Are you sure you know the 2018 NFL season? Test yourself with our quiz

Think really hard. You probably know who won MVP, and you should know who won the Super Bowl. But now that the NFL season is over, what else do you remember? – NFL

This Roswell, New Mexico Reunion Sure Is Filled With Tension in Premiere Sneak Peek

Roswell, New MexicoIn a show with a premiere filled with awkward reunions, this one might just be the most awkward.
Roswell, New Mexico, the newest series from The CW, begins just before the 10 year high…

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A New Kind of Lender Secretly Tracks Your Car to Make Sure You Pay Up

In China, a new type of internet loan comes with a catch: lenders can track your car’s whereabouts and can seize it if you fail to make payments. WSJD


Clive Anderson: I’m not sure PM would be up for a comedy interview

“We’re weird with politicians, aren’t we? We decide on the most popular person, we vote them into office and then a day later we blame them for all the woes of the world.
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I made sure I charged into him – LeBron gets revenge on Doncic

LeBron James admitted he deliberately charged Luka Doncic during the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the Dallas Mavericks on Friday. Doncic stunned the Lakers superstar with a surprise double block in the early stages of the meeting at Staples Center. "He actually came out of nowhere to get the double block on me," James said of Doncic.

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Curry: ‘For sure’ I want to be Warrior for life

Stephen Curry, during an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week, said he wants to be a Warrior for life. “For sure I do,” Curry said. “This is home. This is where I want to be, for obvious reasons.” – NBA

How to make sure Russian hackers can’t attack your home router again

How to make sure Russian hackers can’t attack your home router againA new piece of Russian malware that can destroy consumers' routers has the FBI warning users to restart their devices. But that won't necessarily ensure that your router doesn't become reinfected.

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Instagram Star Menswear Dog Is Here to Make Sure your Summer Style Is in Check

His more than 354,000 Instagram followers know him as Menswear Dog, but to his owner Yena Kim he is simply Bodhi.

On Wednesday, the pair stopped by Express’ first-to-retail work concept store in Manhattan, a store designed to provide shoppers with versatile work and after-work looks, to speak on a panel about building your own brand and what role clothes can play in that project. 

Bodhi arrived dressed for the part, wearing the type of classic, yet fresh outfit that his fans have come to expect.

“Bodhi is wearing an Express shirt to showcase how versatile it can be. We are talking about career and style. I love Express because their items are very easy to style within your own wardrobe. So if you are someone that’s busy, you may not have two hours in a day to figure out your perfect outfit, but they make it so easy for you,” Kim said about how she and Bodhi make Express work for them.

It’s common for the Insta-famous pup to snag clothes from the men’s rack. Kim tells PEOPLE that she crafts many of the outfits that appear on Bodhi’s Instagram by restructuring men’s clothes to fit a dog or making custom looks herself.

“The good thing is he has a dedicated in-house tailor, which is me, so he can look amazing for any event ,” Kim says.

A former FIT student and Ralph Lauren employee, Kim has a fashion background that helped her naturally gravitate towards making clothes for Bodhi when he came into her life eight years ago.

Kim says that the Brooklyn-based canine “lit up” the first time she put clothes on him, and it’s been non-stop from there.

Shortly, after crafting her first outfits for Bodhi, Kim created an Instagram account for the pup, dubbing him Menswear Dog.

Can’t get enough of cats, dogs and other furry friends? Click here to get the cutest pet news and photos delivered directly to your inbox. 

During the years that Bodhi has been modeling, he and Kim have created a unique style for him, which she describes as “elevated classics mixed with vintage and some hype street items.”

If you are looking for some fashion cues from Bodhi, Kim says his favorite items are summer clothes and that you will never catch him wearing pants.

Though, that last one is probably a dog-only piece of advice.

