Will Cardi B Be Teaching J.Lo Stripper Moves for "Hustlers"?

Okurrr! The former pole dancer teases her new "spicy" role in the upcoming film "Hustlers" starring J.Lo and confirms she still got a few tricks up her sleeve.
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‘Professor Cope’: NFL linebacker’s offseason job? Teaching ‘Life 101’

Brandon Copeland wanted to give college students practical financial information that would have aided him, so he helped create a class at his alma mater.
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Robot arms are now teaching each other how to work

Robot arms are now teaching each other how to workIn “robots are taking over the world” news… This robot arm made by RightHand Robotics is teaching other robot arms how to pick up objects. The multifingered gripper was built with an extending suction tool in the middle and a camera that’s able to analyze objects to help determine the best way to pick them up and hold them. Images are processed by an algorithm that will then help other robot arms learn what to do. This new skill will help factories and fulfillment centers like Amazon’s to fill orders more efficiently. …

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A Word With: Steve Martin on Teaching You (and Himself) How to Be a Comedian

Mr. Martin takes a rare, retrospective dive into his stand-up career to find lessons for aspiring comics and reflect on what he’s learned.
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Kap Study on Oral Health at Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital-Sudan

Kap Study on Oral Health at Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital-Sudan

Used – The design of the study was a facility based cross sectional investigation, in which a sample of children attended the paedodontics clinic at KTDH were examined and their guardians(Father/Mother) were interviewed. The objectives of the study was: (1) To assess the awareness of parents towards the oral health care in comparison with the actual oral health status of their children.(2) To determine the association between the socioeconomic educational and occupation factors of guardians and

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Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises

Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises

Preview using Google Book SearchThis easy-to-follow, full-colour guide was created for instructors teaching plant structure at the high school, college, and university levels. It benefits from the experience of the authors, who in teaching plant anatomy over many years, came to realize that students learn best by preparing their own microscope slides from fresh plant samples. The exercises contained in this book have been tested, require minimal supplies and equipment, and use plants that are readily available. Detailed instructions are given for sectioning and staining of plant material. The book contains a glossary of terms, an index, and a list of suppliers of materials required. A CD-ROM of all the illustrations is included for easy downloading into PowerPoint presentations.Although a number of new plant anatomy texts have been published in recent years, none is as innovative, exciting and user-friendly as Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises by Peterson, Peterson and Melville. What makes this book so usable from high school biology courses on through to upper level university plant structure labs is the wealth of experience that the authors have incorporated into this comprehensive clearly illustrated text. Using mostly photomicrographs of hand sections and wonderfully clear colour illustrations, they cover all aspects of plant structure from organelles to organs. The book also outlines some easy to use techniques, such as hand sections and clearings and macerations, which will certainly be very useful for any plant related lab. This book really does bring plant anatomy to life and will be a must for any course that deals with plant structure even if it''s just to prepare plant material for molecular techniques. An excellent contribution to any botanical teaching where you want your students to get a hands-on approach to the subject….Dr. Usher Posluszny, University of Guelph
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Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide

Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide

Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching provides educators with easy and practical ways of using games to support student engagement and learning. Despite growing interest in digital game-based learning and teaching, until now most teachers have lacked the resources or technical knowledge to create games that meet their needs. The only realistic option for many has been to use existing games which too often are out of step with curriculum goals, difficult to integrate, and require high-end technology. Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching offers a comprehensive solution, presenting five principles for games that can be embedded into traditional or online learning environments to enhance student engagement and interactivity. Extensive case studies explore specific academic perspectives, and featured insights from professional game designers show how educational games can be designed using readily accessible, low-end technologies, providing an explicit link between theory and practice. Practical in nature, the book has a sound theoretical base that draws from a range of international literature and research.

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Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Are Teaching Their Toddler The Ways Of Westeros

It’s no secret that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard love “Game of Thrones.” Like, really love “Game of Thrones.”

Now it seems their love for all things Westeros is rubbing of on their daughter. In an interview with People, the couple revealed that their 2-year-old daughter Lincoln has picked up the GOT lingo.

“Our oldest one is talking a lot now, and obviously the things that she parrots are hilarious,” Shepard said. “We’re big ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, so we’ve trained her to say, ‘Winter is coming.’ And ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’ These are catchphrases of hers. You know, standard stuff like that.”

Shepard said that Lincoln’s mom also likes to dress the toddler up in a Jon Snow outfit. “I got her a pretty cool chainmail suit with a big sword and a hood and a nice sort of felted, fake-fur knight-watch cape,” Bell said, adding that she had her costume-clad daughter stand on her castle-shaped jungle gym in the outfit.

