Trump doesn't understand how social media works

Trump doesn't understand how social media worksThe White House is scheduled to hold a social media summit on Thursday, but none of the major social media companies are attending.

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Critic’s Notebook: #MeToo Is All Too Real. But to Better Understand It, Turn to Fiction.

A recent wave of remarkably various books reminds us of the kind of touchy ethical explorations the novel makes possible.
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Wendy Williams Doesn’t Understand Her Emmy Snubs: “Who’s a Better Talk Show Host?!”

Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams always says it like she means it.
It’s no secret that The Wendy Williams Show has found huge success in daytime television thanks to her no-filter “Hot Topics”…

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24 Books That Will Help You Understand America

Buckle up for a literary road trip through the nation’s heartland.
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Building a Lego robot can help you understand coding basics

Building a Lego robot can help you understand coding basicsLego's new Boost kit helps introduce kids to the basics of coding.

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You Have to Watch Thor: Ragnarok to Understand Avengers 3

One of the biggest questions coming out of Avengers: Infinity War’s first footage is, “What the heck is Thor doing floating around in space?” IGN got a chance to catch up with Thor: Ragnarok star Chris Hemsworth at San Diego Comic-Con, where he confirmed the answer to that question will be revealed in the upcoming Thor movie.

“I think you’ll have to watch our film first to understand what Avengers is about,” he teased.

Watch our full interview with Hemsworth below:

Hemsworth also spoke to the experience of filming with characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time in Infinity War, saying, “We read the script for the first time and I think all of us had the same sort of excitement about who we’re going to meet, who we’re going to hang with, and a lot of those guys I hadn’t even met in person let alone on screen, so it felt like a sort of fanboy experience.”

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Most People Will Never Understand My Eating Disorder

Coming to terms with exercise bulimia.

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Rob Kardashian Is Already Preparing for Baby Dream’s First Birthday: “Now I Understand Why My Mom Had Six Kids”

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Dream KardashianRob Kardashian is ready to spoil his little girl!
Dream Kardashian is nearing five-months-old, but that hasn’t stopped her proud papa from gearing up for the day she’s officially…

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Ginger Zee Got the First Perfect Score on Dancing With the Stars, But She Can’t Understand It

Ginger ZeeIt was a good night for Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee on Monday.
The morning show personality earned the first perfect score on Dancing With the Stars this season with her partner…

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Rose McGowan to Caitlyn Jenner: ‘You Do Not Understand What Being a Woman Is About At All’

Look, an angry Facebook rant.

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College Kids Don’t Understand the HPV Threat

Survey found more than half didn’t get vaccinated, and many were unaware of their risk for infection Daily News
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Vacation Cruises, Cruises Cabin Options, Tips for Planning Cruises, Tips for Booking a Cruise, Understand the Different Cruise Lines, Understand the Costs of a Cruise

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Cruising is a happy adventure that most of you would like to spend with their family. You will allocate a particular budget for cruising and would like to make it within that. You will be offered food, accommodation and transportation to the shore excursions by the cruising companies. If you pay for all inclusive packages, you will not have to pay anything extra.

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14 Things Only People With Tough Names Understand

For by Siobhan Adcock

1. I grew up with a tough name. Siobhan Adcock. Look at it. There’s almost no part of that name that’s not sort of a pain in the ass.

2. People don’t tend to remember it, and when they do, they can’t pronounce it. Siobhan is an Irish name — it means Jane, or Joan, or Joanne, or if you’re feeling like a sparkly unicorn fairy, “sea foam blowing off the waves.” My father told me (incorrectly, as it turns out) that it means “Queen of the Emerald Isles.” He and my mother had heard of it by way of Siobhan McKenna, the famous Irish stage actress who was in Dr. Zhivago. (But not the famously beautiful actress who was in Dr. Zhivago. And also not the second-most beautiful actress in Dr. Zhivago. The other one.)

3. My father’s name, by the way, was Dick. They don’t really name kids that anymore. Especially with a last name like Adcock. Dick Adcock, Jr. Because his father’s name was also Richard. So when my dad was growing up, there was Big Dick Adcock and Little Dick Adcock. No one, apparently, in the early 1950s, thought that was a problem.