Fashion Deals Update:

Books of The Times: Will Democracy Survive President Trump? Two New Books Aren’t So Sure

David Frum’s “Trumpocracy” takes aim at the president and those who empower him, and “How Democracies Die,” by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, reads at times like a sly subtweet of the Republican Party.
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Critic’s Notebook: You Know Your History? These Podcasts Aren’t So Sure

It seems every podcast company is starting its own counterintuitive take on history. But how effective are they at actually illuminating our past?
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Will Joe Biden Run in 2020? His Designer Daughter Ashley Sure Hopes So

A conversation with Livelihood founder Ashley Biden can’t help but turn to politics. Her former vice president father Joe provided the design inspiration for her contribution to the “Snoopy & Belle” exhibition that bows at Brookfield Place tonight.
After what she described as a sellout run with Gilt, Biden plans to roll out a holiday collection with retailers and online through her A relaunch for her site is planned for next month. Striving for economic equality, Biden said, “We focus a lot in this country on discussions of race which is very important to understand but I think we need to be united around socioeconomics and the inequities.”
As for whether Joe Biden will run for president in 2020, his daughter, who still works full-time in Philadelphia, said, “I hope so. He’s busier truly than ever. Right now his focus is on the [Biden] Foundation and Cancer Moonshot, as well as getting other Democrats elected. He’s not there. He’s taking it day by day after the loss of my dear beloved brother [Beau who died in 2015]…He’ll make a decision when that time comes,” she said. “It’s a little ways away. A lot can happen in four years and we know

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We’re Not Even Sure What To Say About These VMA After Party Looks

This collection of looks is a real mixed bag.
Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – HuffPost Style
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First Person: Sure, I Have Fashion Regrets. All the Best People Do.

Is obliviousness so wrong, especially in a world where so many are stuck on getting it just right? Aren’t we all secretly grateful for a sense of fun?
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The Most Talked-About Suit At The ESPYs Sure Was Something

“Conley dressed like a Nokia wallpaper option.”
Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – HuffPost Style
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Tony Voters Point to Tight Races and Sure Bets

We interviewed 67 voters about their ballots; it looks as if Kevin Kline will be picking up another award, and it seems like a close contest for best new musical.
NYT > Arts

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‘I’m Not Sure I Understand’—How Apple’s Siri Lost Her Mojo

Nimble competitors developed new voice-powered products for the digital home while Apple remained focused on its phone. Now the tech giant is trying to regain its edge. WSJD


‘I’m Not Sure I Understand’—How Apple’s Siri Lost Her Mojo

Nimble competitors developed new voice-powered products for the digital home while Apple remained focused on its phone. Now the tech giant is trying to regain its edge. US Business


One Sure Way to Annoy a Scientist

Call him or her the ‘father of … ’ or ‘mother of …’ an invention; just ask the mother of the Hubble and the father of cognitive behavioral therapy. Lifestyle


Ludacris Sure Had The Last Laugh Over Bill O’Reilly And Pepsi, Didn’t He?

Back in 2002, Bill O’Reilly asked his viewers to boycott Pepsi because the company was working with the hip-hop artist Ludacris.

“I’m calling for all responsible Americans to fight back and punish Pepsi for using a man who degrades women, who encourages substance abuse, and does all the things that hurt particularly the poor in our society,” the Fox News host said on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

It worked. Soon after O’Reilly’s call to arms, Pepsi pulled all of its ads featuring Ludacris and stopped working with him entirely ― for what reason is still difficult to discern.

Flash forward 15 years, and the situation not only seems particularly ridiculous, but just drips with irony. 

The beverage company recently found itself embroiled in yet another ad-related controversy. This time, however, the ad was actually offensive, making light of political protests depicting Kendall Jenner walking through a protest to deliver a can of Pepsi to a police officer and receive cheers all around. On April 5, Pepsi pulled the ad and apologized.

Just days earlier, on April 1, The New York Times published an investigation that found it was, in fact, O’Reilly who had been degrading women, not Ludacris. All told, Fox News and O’Reilly had paid out $ 13 million to five women because of his allegedly inappropriate behavior toward them, The Times found. 

The revelation would lead to calls for O’Reilly’s ouster at Fox News. Asked about the controversy a little over a week later, Ludacris only said that he hoped O’Reilly could learn from the controversy.

“It’s not my place to judge Bill O’Reilly the same way he judged me,” he said during an appearance on radio show “The Breakfast Club.” “I’m thriving in life right now. All I can do is hope that Bill O’Reilly settles these issues and learns from whatever mistakes he may have made ― and also thrives.”

“But,” he added, “it is definitely ironic that Pepsi and Bill O’Reilly are under fire right now.” 

O’Reilly was never able to settle his issues. On Wednesday, Fox News announced that “The O’Reilly Factor” host would not return to the network as a result of his treatment of women, leaving him with all the time in the world to go catch the No. 1 movie in America right now: “The Fate of the Furious,” featuring who else but Ludacris.

