Grande opens up about trauma of Manchester terror attack

Ariana Grande has spoken about the trauma of the Manchester terror attack two years ago, saying there is a lot she will “probably never be ready to talk about”.
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Books of The Times: ‘Barracoon’ and ‘Slave Old Man’ Approach the Trauma of Slavery With Care and Kinship

Patrick Chamoiseau and Zora Neale Hurston tell, in very different ways, the stories of Africans captured and sold into slavery in the New World.
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‘Atlanta’ Shows The Horror Of Black Childhood Trauma

The abusive cycle of making black kids “sacrifice” their childhood has dangerous ramifications in the long run.
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Evan Rachel Wood Turns Her Trauma Into Good. On ‘Westworld’ and in Life.

Ms. Wood, who has testified before Congress about surviving rape, discusses the power of going public in the #MeToo era and how her TV character inspired her.
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Books of The Times: A Political Scandal’s Trauma, Seen From the Inside

Nicholas Montemarano’s new novel, “The Senator’s Children,” is about a family weathering the fallout of a scandal like the one that derailed the presidential aspirations of John Edwards.
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Books of The Times: An Artist’s Childhood, Etched in Trauma and Abandonment

In her epistolary memoir, “The Book of Emma Reyes,” the Colombian painter recounts her childhood in Bogotá, made vivid by the horrors of the workhouse.
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Healing Collective Trauma Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy

Healing Collective Trauma Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy

Psychodrama and Socio-drama are new concepts of therapy to resolve mental health issues in Bangladesh. Mental health professionals in Bangladesh who had been able to absorb the technique created by integrating socio-psychodrama have been greatly benefited from this intervention in the healing process. “-Mehtab Khanam, PhDProfessor of PsychologyDhaka UniversityBangladeshWhen large groups of people become victims of political upheavals, social crises, and natural disasters, it is often challenging to allocate appropriate resources to deal with the stress that ensues. Of the methods employed to address post-traumatic stress syndrome and collective trauma, sociodrama and drama therapy have had a long-standing history of success. Group therapists and counselors will find this book to be an indispensable resource when counseling patients from trauma-stricken groups. This book travels across geographic and cultural boundaries, examining group crises and collective trauma in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. The contributing authors, many of whom are pioneers in the field, offer cost-effective, small- and large-group approaches for people suffering from PTSD, socio-political oppression, and other social problems. The book extends the principles and practices of psychodrama and sociodrama to include music, painting, dance, collage, and ritual. In essence, this innovative book illustrates the proven effectiveness of sociodrama and drama therapy. Key topics: The difficulties of developing trust in victimized or opposing groups Initiating warm-ups and therapeutic strategies with both groups and individuals “Narradrama” with marginalized groups Using anti-oppression models to inform psychodrama Re-reconciling culture-based conflicts using “culture-drama

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Therapy That Confronts Trauma of Sexual Abuse Helped Teen Girls With PTSD

It worked better than standard supportive counseling and was deemed safe for younger patients Daily News
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