Barnwell: The Wentz and Watson dilemma: MVP upside, serious downside

The young quarterbacks were out of this world in 2017 — before ACL injuries ended their seasons. Bill Barnwell details what to expect in 2018. – TOP

Olbermann: Want to fix the All-Star Game? Turn it upside down

With interleague play and modern technology, the thrill of the Midsummer Classic is gone. It’s time to try something completely different. – TOP

The Upside of a Destination Wedding: Tales of a Serial Wedding Guest

The invite came in the summer of 2013. A friend was marrying the man she’d met a few years before in an East Village cheese shop. Despite their cultural and religious differences—her father was a pastor in Phoenix; his family was Jewish and lived in Israel—their initial rendezvous over discounted Gruyere had been auspicious. They’d fallen in love, moved in together, and she’d begun to learn Hebrew. The wedding would take place in the hills of Jerusalem, in August. “I know it’s expensive and a long trip,” she told me. “No pressure to come. But you’re invited and it would be amazing if you did.”
Weddings – The Huffington Post
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