4. When I was a kid there was this, um, spread? Like an oleo type of thing? It was light and silky. Chiffon had probably one of the catchier two-word jingles of the ’70s and early ’80s: “It’s… Chiffon!” Every time I got on the school bus, I had to be announced. By everyone. Often in five-point harmony. “It’s… Sio-ffan!”

5. Since my last name starts with an A, every year on the first day of school, I was inevitably the first name on the roll to be called. The fresh, shiny new roll. Oh, my teachers. I pitied them. Here it was, the beginning of a new school year, the school year they hoped they wouldn’t fuck up or make embarrassing mistakes during (especially not on day one), and you could just see their fresh, young, expectant faces crumple and fall when they realized they weren’t even going to be able to get past the first name on the roll call without asking for help.

I’d usually let them suffer in silence for a second or two, squinting and frowning down at the list of names, and then mutter, “Here. I’m here. It’s me, Siobhan.”

Ultimately, you have to make it easy on people.

6. When I go to a restaurant and leave my name for a table, I tell them I’m Suzanne. Or Sabrina. Or Soybean. All actual pronunciation attempts I have heard.

7. You can imagine what I tell baristas.

8. Long ago, I arrived at a formula for how to respond when I’m asked to spell my name. This is especially essential for forms filled out by baffled clipboard holders:

“S-i-o. (Pause here.) B as in Boy. (Another pause.) h-a-n. Last name: A-d-c (Emphasize the c. Then a long, long pause here, almost long enough to make them think you’re done, before the finale.) o-c-k.”

About 50 percent of the time, I get: “A-d what?”



9. And then I went into digital publishing, primarily at women’s websites, and as such, I’ve had a lot of awesome email addresses:

All the places a cock could ostensibly be sad, I have worked at.

10. I imagine other people with “cock” in their last names also have this problem, but I’ve discovered that I actually can’t register for a new email address with my real name anymore, because it sets off a spam filter, and I’m asked to “choose another name.” (You choose another name, Yahoo!)

11. My sister, Gillian Adcock, has, for many years, been a teacher at a local high school. When she was single, she kept her last name a secret at work — she had to. For all these lovable teenagers, she was only ever “Miss A” for years, until she got married and then became Mrs. Fletcher. I mean, can you imagine what a roomful of teenagers would do with something like “Miss Adcock”?

12. When I got married, I had the opportunity, at last, to change my last name. I went to the marriage license place in downtown Brooklyn with my soon-to-be husband, whose last name is innocuous and contains no filthy words. I probably could have changed my first name too while I was at it — nobody in that office seems like they’re paying a whole lot of attention. But I didn’t. Looking down at the form, I understood that I didn’t want to. My father died when I was in college, and we’re not in great touch with what’s left of his side of the family, and I didn’t want the Adcocks, our Adcocks, the Adcocks with the balls, to name their children ridiculous things like “Dick” — twice — and then, later, “Siobhan,” to perish from this Earth. I kept my name.

I am also lazy and didn’t want to deal with a lot of paperwork.

Adcock it is, then. Forever.

13. I always thought that when I finally had a kid I’d name her Jane, or Kate, or Mary. But I didn’t. We gave out daughter a name that combined our grandmothers’ names. It’s phonetic, at least, but it’s not super-recognizable or common. You don’t actually want a common name, I’ve found. After 40-plus years as Siobhan Adcock (God, when you say it out loud, there’s even the suggestion of “nads” in there — it really might be the second filthiest name ever, after Big Dick Adcock), I now know that an uncommon name gives you something to live up to, and that’s both a challenge and a stroke of luck. So we gave her a name that people will ask her annoying questions about all her life.

14. When I was in college, I worked at the library. And one day, this guy came in. And he checked out some books. And when he left, I kept the screen open on his record and just stared at it for a while, feeling like some previously unknown, oddly comforting corner of the universe had arrived before me, and called out its name:

Anil Dikshit.

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TueNight is a weekly online publication for women to share where they’ve been and explore where they want to go next. We’re nobody’s Ma’am.