Ludacris appeared to subtly address the news Wednesday, just 30 minutes after it came out that O’Reilly was gone. 

Now, I ask you: If that’s not a cherry on top, what is?

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5 Skin Care Tips For Making Sure Your Melanin Flourishes This Spring

Spring has officially sprung!

And while many people are thinking about decluttering their space and breaking out sundresses and shorts, they may forget that their skin care regimen could use some spring cleaning, too.

Dermatologist Brooke A. Jackson, M.D., told The Huffington Post a few key things people of color should be doing to ensure our skin, our body’s largest organ, remains glowing and healthy through the seasonal changes. 

From sun protection to getting rid of discoloration, the North Carolina-based doctor has five necessary tips that keep your melanin on fleek this spring and summer.

1. Lighten up your routine

Just as you change your wardrobe, you should change your products. Put away the jars of heavy body butters and creams, and opt for something lighter, Jackson advises.

You start wearing shorts and T-shirts and so you should do the same with your products,” she said. “So generally we recommend in the winter time, you use a big jar of something you actually scoop. And in the spring and the summer, you can go a little bit lighter with something that has a little bit more lotion; like Vaseline Cocoa Radiant is a good choice because you still get the moisturizing effect because it’s got the micro droplets of Vaseline jelly and 100 percent pure cocoa butter in it but it’s not quite as heavy as some other jar products are.” 


2. Stay moisturized

We tend to do more activities that can dry out our skin in the summer, like going to the beach or taking a dip in the pool. Jackson told HuffPost that it’s important to moisturize afterward, especially after being exposed to chlorine, which is “very, very drying.”

In addition to lathering up in the morning, she said swimmers should rinse all of the saltwater or pool water off and use lotion. Jackson said this doesn’t just apply to people who swim but people with certain skin conditions as well. 

“Generally, I would say you should moisturize once to twice a day depending on what’s going on with you,” she said. “Certainly, if somebody has drier skin or if they’ve got eczema, they probably need a little bit more moisture and so two full moisturizing processes a day would be great … A lot of people during the spring and summer will probably do just fine with the once coming out of the shower in the morning.”

3. Go with your own glow

Despite the widespread myth, black people do need sunscreen. Jackson said this idea probably stemmed from people of color historically being excluded from certain medical research. 

“Historically we focused on sunburn and a direct correlation between sunburn and skin cancer and so therefore [the message was only] our fair-skinned counterparts get it,” she said. “That message has been loud and clear for many, many years but [there’s an assumption that] people who have darker skin tend not to burn.”

If you’re going to chase the sun, protect yourself, she said.

“I think it’s really important to make sure that we are all sun protecting ourselves because it is not out of the realm of possibilities that skin cancer will develop,” Jackson explained. “So going with your own glow, not actively seeking tanning at the beach or just going out for a run, just making sure that you’re sun protected.”

It also doesn’t hurt that sunscreen can help get rid of discoloration.

4. Remember less is more

One product that locks and seals moisture is better (and more practical) than a cabinet full of products that you hardly use. Jackson said people should pick a product that can do multiple things for you and stick to it. 

“Keep your regimen simple,” she said. 

5. When all else fails, see a doctor

Dermatologists have the answers specific to your skin that your favorite YouTube vlogger may not have. Jackson said many of the skin problems people of color face (discoloration, hyperpigmentation, etc.) can only be healed by getting to the root of the issue.

“I have a lot of patients who try everything under the kitchen sink and then with their girlfriends and everything on the internet and they don’t make an appointment with a dermatologist who can help them out in 10 minutes or less,” Jackson said. “Discoloration is a huge issue with skin of color and we get discoloration from any inflammatory condition, acne, eczema, etc., so again, a reason to make sure that you’re getting the treatment that you need to make sure that that is controlled is because 9 times out of 10, the number one complaint of patients with skin color is I want an even complexion and I want this discoloration to go away.”

Jackson also said since black dermatologists aren’t accessible to everyone, it’s important for people with melanin to ask if their dermatologist knows how to treat darker skin.

Now, go forth and prosper with a fresh glow to your skin.

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#WhiteHouseScentedCandles Prove That Something In There Sure Smells

Something foul has taken hold of the White House this year. Do you smell it? Can’t quite pinpoint the exact odor. 

