Lin-Manuel Miranda Brings ‘Hamilton’ to a Troubled but Appreciative Puerto Rico

The show’s creator hopes its 17-day run in San Juan will call attention to the struggling island’s needs as well as its riches.
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Cannes Lineup Reflects Troubled Times

SIGN OF THE TIMES: “The world will never be the same — and the Cannes Film Festival will never be the same,” said Thierry Frémaux, artistic director of the event, referring to the “storm” that has swept through the industry ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last October.
Frémaux was speaking at the presentation of the Official Selection lineup for the 71st edition of the festival, held on Thursday at the UGC Normandie cinema on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. The lineup eschews star vehicles in favor of art-house offerings that tackle topics such as racism and religion.
The festival this year will open nine days earlier — on May 8 — and for the first time will wrap on a Saturday, May 19, the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.
Amidst the industry’s ongoing efforts to address gender inequality, organizers hope to send a message of love, starting with the choice of this year’s festival poster. It depicts a scene from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 classic “Pierrot le Fou” with the movie’s leads — Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina — leaning out of two adjacent parked cars and locked in an embrace.
The poster also subtly nods to

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Medicine Can Soothe a Troubled Mind, but Not Without Costs

In “Blue Dreams,” the psychologist Lauren Slater explores the intersection of personality and chemistry by way of her own history with antidepressants.
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Books of The Times: A Troubled Dad Takes His Family Into the Wild

In Kristin Hannah’s new novel, “The Great Alone,” a father back from the Vietnam War moves to a tiny Alaskan outpost with his wife and daughter.
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Troubled star wants ‘man-to-man’ talk with Big Ben (Yahoo Sports)

Martavis Bryant wants 'man-to-man' talk with Roethlisberger after criticism

Steelers WR Martavis Bryant, back after a year-long suspension, wants to discuss Ben Roethlisberger’s criticism of him.

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The Troubled History of the Uncharted Movie

Sony’s Uncharted movie has been in development for eight years so far, and we trace the many ups and downs it’s experienced along the way.


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Books of The Times: In Dennis Lehane’s ‘Since We Fell,’ a Troubled Woman Seeks Answers

The book is packed with signs that Lehane sold this story to the movies, which he did, and that he loves the Hitchcock classics that prey on mistrust.
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Troubled ex-Lions player gets prison for street fight (Yahoo Sports)

Troubled ex-Lions player gets prison for street fight. (AP)

Titus Young, who had a tumultuous NFL career, will serve four years after pleading no contest to a 2016 assault charge.

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A Once-Forgotten Novel Unites Turkish Readers in Troubled Times

“Madonna in a Fur Coat,” a love story written by Sabahattin Ali nearly 75 years ago, has improbably become a best seller.
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Troubled Natures

Troubled Natures

What does environment really mean in the complex, non-Western milieu of present-day Tokyo? How can anthropology contribute to the technical discussions and quantitative measures typically found in environmental studies? Author Peter Wynn Kirby explores these questions through a deep cultural analysis of waste in contemporary Japan. His parameters are intentionally broad encompassing ideas of nature, attitudes toward hygiene, notions of health and illness, problems with vermin and toxic waste, processes of social exclusion, and reproductive threats. Troubled Natures concludes that how surroundings are conceived, invoked, and enacted is subjective, highly contextual, and under continual negotiation with suggestive implications for anthropology, social science, and environmental studies generally. Kirby casts his anthropological lens over two Tokyo neighborhoods, comparing environmental consciousness and conduct in communities facing specific toxic threats (real or perceived). In each fieldsite, the tension between lofty rhetoric and daily practices helps highlight the practical ambivalence of Japanese environmental consciousness. Waste practices and ideas of pollution in Tokyo tie clearly into broader social issues such as exclusionary practices, emergent lifestyle changes, recycling efforts, and novel forms of energy production. Throughout, waste and environmental health problems in Tokyo collide against diverse cultural elements linked to nature(s) uneasy relations between animals and humans; native conceptions of the foreign and the polluted; reproductive challenges in the face of a plunging fertility rate; and changing attitudes toward illness and health. The book s thoughtful inquiry into the ways in which environmental questions circulate throughout Japanese society furnishes insight into central elements of contemporary Japanese life. As for the pivotal question of how to shape environmental policy internationally, Troubled Natures reminds us that eff.

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History maker with a troubled personal life

George Michael enjoyed a remarkable chart career, selling more than 100 million records – but he also had a turbulent personal life. 
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