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10 Things Only Preppy Southern Girls Understand About Style

The latest person to acknowledge that Southern girls have their own thing going on? Reese Witherspoon, whose sweet-as-sweet-tea e-commerce venture Draper James is killing it online. Whether you’re based below the Mason-Dixon Line or living as a transplant elsewhere, there’s no denying that your tribe has an unofficial uniform.


The style lessons you live from tailgate to backyard barbecue?

#1. You can monogram anything and everything. Shoes, bags, hats, shirts, dresses, jewelry… Everything.

#2. Jack Rogers win at life. There’s not a single outfit that doesn’t look good with the classic, Jackie O-endorsed sandal.

#3. When it comes to T-shirts, multiple categories exist. There’s the date function T-shirt, the rush T-shirt, and the Guy Harvey one with the most vivid fish illustration you’ve ever seen.

#4. Pearl earrings work with everything. Your pair gets a whole lot of love, whether it’s accenting a formal dress, heading to the office on the daily, or adding some class to your gym outfit.

#5. Go team! When debating over what shade of something to buy, default to your college colors.

#6. There’s one print above all others. Whether simple and bright or bolder than bold florals, Lilly Pulitzer anything makes for a timeless closet investment.

#7. Croakies are one of the world’s most practical accessories. They have a serious sunglass responsibility, but it’s also an accessory with which you can show a lot of personal style.

#8. Football games are not the time for a basic team tee. Instead, all the best game-day pictures result from carefully crafted outfits of sundresses, wedges, and team-color accessories (reference #5).

#9. Nautical themes work everywhere. Be it the ocean or a lake, you’re within an hour of a body of water at any given time, and it shows in your accessories. Flamingos, anchors, and cute crabs are just some of the motifs that work for jewelry, totes, and more.

#10. The need to be flawlessly polished at all times can remain with type-A city folk. Southern girls know that there are times to embrace the comfy-as-anything maxi or slip into cutoffs and flip-flops because, y’all, it gets hot down there.

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Date-Worthy Rompers to Wear This Summer
14 Pairs of Cute-and-Comfy Sandals

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5 Things That Only Tall Girls Understand About Fashion


Standing at 6’1, Karlie Kloss is every tall girl’s inspiration.

Have you ever wished there was a “long-limbed” section at your favorite store? If you’re 5’7 or above, we’d be willing to bet that the thought has crossed your mind. True, some brands have embraced tall sizes for clothing categories like jeans—Topshop and Asos, for example—the fact is that shopping for items that suit a tall frame can be a real challenge. On the other hand, it does have some benefits.

To all you tall girls out there: We get you. We really do.

1. You Have Learned to Love Your Ankles: You love a cropped pair of trousers as much as the next girl, but let’s face it: the majority of your pants are ankle-length. Clamdiggers? Forget about it. They’re practically short shorts when you’re super tall. The good news is that cropped pants look seriously cute with loafers or ballet flats. (Thanks for the inspo, Audrey!)

2. You’re a Master of Proportion Problems: Pants aren’t the only items that come up short: sleeves often look doll-size, and shirts sometimes can’t even be tucked in. Then there are the midi skirts that fall at the knee, rather than mid-calf. You’ve learned to eyeball items with the proper length and balance proportions with aplomb.

2. You Own The Shoe Sales: While most women crowd around the size 7 and 8 racks, there’s no pushing or shoving on your side of the shoe floor—near the 9, 10, 11, and sometimes size 12 racks. Plus, your racks have the best select left. Those limited-edition designer heels? Yep, they’re still available in a European size 40. The world of discounted footwear is your oyster.

3. You Have Boyfriend Blazers, Literally: Those boxy, oversize boyfriend blazers that everyone’s wearing? Yeah, they hit too high on your hips. Instead, you shop in the men’s section or even ask your boyfriend (or just guy friend!) to borrow one of his killer jackets. Sorry, no backsies.

6. You Can Wear Flats 99% Of The Time: Sure, flats are for everyone, but you can even get away with a pair of flat gladiators or ankle boots for a dressy night on the town. Yes, you’re also the envy of all the other women scrunching their toes into six-inch stilettos. (Ouch!)

5. Maxi Dresses Are Your Jam: Eureka! No need to shorten a flowy summer maxi dress. Just throw on a pair of flat sandals and you’re out the door and looking chic.