So we let Twitter do it for us! For this week’s HuffPost Comedy hashtag game, we asked the Twitterverse to come up with names for #WhiteHouseScentedCandles.

Their olfactory systems couldn’t wait.

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The Next Big Thing in Music? Make Sure You Know Christina Grimmie

The first half of 2015 has been very good to 21-year-old Christina Grimmie. She recently won Macy's Rising Star iHeartRadio competition after returning from her first European headline tour, she'll open the iHeartRadio festival in…

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Still Not Sure What to Get Dad for Father’s Day? You Can’t Go Wrong With These Winning Grooming Gifts


This article was written by Ahmed Zambarakji and was originally published on AskMen.

Still waiting on that nod of validation from your dad? You could be waiting a long time… but with Father’s Day around the corner, there are countless ways to bribe him into bonding with you again with these great father’s day gift ideas. Express your gratitude with a luxury shaving set, a fine fragrance or one of the other straightforward, upmarket and dad-friendly grooming options we’ve picked out.

Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator by Molton Brown


Molton Brown’s guy-friendly — and, crucially, age-appropriate — bestseller gets a rethink in time for Father’s Day. The Bai Ji moisturizer now comes in three different versions (an ultra-light cream, an extra-rich cream and a as an anti-fatigue eye gel), all formulated without parabens. Better yet, go the extra mile and get one of the beautifully packaged gift sets for men.

$ 38.00 at

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Incense & Cedrat Cologne by Jo Malone


Jo Malone juxtaposes smoky incense with a luminous citrus accord to striking effect in this new release. Elegant and deeply sensual, this fragrance has an oriental air to it that won’t go unnoticed. In order to protect the Boswellia Sacra (Frankincense) tree, which has been harvested for incense for thousands of years, the brand employed a new technology called NaturePrint to capture the scent without harming the environment.

Available at

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Oliver Peoples Box Set by Byredo


Cooler (potentially younger) dads will already know about niche fragrance house Byredo and optical enthusiasts Oliver Peoples. The two brands have collaborated in a “synesthetic” project that demonstrates the influence of color on smell.

The new Oliver Peoples box set includes a pair of limited edition specs along with a bottle of Byredo’s new eau de parfum (also named Oliver Peoples — natch). The specs are available in three different photochromic lens colors including Indigo, Champagne and Green; the bottle will match the lens color you chose. The idea here is that the color you pick out will invariably have an effect on what you smell most in the multi-faceted fragrance. Weird but true. You may pick out anything from the juniper berries and Californian Lemon in the top of the fragrance to the musks, warm sand and patchouli that are deeper in the mix. And if the sensory illusion is completely lost on you, you can always buy the fragrance separately — it smells just as good without tinted specs.

Available at

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Collezione Barbiere by Acqua di Parma


Instantly upgrade his shaving ritual with Acqua di Parma’s Collezione Barbiere range, which now includes three new products. In addition to the existing creams and soaps is a lightly scented airless shaving gel, a revitalizing face serum and a hand-made razor that takes Gillette Proglide blades.

Available at

Further reading: 10 Ways You Can Get Your Career Back On Track After Becoming A Father

Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shaving Set by Czech & Speake


One for traditional dads and/or Anglophiles, this set from London institution Czech & Speake contains a travel-sized shaving brush, shaving soap and aftershave, scented with the brand’s signature lavender fragrance.

Available at

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Eau Sauvage Cologne by Christian Dior


Dior’s legendary fragrance for men is reinvented in cologne form for 2015. Fans of the 60s original will recognize the signature accord nestled at the core of a modernized composition that now features Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit and Vetiver. Not a radical departure from the original so much as a 21st century update.

$ 84.91 at

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Still unsure which grooming products are worth the investment? Sign him up for Birchbox, a personalized grooming service that delivers samples (plus one full-size product) of the latest and most popular grooming unguents straight to his door for a mere $ 20 per month. All the top men’s brands from Anthony to Zirh are on board, so you’re unlikely to ever lose out.

