wang wedding dress for his young bride for only ,000. Savvy traveler Paris Hilton concludes that all of Europe is, “like, French.” ? Mensa candidate and rocker Tommy Lee is pretty sure that Winston Churchill was president during the Civil War, that the numeric equivalent of pi is “the two-equals-MC-squared thing,” and that an isosceles triangle is “somewhere in Bermuda.” Feuds, faith, family, money, sex, tantrums, travel-no star-studded stone is left unturned. Filled with jaw-dropping anecdotes, quirky quotes, and special stupid-celebrity awards, Unusually Stupid Celebrities provides a red-faced glimpse of the red carpet.

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The Politics of Stupid

The Politics of Stupid

The Politics of Stupid takes on the food manufacturers, corrupt governments, and fitness/diet industries in an effort to teach women how to find the motivation to alter their lifestyles in search of well-being and weight loss.

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