Geoffrey Rush wins defamation case against Australian tabloid

Actor Geoffrey Rush has been awarded damages of A$ 850,000 (£465,000) after a court ruled a Sydney newspaper publisher defamed him by saying he behaved inappropriately towards a co-star in a production of King Lear.
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Jeff Bezos’s Journey From Private Family Man to Tabloid Sensation

The Amazon CEO cultivated a persona of the billionaire who did dishes, until his company moved into Hollywood. There, he took on the trappings of a very different lifestyle, where people and events are much harder to control. WSJD


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Accuses Tabloid of Attempted Blackmail

Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and founder of Inc., accused National Enquirer-parent American Media Inc. of trying to blackmail him. US Business


Ashton Kutcher Disses Tabloid For Suggesting He Was Cheating On Mila Kunis

“These magazines lack integrity.”
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How Debbie Reynolds And Elizabeth Taylor’s Tabloid Scandal Almost Destroyed Their Friendship

Debbie Reynolds is best known as the song-and-dance whiz who dazzled us in “Singin’ on the Rain,” “The Tender Trap” and “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” The woman never stopped working. New generations were introduced to her through “Will & Grace,” “Halloweentown,” “Behind the Candelabra” and a wealth of other roles.

Reynolds, who died Wednesday at age 84, was also a gossip fixture thanks to her friendship with the high priestess of the tabloids, Elizabeth Taylor. The actresses became fast friends circa 1950 when they met at MGM, the studio responsible for releasing many of Reynolds’ most famous musicals. By that point, Taylor had become an established teen star, thanks to breakthrough roles in “National Velvet,” “A Date with Judy” and “Father of the Bride.”

“We went to school together on the lot, when she was in between films,” Reynolds reportedly told People magazine in 2015. “I was just a beginner, and she and I were not in any manner alike, but we got along very well because I was in awe of going to school with Elizabeth Taylor. And if anyone said they weren’t, then they were lying. Or blind.”

Taylor and Reynolds shared something else in common: They both had famous husbands. In fact, they were Old Hollywood’s primo glamour couples. Reynolds married singer Eddie Fisher in 1955, and they had two children ― son Todd Fisher and daughter Carrie Fisher, who also died this week. Taylor began her third marriage, to producer Mike Todd, in 1957. Fisher was Todd’s best man, and Reynolds was Taylor’s matron of honor. 

As the legend goes, everything went swimmingly for both couples ― until Todd’s private plane crashed in 1958. The producer died, and Fisher found himself comforting Todd’s widow, so much so that Taylor took a liking to him. She snatched him away from Reynolds, and the love triangle became a national sensation. Fisher and Taylor married in 1959, leaving Reynolds to raise her two children as a single mother. In 1964, Taylor left Fisher for her fifth husband, “Cleopatra” co-star Richard Burton. (Reynolds also remarried, in 1960.)

“I was the last to find out about the affair,” Reynolds told The Daily Mail in 2010. “There had been hints in the papers and I had noticed that when I turned up at functions or parties on my own my friends were whispering. Although I didn’t want to find out the truth, I had to face up to it. Even so, it was a great shock to find them together. It left me shattered.”

Reynolds also told The Daily Mail she was a virgin upon marrying Fisher. Raised in a strict religious household, she didn’t believe in divorce. But Taylor and Fisher told Reynolds she was “keeping them and true love apart,” so she backed down.

Taylor and Reynolds patched things up in 1966 when they encountered each other on the same ocean liner. “So I sent a note to her room and she sent a note back to mine saying that we should have dinner and get this over with and have a good time,” Reynolds told PopEater in 2011, according to The Hollywood Reporter

In 2001, they co-starred with Shirley MacLaine and Joan Collins in the television movie “These Old Broads,” co-written by Carrie Fisher. 