Starting at $ 20.00 at

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Good Father’s Day Gifts

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Skechers Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip On Shoes (Black) – 9.5 M

Skechers Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip On Shoes (Black) – 9.5 M

Look stylish during your work day in the Skechers Work Sure Track slip-ons. Smooth leather upper in a casual slip-on style Pull loop at heel provides easy on an off Fabric lining with a cushioning Memory Foam insole Part of Skechers Relaxed FIT line providing a roomier fit instant comfort and a wide toe area Shock absorbing FlexSole midsole Slip-resistant rubber outsole OSHA compliant outsole

Price: $
Sold by Famous Footwear

little book of indoor golf games 18 sure fire ways to improve your game at

little book of indoor golf games 18 sure fire ways to improve your game at

Very good Publisher overstock or return with minor shelfwear. May have remainder mark. Carefully inspected. Leaves our warehouse same or next business day. Most continental U.S. orders lead time 4-10 days. Thank you for your business.

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The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub

This bath tub is great for more than one stage of your baby’s growth. The Sure Comfort Deluxe newborn to Toddler tub provides convenience and security for your growing baby. The bath cradle holds newborns better and is machine washable. The infant bathtub at one end has a contoured backrest and seat, while the infant to toddler seat at the other end, has a upright back rest which supports a child sitting up. You might know Learning Curve better as an umbrella brand that designs and manufactures a range of age-specific brands for babies and children including: The First Years, Lamaze, John Deere Kids, Thomas & Friends and Bob the Builder. Learning Curve products help make caring for baby easier with safety, soothing and feeding products as well Learning Curve toys that help encourage Babys development from the very start. Products and toys from Learning Curve are educational in nature to help nurture infants and toddlers minds from the feeding stages to the playing stages of their lives. All items are researched and designed under the supervision of educators, child development authorities, parents and children. Learning Curve is committed to helping parents keep their children healthy, happy and safe with day-to-day solutions for mealtime, bedtime, at home and on-the-go. Since July 2007, Learning Curve has followed a Multi-Check Safety System to help assure parents that Learning Curve products are safe

Price: $
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“My Boyfriend Proposed, But I’m Not Sure If He Actually Wants to Marry Me”

Writes Save the Date reader Martina: My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years, living together for two. (He’s 35 and I’m 25.) Earlier this year, I said, “I want to be…

All Weddings

Girl's Best Friend -

Your 40 Day Guide to Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide and Wedding Planning Checklist That Will Make Sure You Plan the Perfect Weding in 40 Days Flat!

Your 40 Day Guide to Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide and Wedding Planning Checklist That Will Make Sure You Plan the Perfect Weding in 40 Days Flat!


Price: $
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Why I’m Absolutely Sure James Franco Is Straight

When I was at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), one of the most legendary campus rumors was that James Franco had once crashed a Halloween house party wearing a mask of his own face. According to the rumor, everyone at the party thought he was just another lame art-school bro, yet this masked Franco somehow coaxed a young woman into the master bedroom. In the middle of making love, Franco removed his James Franco mask, and, depending on whom you ask, either they both came simultaneously or she vomited all over him. I think both probably happened; Franco wields that kind of power. Rumors travel quickly and thrive in olde Savannah, so there is no telling the veracity of the story. It’s the kind of bizarre tale that art-school kids live for; however, I believe Franco spread the rumor himself.

James Franco attended the Savannah Film Festival every year that I was at SCAD. This festival attracts B-list celebrities looking for a fun paid vacation with great networking opportunities. Every year at the end of October, the Savannah Film Festival brings together disparate personalities like Ileana Douglas, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlie Rose, Ellen Burstyn, and a slew of other fabulous, famous folks who were quite genial and interesting to learn from. In exchange for showing a film and doling out advice to students, celebrities enjoyed a week of delicious Southern food and nightly open-bar afterparties. Since it was Halloween week, celebrities never suspected that the anime, furry, and steampunk costumes they saw on students were actually year-round fashion statements. Franco was always there, chatting up the cute girls, enjoying the munchies in the courtesy suite, and schmoozing with publicist-buddy Bobby Zarem.

During my senior year I had the honor of interviewing celebrities on camera for the film festival, and my first guest was going to be James Franco. Years of toiling in the student newspaper, radio, and TV station had paid off: I was finally a real-ish entertainment journalist! But I woke up the first day of my final Savannah Film Festival dreadfully ill. I had just recovered from from a bout of hangover-flu, and this morning I felt like a boa constrictor had taken hold of my chest. My first interview — of course the big one with James Franco — was scheduled that afternoon. I rushed to the doc-in-a-box, shallow-breathing all the way, desperate to be well enough for the rest of the week.