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The Struggle That Only People With Glasses Understand

A dear friend recently told me a story about the first time I wore contact lenses. I began to reflect on what an impact wearing glasses has had on my life and my self-esteem.

I’ve worn glasses for almost 50 years and I still don’t like wearing my thick lenses in public. At midlife I should be over this already. I mean, I’ve made peace with so many things by now that I think it’s time to put this behind me.


I’ve made peace with having to wear flats instead of high heels. I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I need to wear foundation and mascara instead of going au naturel whenever I walk out the front door.

And I’ve even learned to embrace my thick, curly locks instead of trying to straighten my hair every time I blow dry it. I used to want to look like Cheryl Tiegs. That worked out well, don’t you think?

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, knew how I felt. Out of two second grade classes at South End School I was the only 8 year old wearing glasses. A compassionate teacher, she purchased a book that told the story about a cool little girl who wore glasses and one day read it to the class. It made me feel good. For a few days.

In 1967 there was only one style of glasses offered for girls. They were powder blue “cat” frames with tiny shimmering “diamonds” in each corner. I hid mine in my desk as I squinted to see the blackboard.

In eighth grade my parents gave me permission to get contact lenses. In those days only hard lenses were available, and my patient mother sat beside me for hours on end as I did my best to shove those uncomfortable little discs into my eyes. When I finally succeeded they were so uncomfortable I popped them right back out.

Sorry, Mom.

It was back to wearing my funky John Lennon glasses again.


Here I am at age 14 when I spent the summer in Israel. I went with a group of other high school students and it was a magical six weeks. But wearing glasses that summer with a bunch of kids whose hormones were raging, well, it made a difference in my mind.

I think in many ways I began hiding behind my glasses, uncomfortable with the way I thought I looked without them. It was impossible to know how I looked because without my glasses on I couldn’t see my face clearly.

My parents always told me I was beautiful, but you know how parents are.

During adolescence how you look is very important. It didn’t help that my three closest friends were blonde, beautiful and had perfect vision. Thinking back I guess I felt less attractive than them because of my glasses.

When senior year of high school rolled around I finally decided to try wearing contact lenses again. One, two, three and those soft lenses were in my eyes and working their magic. Glory hallelujah.

It’s funny that a few short weeks after my success I was asked out on my first serious date. School boys are so transparent, aren’t they?

I rarely wore my glasses after that except to take them out at night and put them back in the next morning. But during my sophomore year at college that was a mistake.

My all-girl dorm had a large bathroom on each floor and the only place to hang your bathrobe (and glasses) while showering was over the top of the shower bar. With the water running I didn’t hear the footsteps of girls quietly swiping my glasses and bathrobe. I was mortified when I had to run down the hall with my tiny towel wrapped around me, barely able to find my room through the cloudy blur I saw around me. When I finally made it back I found my bathrobe and glasses on my bed.

Ah, college pranks.

When I began dating my husband I swore I’d never let him see me in my glasses. One night I nearly panicked as I waited for him to pick me up for dinner. My left eye hurt so badly I was unable to wear my left contact lens. What did I do? I went on the date wearing only my right one.

That was a big mistake. By the time we got to the restaurant my right eye began to hurt and I was forced to remove my right lens.

As luck would have it, two fuzzy looking people stopped by our table. Gary’s voice sounded surprised, and I sat in silence as they talked, making pretend I could see who these people were.

“Cathy, these are my parents,” Gary said. “Mom and Dad, this is Cathy.”


I don’t remember much else except praying that I didn’t look like a complete idiot. I must have performed an Oscar worthy performance because years later my in-laws told me they had no idea I couldn’t see them.

The next time I met them I continued the performance by making pretend I knew who they were.

Today young girls and boys wear glasses almost as a creative expression of themselves. With a wider variety available in every size, shape and color, and the ability to offer glare-free and thinner lenses, it’s easy to find one that looks good and suits their personality.

I hadn’t thought about my saga of my glasses until last week. During a FaceTime session with three dear friends (who I’ve known since I was 10) we began to reminisce. One of them told me she remembered the first time I looked at myself in the mirror after successfully wearing contacts. She went on to tell me how fascinated I was to finally get a clear look at myself.