See photos of the four Hollywood legends’ lives below:

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Celebrities’ Most Wanted(TM): The Top 10 Book of Lavish Lifestyles, Tabloid Tidbits, and Other Superstar Oddities

Celebrities’ Most Wanted(TM): The Top 10 Book of Lavish Lifestyles, Tabloid Tidbits, and Other Superstar Oddities

Team Aniston or Team Jolie? Whether you have admittedly chosen a side, chances are you know the feud these slogans reference and perhaps even remember where you were when news of the Aniston-Pitt split broke. Over the past three decades, buzz over the rich and famous has exploded, thanks in part to refined technology, well-oiled media outlets, and a dedicated few who have greased up their own laptops to challenge the tabloid giants (think Perez Hilton). Much to their chagrin, or so they say, celebrities have become all the rage, lending to their adoring, or simply inquisitive, public not only a glamorous escapism but also the reality that even megastars suffer fault.Marjorie Hallenbeck-Huber fills you in on the juiciest bits to hit the celebrity gossip circuit over the past three decades. Read about the most bizarre hookups (Lance Armstrong and an Olsen twin, anyone?); marriages that lasted a Hollywood second, or fifty-five hours in the case of Britney Spears; celebrity baby names, like Heavenly Hiranni Tiger Lily, that even the creative teams at Crayola could not dream up; diet tricks and training regimens that guarantee a camera-ready body; “it” travel destinations where celebs go to laze under the sun-or to do good; and infamous crack-ups that surely sent publicists into a damage-control frenzy. Did we forget to mention sex tapes?Celebrities’ Most WantedT grants you access to the fascinating world of the rich and famous, where Red Carpet is a
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Caitlyn Jenner Ends Kardashian Tabloid Tyranny


Congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner on coming out as a transgender woman. Who wouldn’t applaud such bravery in the public eye? But I am applauding for a different reason.

When Jenner announced to Diane Sawyer that he was in the process of transforming into a woman, he single-handedly threw the Kardashians off the covers of the tabloids. As someone who spends a considerable amount of time waiting in line to pay for groceries, I wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces on the tabloid covers, but at the very least, I’d like to see anyone other than a Kardashian. So, God bless you, Caitlyn. You are such a breath of fresh air. And you are very brave. You are not only brave for making your transition in a very public way, but you are most brave for one-upping the Kardashian media machine.

You are the big story now. The big kahuna. And there isn’t a real or fabricated story the Kardashians can come up with to knock you off the pedestal. That must be difficult for them in these trying times. Of course they will need counseling to help them cope with the loss of attention. They will need to share their feelings of loss and inadequacy with each other. They will also need to cry and whine and fight with each other, because your story has impacted their lives in so many ways, including but not limited to fewer tabloid covers for them.

Few of us probably realize how difficult it is to wake up one day and find that people are no longer pondering whether your butt is real or fake. Or whether you will ever get pregnant again. Or what compass direction you will name your next child after. It must be upsetting to walk past a newsstand and not see your picture looking out at the passersby. You must be sad when all of a sudden the paparazzi don’t show up at the restaurant even after you’ve called them to inform them of your whereabouts.

But now that Caitlyn has graced the cover of Vanity Fair, the complete takeover of the checkout aisle is almost complete. It’ll be a Kardashian-free zone for a few weeks. Fists in the air! Viva La Revolucion! Who’s with me?

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What Tabloid Headlines Would Look Like Without The Sexism

Magazine tabloids tend to treat women like zoo animals instead of people.

Created by college students Erin Valentine and Ashley McGetrick, a new project called “Breaking News: Deconstructing Entertainment Journalism” highlights the rampant sexism in entertainment media by revealing what headlines would look like if tabloids treated female celebrities like real people.


Click here to enlarge image.

The two seniors at Elon University created the project for their capstone course on women and gender in the media.

“By translating these headlines to be more feminist-friendly, we hoped to call out sexist and unequal cultural influences, especially of celebrities, in the media,” Valentine told The Huffington Post. “Sensationalized tabloid media preys on the female body and an idealized version of ‘womanhood.'”

Headlines involving female celebrities are notorious for objectifying women, Valentine said. From shaming women who go makeup-free to criticizing women for wearing gym clothes, tabloids subject women to a lot of sexism that men rarely experience.

“Whether in line at the grocery store, scrolling through Facebook or flipping through television channels, it is hard to miss headlines worshiping, critiquing or questioning the physiques and lifestyles of female public figures,” Valentine said. “While seemingly harmless, these hyped up headlines attack more than just the people pictured.”

It’s not only the headlines that are implicitly sexist, but the stories written about these female celebrities. Instead of writing about how hard-working Blake Lively is when she attends dozens of events in one day, stories are written about how many outfits she wore.

Valentine noted that consumers do have an impact on these headlines. “They should also acknowledge that they have the power to push back as viewers and as the audience to encourage more feminist-friendly entertainment journalism,” she said.

Check out some of Valentine’s and McGetrick’s feminist-friendly headlines below.

Head over to Valentine’s and McGetrick’s project website to read more.

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