By noon I had a diagnosis (bronchitis), a prescription (inhaler and antibiotics), and just enough time to make it to set at 2 p.m. — drugged up and ready to meet James Franco. My producer, a beautiful British woman who looked like a walking Marc Jacobs mannequin, gave me a quick pep talk before I got under the lights. She’d interviewed Franco the last few years, and she said, “Whatever happens, don’t take it personally.” I took a hit of my steroid inhaler and hopped on my stool under the searing lights. Our production team wanted to be immediately ready for the celebrities when they showed up, so we sat and waited, ready to roll.

After two hours dehydrating on the hot set and no sign of Franco, I was ready to take another inhaler hit. Just as I popped up to grab it from offset, Franco and his entourage rolled in, and my producer barked at me to sit down and engage with the celebrity. Franco, so casual and loose with his friends, immediately changed demeanor when he sat in the hot seat. All traces of bro left Franco, and I realized I was talking to a very intelligent artist.

Franco spoke very seriously about his intentions as an actor, writer, and filmmaker; he explained how much thought and hard work can go into even an unpopular movie (like Good Time Max, the auteur piece he was hawking at the film festival). Franco gave shout-outs to all the folks in his professional network who had helped him achieve success, and he did so without seeming condescending. Even when I threw him softball questions, he answered with a serious eloquence rarely seen outside uptight stage actors.

About 90 seconds into our interview, Franco commented on my “positive energy” and said quietly, “Just kidding. You’re great.” I could barely breathe enough to get the questions out, and my energy was more deathly uninterested than positive. As the interview rolled on, I couldn’t help but feel completely insecure sitting next to James Franco. Despite all my desires to cast him as a no-nothing Hollywood lout, he proved immediately that he was a smart, hardworking artist. It was clear that he was dedicated to his craft, and he put a lot of thought and work into projects that nobodies like me wrote off.

For 10 minutes I felt like I was drowning on camera — gasping for just one breath of fresh air in this interview — while James Franco stood just out of my reach. He was far more intelligent than I’d expected, and I saw myself as another whiny kid he had to interact with as part of his professional duties. He achieved his success by continually improving his craft, building a self brand, and doing what it takes to get the job done. James Franco understood the power that he wielded with his bro image, and I knew he very likely could have crafted the masked-Franco-tryst story as a way to instill awe amongst art students like me.

Once we wrapped the interview and cut the lights, I ran for my inhaler. My producer came up, hugged the air out of me, and said I’d gotten “the best Franco interview we’ve ever filmed.” It was the worst interview of my life, and all I could think about was going home to pass out.

I stood there, extremely grateful to puff on my prescribed drugs, and Franco came up to shake my hand and thank me. He was not only professional but polite; I noted this as the trait of a successful artist. He said I’d given a great interview, and he wished me the best after graduation.

Franco took a beat before stepping out of the studio, and I saw the face of the professional artist wash away. Bro Franco was back and ready to be unleashed into the world. Before he left, he turned back to me to ask me one question: “Where can I find some good fried chicken and pussy?”

Neither was my delicacy. I shrugged and said, “Paula Deen’s or the gas station by the housing projects.”

Either one would do.


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We’re Pretty Sure These Famous People Are Aliens

Today happens to be World UFO Day, so forgive us if we seem a little more alert than usual about who walking among us may or may not be… of this world. We’ve quietly been collecting our evidence, and feel pretty confident in questioning the origins of the following “people.”

Ryan Seacrest: Definitely An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: The man has like 20 jobs. When does he sleep? Or even worse, binge-watch a TV show?

2. He just signed a deal with CBS, so now he’ll have hosting gigs on all 4 major networks. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be seeing a lot of Seacrest. Evil master plan much?

3. The man lives off Crest White Strips. Stare too long and he’ll blind you with his smile.


4. Fellow aliens Brad and Angelina refuse to acknowledge his existence, because the number one rule of alien life is to not talk about alien life.


5. 500 episodes of American Idol later and he still hasn’t grown tired of screechy renditions of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” He must be an alien.

Kelly Lin

Chris Harrison: Probably An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. He lacks the cognitive dissonance an actual human would experience from explaining how the exploitation of people’s emotions for commercial and personal profit is really about finding the One.

2. He convinces otherwise sane contestants that it’s not only possible, but probable, that they will find true love in a group of 25 people who are hand-picked to cause trouble.