Then she added, “I think your writing reflects what you found that day. You see things more clearly and are able to explain to others the lens with which you see the world.”


I’ve thought about what she said ever since, and it’s made me realize that it’s time to embrace who I am with and without my glasses. That’s the beauty of midlife. You are finally able to become more comfortable in your own skin.

So I’ll keep on writing with and without my glasses because the lens I use to see the world doesn’t depend on whether or not I’m wearing glasses. The lens I use to see the world is tucked inside my heart.

And I’m comfortable with that. So here I am with my glasses. Hello, world!


This post was previously published on Cathy’s blog, An Empowered Spirit.

Cathy Chester is an award-winning writer and health advocate who has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 28 years. In her blog An Empowered Spirit she writes about finding the joy in life despite disability. But MS does not define her, so she also writes about living a quality life in midlife, social good causes, animal rights, book and movie reviews, and the importance of using compassion and kindness as a way of making the world a better place.

Follow Cathy on Twitter at @cathyches.

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Natural Learning Concepts Now I Get It I Don’t Understand And Giving and Getting Help

Natural Learning Concepts Now I Get It I Don’t Understand And Giving and Getting Help

NLC1045 Features Now I Get It I Don’t Understand and Giving and Getting Help Book contains two great stories: I Don’t Understand and Giving and Getting Help I Don’t Understand story teaches children how to ask for clarification if they don’t understand Giving and Getting Help story teaches children to ask for help as well as to offer help to others Development Goals: Language Development Goals: Socialization Skills Disability Type: Social And Behavioral Disability Type: Autism Gender: Boy And Girl Dimensions Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 1 Inches Overall Width – Side to Side: 7 Inches Overall Depth – Front to Back: 8.5 Inches Overall Product Weight: 0.5 Pounds

Price: $
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10 Comedians Who Understand Your Crappy Love Life All Too Well

Forget grabbing a pint of Häagen-Dazs — when relationship problems arise, nothing does the trick like laughing through the pain. (That said, if you can make us laugh while feeding us Häagen-Dazs, we’d be up for that, too.)

Scroll down for some relationship real talk from comedians.

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10 Problems Only Bridesmaids Will Understand

By Kellee Khalil for

Being asked to stand up with your best pal on her wedding day is certainly an honor — but there are some downsides to being asked to be a bridesmaid.

Here are 10 problems every bridesmaid will understand.

1. The loss of all of your disposable income.

2. Passive-aggressive emails from other bridesmaids.

3. “I think you should wear short dresses. Actually long ones. No, wear whatever you want. I can’t make another decision!”

4. Having to wear a dress that makes your [butt look square/boobs look squished/arms look huge/legs look stumpy].

5. “This freaking DIY project is going to END ME.”

6. Having to talk to the mother of the bride about the “fireman” stripper and, um, paraphernalia.

7. Giving a toast (that’s funny, meaningful, and doesn’t include mention of that time in Cabo) when you’re terrified of public speaking.

8. Trying to take care of your fellow bridesmaid who had way too much to drink.

9. The bride’s future brother-in-law giving you that gross “I-wanna-sex-you” look all night.

10. Not being able to sit with your date during the reception.

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Alternatives to having a bridal party
Now trending: non-traditional bridesmaids attire

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These Adorable Animals Understand What It Means To Have A Friend’s Back

It’s such a special feeling to have a friend whom you know will always have your back. These animals understand first hand:

Big Dog was nervous for his big date, so Little Dog whispered a tiny pep talk on the way to dinner.

Little Camel made sure his older sister’s sarong didn’t get wrinkled while they traveled to the farmer’s market.

Duck looks like she’s freeloading, but she actually just gave Dog some valuable swimming advice. (Glide, don’t paddle.)

duck and spaniel
John Phillips / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

Egret ensured Elephant he didn’t need to waste his cash on Rogaine. Bald is beautiful, after all.

egret ellie
Karel Prinsloo / AP

Tortoise has always been a little shy. Meerkat’s taken it upon himself to help her come out of her shell.

meerkat tortoise
Antonija Simunovic / AP

Pigaloo and Pigalee love to get a little punny.

Warthog scavenged for berries while Bird sat as lookout for any crazy hyenas.

