A Miracle of Timing: The Statues That Escaped the Notre-Dame Fire

Sculptures of the Twelve Apostles and four evangelists had been removed from the cathedral for restoration just days before the fire in Paris on Monday.
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Bell a great fit for Chiefs, but timing isn’t right

The Chiefs will be looking to add a dynamic running back to their potent offense this winter, and Le'Veon Bell checks many of the boxes. But don't expect Bell in K.C. in 2019.

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How to Be Healthier, Happier and More Productive: It’s All in the Timing

When is the best time to exercise or do creative work? Research on the science of timing has answers.
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Timing Is Vital as Companies Set Bonuses, Spending Before New Tax Law

The timing of AT&T Inc.’s pledge this week to give $ 1,000 bonuses to more than 200,000 workers once President Donald Trump signs the tax overhaul may have saved it $ 28 million.
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The Curious Timing of Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2016

About a week ago, an invitation to see Balenciaga’s pre-fall 2016 collection began to hit inboxes. In WWD’s office, more than one editor’s initial reaction was “Resort? Already?” Nope. Pre-fall, as in the season that precedes the fall collection that was widely publicized in Paris over a month ago. That would make this pre-fall post-fall in a way, but now we’re just being confusing.
That’s because it’s nothing if not confusing. WWD asked Balenciaga to clarify the meaning of this oddball timing. Long-lead press and other outlets, including WWD, that have agreed to hold off on publishing a review of the pre-fall collection until May, when the house is ready to release images of the clothes, can view the collection Tuesday at the Balenciaga showroom in New York. Is this part of a strategy akin to what The Row and Proenza Schouler and even Madewell, have adopted, withholding images until the clothes are ready to hit at retail? Did Demna Gvasalia design the collection? Will this impact the way Balenciaga shows pre-collections, including resort, which is but a month or two away?
Balenciaga president and chief executive officer Isabelle Guichot told WWD via email that the timing of this particular pre-fall is a one-time thing. “When

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All In The Timing

Wedding planning can be a hectic adventure from the moment that ring gets slipped onto a finger. From picking the date, to selecting the venue and all of your vendors, it is a roller coaster ride that needs serious management. This is why you hire a planner, but you already knew I was going to say that.

The timing of the actual wedding day may not seem important to you until you get within 6-8 weeks away AKA “Month of Coordination” area, but in reality, you should consider the timing from day 1. As a planner (and a micromanaging one at that) I create timelines that span anywhere from 3-7 pages long. This all depends on the details, but I can assure you that I think of everything and that I account for where I might need extra time. Frequently heard at the weddings I plan? The following (and typically from jaded non-believers): Wow, I can’t believe how on time everything is.

Of course it is. I planned it that way. It’s all in the timing.

Yes, I just said the title of this blog post.

How your day ebbs and flows begins at the minute you start your planning. Let’s face it, many couples already know what they want including colors, theme, vibe, guest count and more. Half of the brides that come to see me have Pinterest pages that I guarantee were started before the engagement. So yes, you know what you want. How do you actually get it? What are you going to do?…Besides hire a planner because, you know… um, hello.

That ceiling installation you saw online, that first dance on a cloud you’ve heard about, and anything else you can possibly imagine, all needs the correct timing. I’m talking “when is the salad plated-how many toasts-is there enough time before entree for a dance set” timing.

When I create a timeline, I talk to all of the vendors and the venue. Planners get a bad rep because some of them just dictate timelines and tell vendors and the venue when things are going to happen. It doesn’t work like that and I’m not about to tell the photographer how long he has to take detail shots. He tells me that. As a planner, I’m going to pull all of that together for you so that you, your fiance, and of course the peanut gallery (read: wedding party, parents and some guests) don’t have to think about anything on the wedding day. I do the thinking for you. Have a glass of champagne, you’re covered.

Here’s the issue though… if you’ve been following me here and on social media, you will know that I prefer to handle full planning of weddings. I really like working with the vendors that I trust and ones that I know can deliver, as opposed to playing Russian Roulette with someone you found on a website that probably writes their own reviews, or a friend or family member that has offered to be a vendor. I see a wedding as a team sport, and I like being the person that picks the people on the team.

The issue arises when you already have some team members picked out, and then you come to see me. You can bring in your design ideas and anything else you want, but if I see an issue with the timing, you can bet I will bring it up. So, if you want pipe and drape and really funky rentals, I will ask you how much time you have at the venue… and I will cross my fingers that you picked a venue that hosts one wedding a day.

As a planner and a designer, we are hired to sometimes just design the wedding. The client doesn’t want us to plan a thing… just take their vision and make it happen. We’re good at doing that, but to do a solid job, the proper timing is needed. As a planner, I know it’s important to communicate to my vendors just how much time they have to set up. As a designer, I need to know the same information. I will tell you this: if you book a venue before booking a planner or anyone that needs to be in that space, make sure you find out what your timing looks like. How long will you have for set up? What is the minimum amount of time? What number do you need to write on a check to extend that minimum/guarantee the space? Odds are it’s mentioned during your first appointment and it could even be in your contract. That said, so many people aren’t paying attention to that because they don’t realize how it will affect them come wedding day.

For instance, when I consult with a venue and am told that tables and linens go down at 10am, for a vendor load in at 12:00 p.m., and then I give that information to my florists, it’s going to get ugly when they are told they cannot get into the room until 4:00 p.m. You know what happens then? The florist says they have to leave everything there because they have another job unless the client (that’s you) wants to cover their expenses. That fancy set up you paid for might not even happen if the timing that was promised simply goes away. The more complicated the set up, the worse this situation becomes.

If you book with a venue and then meet with a florist, rental company, planner, or designer, make sure you know how much time they will have. You could have an amazing vision in your head and the florist is set to bring it to life… but if they find out the week of your wedding that they only have an hour to make it happen, things could get messy.

The timing is important and couples don’t know to ask about it. It’s a question that almost never comes up, and it wouldn’t because the couple is most likely not in the wedding industry. The bummer is that it’s one of the most important things to know from day 1. The crazier the set up, the more time will be needed to complete it. So, if you have a crazy set up in mind (be honest with yourself… you know if it’s crazy), then it’s a good idea to only visit venues where you’re the only party that day, or where you will be able to write a check to make that happen. If you’ve already booked a venue, and are stuck with that 1 hour to 2 hour window for set up, just have that information handy when consulting the rest of the team for wedding day.

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Ah, So This Is What Perfect Timing Looks Like

As far as wedding photos go, this pic is everything you could ever possibly want or wish for. Why? Two words: SHARK KISS.

Credit: JPG Photography

The perfectly timed photo was taken at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ in 2010, but didn’t pick up steam until it was posted to Reddit on Wednesday.

And skeptics, we know what you’re thinking — this awesome picture must be photoshopped. We initially had our doubts as well, so we reached out to the photographer who assured us that the photo is 100 percent real.

“Every photographer does some work to it, meaning a little change in exposure, contrast, saturation, etc., but it is not photoshopped in the manipulative ways,” Joe Gidjunis told us via email. “That shark is real. Everything about it is real and true.”

So how exactly did he capture the perfect shot?

“I remember doing the photo for one to two minutes, and I think we took about 10 photos. This one with the shark was toward the last of the series, and I think the shark was curious about the flash popping in this tank, and came over to see what was happening. I’d like to say we waited for the perfect moment, but it was a lot of luck.”

And one more badass shark shot because why not:

Credit: JPG Photography

[h/t Reddit]

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Timing of Heart Attack Tied to Death Risk

Large review finds patients arriving at hospitals in off-hours have 5 percent higher odds of dying
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