3. His buoyant mannerisms and weird elocution are a little too…deliberate? Practiced?

4. Real humans can’t compete on Chris Harrison’s level of professional amiability.

5. Every week, when there’s only one rose left and everyone in the room is fixated on it, Chris Harrison steps out from the shadows and tells everyone there’s one rose left. He’s done this for almost 20 years.

Katherine Rea

James Franco: 100% An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. This photo from James Franco’s Instagram:

2. This photo from James Franco’s Instagram:

3. This photo from James Franco’s Instagram:

4. This photo from James Franco’s Instagram:

5. This photo from James Franco’s Instagram:

And what better cover than playing a character called “Alien?”

Naivasha Dean

Stephen Colbert: Almost Certainly An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. Extreme Intelligence: A recent report showed that viewers of The Colbert Report are more well-informed about political and social issues than viewers of “legitimate” news programs on ABC or CNN. Most alien experts agree that our interplanetary friends have a level of intelligence far beyond human capabilities. Of course, this could also mean that regular Colbert Report viewers are being groomed for abduction, but hey, at least we know that the alien anal probers from Colbert’s species will be well-informed on the process.

2. Superhuman Physical Abilities: The ability to arch only one eyebrow has long been considered an extraterrestrial trait by those of us “two-browers.” The single-brow arch is clearly a genetic mutation of out-of-this-world proportions. We’re looking at you, too, Chris Hardwick.

3. Immunity From Human Disease: Think about it. Have you EVER seen Colbert get sick? Ever? What kind of “regular” human being can consume Bud Light Lime on a regular basis on air and still not get sick?

4. Love of Space: In 2009, Colbert started a public campaign urging his viewers to vote for the new treadmill on the International Space Station to be named after him. Colbert won in a landslide. The real question is: Why was this campaign so important to him? Is it a message to his extraterrestrial cohorts that he’s officially “in control” of the human race and ready for the overlords to move in?

5. Focused on Global Domination: Most human comedians would be more than happy to live out their days on a mega-hit show on basic cable. But Stephen Colbert is making the jump from his cushy Comedy Central spot to the highly precarious network late night battle. Why? Because he desires complete global domination for himself and his kind — and basic cable just doesn’t have that kind of distribution.

Liz Brown

January Jones: Definitely An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. From Betty Draper to Emma Frost, she has the ability to play every character
with perfect woodenness every time — and get away with it. This is a superb kind of mind control.

2. Is she emotionally and intellectually distant or is she just having trouble connecting with a different species?

3. She has a baby, but no one really knows where “he” came from.

4. She is way too gorgeous for her own good. She could be an alien that took over Grace Kelly’s body.

5. She’s suspiciously enthusiastic about eating her own placenta.

Sheila Dichoso

Stephen Amell: Probably An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. His face is oddly, perfectly symmetrical.


2. No real human enjoys the kind of workouts he participates in regularly.


3. He’s a little too comfortable lurking around in a cape.

4. He’s a little too savvy with social media for your average celeb.

5. Have you seen his abs?

Raef Harrison

Heidi Klum: A Very Pretty Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. No human should be able to maneuver so gracefully with those endlessly long limbs.

2. She still looks flawless in her 40s (well, in human years.)

3. Her scientifically immeasurable ratio of sexy to cute.

4. When she says “auf wiedersehen” you know she’s talking to her people on her home planet.

5. Whether “you’re in or you’re out,” she’s certainly out of this world.

Note: On her home planet, she’s barely considered an 8.

Richard Ogawa

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Yup, An Alien
Consider the Evidence:

1. He is waaaaay too well-adjusted to have been an actual child actor.

2. Perfect lip synching to Nicki Minaj? Definitely some other-worldly abilities going on there.


3. He collaborates with actual unknowns. In Hollywood. Real famous people don’t do that.

4. No human actor could so successfully go method for “David After Dentist.”


5. His best-known TV role was an alien. What better disguise than to hide in plain sight?

Kristin Knox

David Lynch: Are You Kidding? Alien.
Consider the Evidence:

1. Mr. Lynch’s comic instincts and timing are “real good.” As though he has been watching from afar for a long time.


2. His signature cup of coffee: It’s organic. Fairly traded. And delicious. So good, it’s hard to believe it comes from Earth.