Independent Picture Service / Getty Images

“OK,” Turtle said. “We can slide just this once.”

Youtube/Lindbald Expeditions-National Geographic

Dog just complimented Donkey’s pin straight mane, while Donkey’s all like, “No, no, no I love your natural curls.”

Press Association / AP

Turtle just got his shell waxed, so Gator offered to keep him dry on the commute to work.

turtle alligator
Arnulfo Franco / AP

Opossum gave Baby Deer’s coat a long, luxurious combing before the pair searched for four-leaf clovers together.

Dog allows Frog to take a little seat, so long as he promises to keep away the flies.

Unlikely pals...

Honestly, Dog just wanted a new profile picture. Horse was like, “Fine.”

Turtle could tell Dog was feeling blue. A ride around town turned his frown upside down.


Rooster’s job gets him up early, so he often needs to rest his legs. Tortoise understands.

Today was Capybara’s first time giving the kindergartners a ride to school. She felt so proud.

Animals Riding Capybaras

Turtle told Baby Girl she might as well enjoy her tiny size while it lasts.

It was the night of the dance and Turtle had a few crumbs stuck in his shell. Hedge agreed to pick them out.

Goat missed the bus to school and Hippo overslept. Not a great start to the day, but they’ll get through it.

Dog knew the bunnies would get a kick out of his new friend: Little Chick is one of the best joke tellers of all time.

(And Dog was right.)

It’s not every day that Cat’s willing to take the possums out for ice cream. Today is very special indeed.

Dog and Owl are actually plotting something kind of mischievous. Better not to ask.

Monkey wants to go to the studio to paint pottery. Dog will go because last week Monkey helped him hang his new light-blocking curtains.

Snail was like, “Want to have a shell party?” Crustacean was like, “Shell yeah!”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story identified the young opossum as a porcupine.
GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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We Don’t Understand What The Ladies On This Week’s Worst-Dressed List Were Thinking

We’re not quite sure what the stars on this week’s worst-dressed list were thinking. Our roundup is filled with fashion fails that could have definitely been avoided.

For example, Saoirse Ronan forgot to dress her age and actress Maggie Grace wore pajamas on the red carpet. And sadly, we had to bestow the title of worst-dressed star this week to actress Julianne Moore for rocking a dress that she should have never put on her back.

Here’s a look at all our wost-dressed picks of the week. Let us know if you agree.

Saoirse Ronan

saoirse ronan
Why, Saoirse? Why? There is no reason that a beautiful young actress should ever be caught in such an unflattering get-up. She should befriend Emma Watson and raid her closet.

Laura Vandervoort

laura vandervoort
The major problem with this outfit is… everything! From the wet hair, cropped/half-peplum top and that stiff tea-length skirt, Laura would have been better off just staying home.

Regina King

regina king
One word: Ouch! It’s unclear what exactly is holding together the front of Regina’s dress, but they definitely look painful. Furthermore, the capped gown is ill-fitting and does nothing for the actress’ fantastic figure.

Julianne Moore

julianne moore
We hate to include Julianne on our worst-dressed list, but this dress is a fail. The asymmetrical design is awkward, frumpy and a far cry from the fabulous looks we’re used to seeing her in. Those strappy heels were also no-no, too.

Maggie Grace

maggie grace
PSA: Never wear night gowns on the red carpet.
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Sandra Bullock’s Reaction To An Oscar Nod Is One That All Moms Will Definitely Understand

Being nominated for an Academy Award is, obviously, a huge honor that puts actors and actresses on a whole new level professionally. But, when you’re also a parent, Oscar doesn’t change much.

Sandra Bullock told the New York Times, in reference to her Best Actress nomination for “Gravity”:

“I don’t think it ever stops being an absolute thrill, but I do have an immediate leveler… I still have to get up and make lunch for a little person, and pray — please, dear God — that he eats something I put in his lunchbox today.”

Bullock adopted Louis Bardo Bullock in January, 2010 — just two months before winning her first Oscar for Best Actress in “The Blind Side.” Soon after, she told People about life as a mom: “You wake up, you feed, you burp, you play, you do laundry … I’m still in that stage where I’m just amazed with him and at life.”

All together now. Stars, they really are just like us.
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