“She didn’t understand a lick of it, but it really made me happy.”

Someday little Lincoln will understand.

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Teaching Technologies in Nursing and the Health Professions

Teaching Technologies in Nursing and the Health Professions

Suitable for faculty in the healthcare professions (especially in nursing), this text focuses on how to incorporate the broad range of teaching technologies that go beyond teaching online courses and the use of patient simulators into online, classroom, and clinical teaching.

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He Risked His Teaching Job to Support the Civil Rights Marchers | #Selma50 | Oprah Winfrey Network

Booker T. Booker was a principal at a local elementary school when the history-making civil rights marches from Selma, Alabama, to the state capitol in Montgomery began. He was also completing his degree at Alabama State University and driving the 50 miles from Selma, Alabama to the school every night, while smuggling in teachers, students, farmers and anyone else who wanted to join the movement. Booker says that no one was safe, particularly those who worked for the county.

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A month-long celebration in January honoring civil rights legends who paved the way as we approach the 50th anniversary of the historic Selma to Montgomery marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that changed the trajectory of America forever.

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Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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He Risked His Teaching Job to Support the Civil Rights Marchers | #Selma50 | Oprah Winfrey Network
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3 Things Teaching Yoga Taught Me About Business

Practicing and teaching yoga taught me a lot about business. The uncanny parallels and lessons between the two is what I’m sharing today. Here are some potent lessons for your business that I first discovered via practicing and then teaching Yoga for almost a decade.

1. When you first start teaching you teach based on what you were taught. You don’t fully understand what it means to teach “your” version of yoga.

Many newbie teachers or teachers who haven’t yet made the teachings their own will rattle off the same phrases and instruction that their teacher taught them or that they read in their yoga training course.

The reason for this is they haven’t yet developed a complete understanding of the poses and the practice where they are ready to ditch the script and teach from their own experience. It takes time to truly see your students, and to develop a deep understanding of how the poses work and what they are meant to do.

It takes time and practice to truly see your students, and to recognize a hallmark lesson of teaching the poses from a deep consideration that “form follows function” (Something I first heard from Matthew Cohen, and if you’re lucky enough to live in Santa Monica you need to go to his class!)

The basic idea is that function is priority. The actual shape of the pose and what it looks like is secondary. But that means you need to deeply understand what they pose is there to do (deep knowledge) versus just parroting what the yoga text book says, or what a teacher taught you, or what the poses looks like (shallow understanding). And like anything in life it takes time to gather depth of knowledge.

The same thing happens in business: At first you’re taught a certain structure or template. You’re told all these business rules, and so you follow the rules. But with time and depth of experience you start to realize that in order to make your business your own, you need to ditch the rules, consult with your own inner CEO and make your own decisions.

This comes with time, depth of experience, and a willingness to be curious, open to learning and growth. And of course, to never ever follow a guru-mentality where some so-called “expert” or “though leader” says “Follow me, I have all the answers.”

2. In yoga, to become a teacher and to get a registration you need to do a minimum of a 200-hour yoga teacher training. This is a foundational course. What happens after this course is many people feel “not ready” to start teaching.

They start to feel that if they only did one more training, or one more workshop they’d be ready.

But the truth is you’ll never be ready if you don’t go out there, put yourself on the line and teach your first class.

I’ll never forget the first time my phone rang, a gym I applied to calling me last minute to sub a yoga class that night — a few hours away! My initial reaction was to make up some excuse of why I couldn’t do it. But thank god I said yes.

Was I ready? Well, not really, but I did it anyways, and you know what? I remember it being the time of my life. I remember thinking “I can’t believe I just pulled that off” and better yet, despite being a total newbie, I had students come up to me and thank me, and the next week the gym called me to offer that class to me on a permanent basis.

So here’s the deal: you will never feel ready. The only way to become ready is to jump in.

Now let me tell you, the first two years of teaching I was obsessively studying yoga on my own. All I did at home was read books about yoga, watch videos, practice to myself, practice with willing friends, and said yes to as many teaching opportunities that came my way.

As time went on, I didn’t even have to think about teaching — it came naturally.

Now did I take extra trainings? Yes, I took an apprenticeship, I often traveled to Los Angeles to study with my favorite teachers, but that was for the joy of it, and to enhance my own growth and learning.

The one thing that made me a better teacher was the actual teaching.

It was screwing up in class from time to time and learning from my action (p.s screwing up in class means you forget to teach a pose on one side of the body, but luckily your students will often remind you!)

