Dior Amour: From the Supernatural to the Sublime

It’s a well-known fact that Christian Dior was a very superstitious man. The designer, who suffered from anxiety, was known to carry at all times a small cluster of talismans in his pocket: a lucky four-leaf clover, piece of wood, gold coin, star and two hearts. Those symbols inspired Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior Amour collection, which will be sold exclusively at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver and a dedicated pop-up shop at Holt’s store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, from Aug. 4 to Aug. 20.
In addition to the Canadian retailer, Dior Amour will be available on Aug. 4 in China, in time for the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day, the Qixi Festival, which is celebrated on Aug. 17.
The operative color at the dedicated spaces at the two Holt Renfrew locations is a deep, ripe red for fixtures, walls and furniture. Lest anyone forget what the theme is, framed hearts complete the decor.
Ready-to-wear, priced from $ 970, includes knit sweaters with heart symbols and others inscribed with J’aDior Amour; red Swiss dot skirts; and bomber jackets decorated with patches, such as a heart with the message “Open Your Heart” inside. Shoes, starting at $ 1,150, include high-heeled black sandals with a fringed

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Control Is Like a Supernatural Quantum Break

Yes, Remedy’s first multiplatform game since Max Payne 2 shares a lot in common with their ambitious 2016 cinematic action-adventure, Quantum Break. No, that’s not a bad thing. It’s most welcome, in fact, as it feels like a spiritual sequel, but with a tighter focus. Oh yeah, and supernatural powers too.

You play Jesse Faden (played by Quantum Break’s Courtney Hope), the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. She’s been promoted there in the wake of the death of the previous director, and with that promotion comes certain…abilities, which will be useful in defending against The Hiss, a strange force that has invaded our reality and corrupted Bureau workers. She can use telekinetic abilities like Shield, which pulls clocks off of walls and chunks of nearby columns and holds them in front of her defensively, as well as Launch, which does the same but turns that debris around as an offensive weapon (at one point later in the demo, Faden flung a forklift at a target). She can also levitate, which became more useful the longer my demo went because the physics-defying three-dimensional transitions that got more and more outlandish the deeper inside the Bureau headquarters Faden went — a space called The Oldest Place. And she even becomes the keeper of a nifty transforming pistol that only the Director can wield.

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NBC Orders Supernatural Drama Pilot From David Heyman’s Heyday Television

NBC has given out its second pilot order for the 2018-2019 season, this time to the drama “In Between Lives,” Variety has learned. The series would follow a mysterious young woman who reluctantly uses her gift of clairvoyance to help a veteran LAPD detective and a damaged ex-FBI outsider solve the most unnerving and challenging cases the […]



The Travelers III – A Sexy Supernatural Gay Shapeshifter M/M Novelette from Steam Books

The Travelers III – A Sexy Supernatural Gay Shapeshifter M/M Novelette from Steam Books

Two psychic Travelers. A recently transformed shapeshifter on the run. An innocent odd couple caught in the crossfire. All will come to a deadly rendezvous as two supernatural races rekindle their ancient rivalry and threaten to start a war in the Paris underground. WARNING: This 10,461-word novelette is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of hot gay sex, shapeshifter and psychic action in a multicultural setting, and may be too much for timid readers! BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot title “The New Convert” by Bernadette Russo~ DUSK NATION ~Humanity has no idea of the secret societies that surround them but remain in the shadow of the dusk: entire races of the supernatural coexist, and their dealings with each other as well as a select few humans range between blood lust. and sometimes just plain lust.

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Supernatural Wig

Supernatural Wig

Travel to another distant spiritual plane in this Supernatural wig. Ideal for a ghastly bride ensemble, zombie costume and more, this grey wig can be dressed up for a variety of situations.\nSize: Adult\nIncludes one adult wig\nMaterial: 100% Synthetic Fiber\n

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Horror and Horizons: Five Stories of Horror, Science Fiction, and the Supernatural

Horror and Horizons: Five Stories of Horror, Science Fiction, and the Supernatural

Buy five short stories for the price of three!A variety pack of short stories from S.E. Lee spanning a range of moods and genres from horror, literary fiction, to science fiction and the supernatural: a teen’s disgruntled bunker tale. A lost Roman legion in space revealed. Fate and three women, a cursed inheritance and two men. and seeking justice after death. Stories Included: One Last Look – Why did Johnny have to have a paranoid freak for a dad? While other kidsplay video games, Johnny is helping his dad build a bunker that no one’s ever going to need. until the day they do.A short story YA dystopia at a moment of crisis. The City in the Desert – Two mech-suited Space Marines encounter hostile fire on what is supposed to be an uninhabited planet. Will they survive attacks, capture, and a death by gladiatorial combat sentence, or will they disappear without a trace, and doom their shipmates, if not their entire civilization, to a certain death as well?A military science fiction adventure short story featuring a gladiatorial combat scene with mech suits. Fray – When lives unravel, who pays the price?Three women share their work, their lives, and their silence: the burden of power weighs heavy on them all.A literary fantasy short story. Spider-Cursed – Two cousins. One fortune. And one doesn’t want to share.A short supernatural thriller story. The Ghost Girl -When a ghost haunts the mountain getaway of a doctor recovering from a gunshot wound, he thinks he’s going crazy until he starts to dig deeper and finds the truth. Will he be able to find her body and the killer and bring the murderer to justice, or will the killer succeed in making the doctor the next victim?A short supernatural mystery story.

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‘Supernatural’: Sam And Dean Are Born-Again Virgins, But Dean Isn’t Very Good At It

While investigating a case on “Supernatural,” Sam and Dean signed a pledge to reclaim their virginity. They were doing it in an attempt to infiltrate a prayer group of other “virgins.” Several members had recently gone missing and the boys were looking for clues within the group. But at their first meeting, they were asked what made them want to be born-again virgins.

Sam gave a fairly straightforward answer, but Dean is too sexually charged. He couldn’t help but admit how great sex felt, and when he started talking about it in more intimate detail, the other women in the group started getting all hot and bothered. Sam had to rein in his brother before the meeting got completely derailed.

Dean’s story must have worked some magic, though. It wasn’t an hour later that he was bedding the teacher — a reformed porn star — and becoming victim to the Roman goddess Vesta along the way. At least this allowed Sam and Jody Mills to come to their rescue and take down the goddess.

The sexually charged “Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.
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