3. His perfect hair. It controls the weather. But can hair that controls the weather and defies gravity be from Earth? No — Earth hair must choose one or the other.


4. His debut feature film, Eraserhead. The baby in the movie looks like the alien version of E.T. That’s because, unlike E.T. (who was actually born to tax-payers in Cleveland), this baby’s daddy doesn’t call Earth his home.


5. HIs hit television series, Twin Peaks. Its popularity. Its coffee. Its pie. As agent Dale Cooper might say, “Diane, this cultural phenomenon begs a profound existential question. Is Mr. Lynch the alien? Or are we? In other words, is the space out there? Or in here?” He might say that, but he didn’t. Because the answer is obvious. Mr. Lynch is an alien. And space is a conspiracy.

Christopher Rowe
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Make Sure You Have These Money Talks Before Saying ‘I Do’

By Holly Kylen for Bridal Guide

Put yourselves on the right financial path with these tips from ING wedding finance expert Holly Kylen.

Don’t dodge the debt

Make sure all the financial skeletons come out of the closet before the big day — discuss school loans, credit card debts and other prior obligations (child support or private loans). As uncomfortable as this topic might seem, you don’t want any unexpected surprises when it comes to debt obligations. Your debt — and your partner’s — impacts not just your collective bottom line, but also your ability to jointly make financial commitments, like buying a first home.

Take a financial inventory

Now is the time to have a heart-to-heart with your future spouse about his financial past, present and future. Talk about retirement and other savings, whether you have wills that need to be updated and work benefits such as retirement accounts, health and life insurance and disability benefits. Explore whether you can save money by going on each other’s health insurance after marriage and consider whether you may need disability insurance to protect your paycheck if one of you becomes disabled and can’t work. Also ensure you are both contributing enough to your workplace retirement plans to take advantage of the employer match.

Play detective

Take notice of whether your future spouse spends money frivolously, frugally or somewhere in between. Dinners out, expensive vacations and buying the latest “it” item can reveal a careless approach to money. On the other hand, your partner might be frugal, ordering the cheapest item on the menu or splitting the bills down to the penny. Turn the microscope on yourself as well to identify your money personality. Tuning into these clues can help you set realistic expectations for yourself and your partner.

Create a support network

Your financial inventory should also include financial professionals who can support you as a couple in working toward achieving your financial and retirement goals. If you already work with an accountant, attorney and/or financial advisor, make sure your partner also establishes a relationship with them — and vice versa. If neither you nor your spouse has ever consulted with a financial advisor, now is the perfect time to find one together.

Look ahead to the retirement horizon

Growing old might seem like it is years away, but planning for retirement doesn’t happen overnight. If you and your fiancé are already saving for retirement through an employer-sponsored retirement plan or individual retirement account (IRA), you are off to a great start. If not, you may want to consider getting started saving for retirement and set up automatic deductions from your checking account or paycheck directly into a retirement account. This is also an opportunity to talk about your collective budget and make sure retirement savings is a shared priority.

Think about ’til death do us part

It may be in the marriage vows, but “death” is not something any bride wants to consider before marriage. That said, marriage is a major event that entails joining you for life with someone else. Protect each other through life insurance and update your beneficiary information on financial and retirement accounts.

Establish your roles

You don’t have to figure this out right away, but start to talk about how the two of you are going to divide household finances. Perhaps you pay the monthly bills and day-to-day expenses, while your spouse handles the insurance and retirement savings, or vice versa. Figure out each other’s strengths and natural abilities and play to those in how you divide up the financial responsibilities. 

Be each other’s biggest cheerleader

Make sure you are each other’s biggest support when it comes to making financial decisions. Confide in each other and offer constructive advice. If the financial inventory uncovers debts or other financial challenges, figure out how to tackle the issues together as a team. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes, too. Promotions, raises and reaching financial and retirement goals are milestones that deserve recognition.

Holly Kylen is an ING Retirement Coach and financial advisor at ING Financial Partners, where she developed a Retirement Planning for Women seminar. She also serves on ING’s Women’s Advisory Network Board.

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What Justin Timberlake Knows for Sure About Hard Work – Oprah’s Master Class – OWN

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Justin Timberlake’s parents told him when he was growing up to put 115 percent toward anything worth doing. Watch as the Grammy winner reflects on that lesson and explains why hard work up front brings the best rewards in the end.

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