The same holds true for business. Certainly, keep studying about your craft, and about business. Keep learning. There is so much you can learn on your own from books, videos, and when you feel called to it — from a course, or workshop. But don’t do it because you think you’re not good enough or because you think that one course is going to be the magic bullet to fix your business problems.

The only way to fix your business problems is to take action in your business and dare to make mistakes.

Dare to create things that may fail, and then learn and move onwards. I am a big fan of continuing education, and I continue to learn and take courses, and go on retreats for my personal self-care and self-development. But I do it for the joy of it, not because I think one more course will fix my problems. Sometimes a course, a book, a program, or a coach can help steer us in the direction we need to go, and give us perspective. However, you do not need to go broke or invest in things you don’t have the cash for.

I’ve seen it in Yoga where the newly trained teacher becomes an incessant consumer of the yoga industry: more programs, more trainings, more courses — just to feel “good enough” that one day they’ll be ready enough and knowledgeable enough to teach.

And I see it in business: people take a foundational business course (because we all need to start with something) and then they think they’re not good enough or not ready enough to get started so they keep taking course after course spending money they don’t have waiting to be ready to make that one-time six-figure launch, but all the while as they spend their savings on another course, they haven’t created anything.

They haven’t hustled or gone out of their comfort zone to actually get a client.

They hope that one more course will give them that lucky break.

But that day will never come. The only way to make that day come is to take action. Yes, learn, but then take lots of time to implement and take action. Even if that’s as simple as writing a blog post, keeping up with a newsletter, or starting to create your first product or offering. You need to start to make things happen.

3. I hate to say this but sadly, sometimes, you have to be careful who you trust.

People often think of yoga as spiritual and therefore kind, loving and generous.

However, I have experienced firsthand being lied to by a studio, having my intellectual property ripped off, and I’ve had friends who were duped out of tens of thousands of dollars in business deals gone wrong.

And in the business world, other entrepreneurs will sometimes rip off your stuff.

I don’t say this to paint a grim picture because I do believe that most humans are kind. But some people, when they are stretched, their true colors shine (and sometimes those colors ‘aint so pretty).

So my advice for diminishing betrayal is: Don’t betray yourself.

If you have a feeling like the person you are about to work for or work together with isn’t quite right, even if it looks all sparkly and shiny on the outside: well, stay away.

Because if you betray your own intuition and feelings, don’t be surprised if you get betrayed by that person later down the line.

This whole notion of betrayal being a reflection of your own self betrayal was something that became evident to me by two sources. One was in an interview where Bryan Elliot interviewed Cesar Millan — the famous Dog Whisperer — and Cesar talks about betrayal and the importance of having “your pact.” This is one interview I highly recommend, and you can catch it here.

Another place I learned about the power of betrayal was in a book called Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin (totally recommend this too.)

The lesson is: the best way to prevent betrayal in business is to make sure that you are not betraying yourself. Then, if it happens to you — use it as an opportunity to grow and explore the pain that comes from it.

You know yoga is meant to awaken us, to enlighten — which simply means to turn on the light. And it does this because it is so confronting. Well, let me tell you it is, and so is business.

Business is the greatest self-development and spiritual journey you can ever go on, if you dare to open to the practice of awareness and learn from what happens to you on the business journey.

If you can learn from the “good” and the “bad” then everything is ultimately a good experience, because it’s from the challenges that we grow (even though in the moment it does not feel fun)

It’s the challenges that help us become more powerful from the inside out and to trust ourselves at a deeper level, and to act with more honesty and integrity in our own lives.

Tova Payne is a business coach to soulful entrepreneurs who want to create a business with integrity, inner-power and creativity. For a free guide on starting and finishing your business projects and a meditation audio to gain clarity in your business, sign up at www.tovapayne.com
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Special News Bulletin-http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News

The Joyful Reading Resource Kit: Teaching Tools, Hands-On Activities, and Enrichment Resources, Grades K-8

The Joyful Reading Resource Kit: Teaching Tools, Hands-On Activities, and Enrichment Resources, Grades K-8

All children deserve a chance to learn to love reading. The Joyful Reading Resource Kit offers teachers an impressive array of tools, resources, and activities for getting students at all levels excited about reading while developing their proficiency in comprehension. Serving as a companion to Joyful Reading, the book offers teachers everything they need to implement the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Reading (SEM-R), a differentiated instructional approach that encourages students to read independently for a period of time each day on books of their own choice. Implemented in three phases, the SEM-R program has been shown by research to improve fluency and comprehension among at-risk students. The Joyful Reading Resource Kit includes: Reproducible "bookmarks" for scaffolding students in critical thinking and comprehension activities Extensive lists of recommended books Tips for supporting students in selection of appropriately challenging books Materials for managing independent reading in the classroom, including log sheets, five-minute conference tips, writing prompts, assessment rubrics, and a reading growth chart Exciting enrichment resources to develop students’ reading interests, including a survey form, online books, Web-based activities, and Renzulli Learning resources Hands-On Creativity activities that help students elaborate ideas, develop fluency, brainstorm, and much more Reproducible X-ploration projects on varied topics that students can pursue independently at their own pace The Joyful Reading Resource Kit is a vital compendium not only for classroom teachers but also for parents and after-school educators who wish to support students in discovering the rich rewards and delights of reading.
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Teaching Information Fluency: How to Teach Students to Be Efficient, Ethical, and Critical Information Consumers

Teaching Information Fluency: How to Teach Students to Be Efficient, Ethical, and Critical Information Consumers

Teaching Information Fluency describes the skills and dispositions of information fluency adept searchers. Readers will receive in-depth information on what it takes to locate, evaluate, and ethically use digital information. The book realistically examines the abilities of Internet searchers today in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness in finding online information, evaluating it and using it ethically. Since the majority of people develop these skills on their own, rather than being taught, the strategies they invent may suffice for simple searches, but for more complex tasks, such as those required by academic and professional work, the average person s performance is adequate only about 50% of the time. The book is laid out in five parts: an introduction to the problem and how search engine improvements are not sufficient to be of real help, speculative searching, investigative searching, ethical use and applications of information fluency. The intent of the book is to provide readers ways to improve their performance as consumers of digital information and to help teachers devise useful ways to integrate information fluency instruction into their teaching, since deliberate instruction is needed to develop fluency. Since it is unlikely that dedicated class time will be available for such instruction, the approach taken embeds information fluency activities into classroom instruction in language arts, history and science. Numerous model lessons and resources are woven into the fabric of the text, including think-alouds, individual and group search challenges, discussions, assessments and curation, all targeted to Common Core State Standards as well as information fluency competencies.

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Writing a Life: Teaching Memoir to Sharpen Insight, Shape Meaning–And Triumph Over Tests

Writing a Life: Teaching Memoir to Sharpen Insight, Shape Meaning–And Triumph Over Tests

"This depth of attention to a single genre is unprecedented in books on the teaching of writing. Until now, for this depth, teachers used books written for aspiring writers and translated them into sensible classroom practice. Katherine brings writing and teaching together exquisitely in this beautiful book." – Katie Wood Ray, Author of "About the Authors""Smart teachers will read this book. Smarter teachers will use it as a guide. The smartest ones will read it, use it, and then return to it for inspiration, reflection, and, ultimately, for hope. In Writing a Life, Bomer takes us beyond the craft of writing memoir to the purpose and passion of this genre." – Kylene Beers, Author of "When Kids Cant Read – What Teachers Can Do"Writing a Life "has become my new Best-book-in the-whole world. Like a best friend, this book understands what I need without my naming it, and responds in ways that are as deep and as pure as the human spirit." – Lucy Calkins, Author of "Units of Study for Primary Writing" Memoir is more than writing down memories; it’s a powerful motivator for children to write and revise. Working with familiar material, students explore their lives, learn new and sophisticated elements of craft, and engage deeply with content to uncover personal and universal meaning. By teaching with memoir, you can help students exceed official standards for writing, both in class work and on tests, while also giving them a tool for making sense of their place in the world. In "Writing a Life," Katherine Bomer presents classroom-tested strategies for tapping memoir’s power, including ways to help kids generate ideas to write about, elaborate on and make meaning from their memories, and learn craft from published memoirs. She describes dozens of ideas for minilessons, teacher – student conferences, peer conferences, writing activities, prompts, and revision strategies. She then crosses the literacy spectrum to show how studying mentor memoirs can enrich students’ reading by building strong reading-writing connections. In addition, Bomer presents a curricular unit that prepares students for writing tests by systematically and explicitly helping them transfer the content and skills they develop in writing memoir to the demands of standardized assessments. Every student has a story to share. With "Writing a Life," you’ll have the inspiration, the strategies, and the materials you need to help them write it beautifully.
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Fisher-Price Classics Music Box Teaching Clock Ages 1 and up, 1 ea

Fisher-Price Classics Music Box Teaching Clock Ages 1 and up, 1 ea

Introduced in 1968, the Fisher-Price Music Box Teaching Clock has made learning to tell time fun for generations of children. Designed as a little red school house, the Fisher-Price Classics Music Box Teaching Clock plays Grandfather s Clock and has a rotating dial with timeless pictures of preschoolers hour by hour, as the clock face and minute hand revolve to the soothing ticking of time.

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