Every Weapon Location and Upgrade You Can Get in Rage 2

There are a lot of weapons in Rage 2 and almost every one of them can be upgraded, here’s where to find them.


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Weapon Makers Declare War on Drones

Arms makers are targeting the growing menace of drones at airports and on battlefields with a rush to develop new missile systems, radar jammers and laser cannons.


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Liam Neeson: I carried a weapon ‘hoping to kill black person’

Hollywood actor Liam Neeson has admitted for the first time that he used to have violent thoughts about killing a black person.
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E-cigarettes can be key weapon against smoking, say MPs

E-cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco and shouldn’t be treated the same way, MPs warn.
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So happy together: The Warriors’ secret weapon

Don’t be fooled by the fancy passes and long bombs. This is the inside story of how the Warriors’ dynasty was constructed in the spitting image of their superstar.
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Seann William Scott to Replace Clayne Crawford in Lethal Weapon Season 3

Seann William Scott, Clayne Crawford New season, new Riggs.
It’s official: Lethal Weapon will return for a third season with a new leading man after Clayne Crawford was fired for his alleged bad on-set behavior. American…

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Lethal Weapon Loses Clayne Crawford But Is Trying to Recast His Role (Report)

Clayne Crawford, Lethal WeaponLethal Weapon is done with Clayne Crawford.
After complaints about his behavior on set, it’s being reported that Crawford has been fired from the Fox series, and that producers are…

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Lethal Weapon Loses Clayne Crawford But Is Trying to Recast His Role (Report)

Clayne Crawford, Lethal WeaponLethal Weapon is done with Clayne Crawford.
After complaints about his behavior on set, it’s being reported that Crawford has been fired from the Fox series, and that producers are…

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Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

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PUBG Test Server Patch Adds Custom Games Spectator Mode, New Crates, and Weapon Skins

A new patch is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it will add custom game spectating, new crates and weapon skins, and a host of bug fixes.

Patch #11 is hitting PUBG test servers soon, and depending on how things go, the update may hit live servers within the week. The live server update schedule will be revealed later, and full details on the patch are available on PUBG’s Steam page.

After the update, players will be able to watch ongoing games from the lobby’s custom match list. Games which have Public Spectating enabled can be viewed in Custom Match, and private matches can opt to use passwords to allow selective viewership.

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The 2017 Emmys Belong To Ann Dowd, Peak TV’s Greatest Secret Weapon

One last reminder that the actress, up for two acting Emmys in two separate series this year, has long been a key ingredient to television success.
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The Celtics called on their ultimate weapon to bring Gordon Hayward to Boston

The Celtics called on their ultimate weapon to bring Gordon Hayward to Boston
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Texans rookie Foreman busted for drugs, weapon (Yahoo Sports)

D'Onta Foreman

Houston Texans rookie running back D’Onta Foreman has been arrested on drug and weapons charges.

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Florida Officer Fired After Pulling Service Weapon to Reenact Scene From Training Day

A Florida sheriff’s deputy has been fired after he allegedly waved his police-issued gun and taser while reenacting a scene from the Denzel Washington movie Training Day, PEOPLE confirms.

According to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs report from obtained by PEOPLE, David Zipes allegedly pulled out his service weapon and taser in the parking lot of a Lake County Sheriff substation on February 16. He then recited profanity-laced lines from the film.

In the 2001 crime thriller, Washington plays a crooked narcotics detective. In one scene, the character rubs two guns together and crosses them over each other as he confronts a suspect. The internal affairs report alleges Zipes admitted he was reenacting the scene.

Zipes allegedly told investigators that he was just trying to “be funny and fit in.”

At least two co-workers and a deputy trainee witnessed the incident. Zipes was fired on April 21; he had only been with the agency for about 16 months.

According to the report, this is not the first time Zipes has allegedly jokingly pulled out his firearm while on duty. The report states he had also pretended to grab his gun while talking to a pizza delivery driver and joked that he was Markeith Loyd, a Florida man who is accused of killing a police officer.

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Zipes told investigators that he had no malicious intent behind the February 16 incident. “He stated that he was trying to lighten the mood,” the report states. Investigators say that he also said he wanted to be the “center of attention.”

The internal affairs report only addressed the status of Zipes’ employment. He has not been charged with any crime.

A phone number for Zipes has been disconnected, and he did not respond to PEOPLE’s email request for comment.


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Finding Chic Kids’ Clothes: The New Secret Weapon

Buying uniquely stylish clothes for your offspring used to take forever. But these new, one-stop-shopping websites are turning the chore into child’s play.
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A Guy’s Secret Winter-Dressing Weapon

Forget saggy, scratchy long johns. The new base-layer leggings—sleeker and smarter than ever—can keep you covertly toasty during the frigid season.
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Rape as Weapon of War: San Francisco Opera’s World Premiere of Two Women (La Ciociara)


“If you succeed in passing through this line without leaving a single enemy alive (…), I proclaim: these women, these houses, this wine, all that you find there is yours, for your pleasure and your will.” The same promise could have been made in ancient biblical times, or uttered by Agamemnon facing Troy, but in this historical case it was made in World War II. In 1944, a French general goaded Moroccan soldiers to break the German lines in Monte Cassino, Italy, in a battle that allowed the Allies to advance toward Rome and ultimate victory. The spoils of war: some 7,000 Italian women were marocchinate or “morrocaned”– raped in the days following the battle.


This is the background for Marco Tutino‘s new opera Two Women (La Ciociara), based on Alberto Moravia‘s 1958 novel of the same name that led to the filmed version by Vittorio de Sica, starring Sophia Loren as the Roman shopkeeper Cesira, a young widow and mother of a teenage girl. (The film can be watched free on the internet.)

Commissioned by David Gockley, the adventurous director of San Francisco Opera (seven new operas commissioned during his tenure), Tutino co-wrote the libretto and composed the work for star soprano Anna Caterina Antonacci, the perfect operatic incarnation of the down-to-earth, clever, resourceful and sexy heroine. Antonacci is a beauty who has created sensations with the roles of Carmen (Bizet) and Cassandra (Berlioz). She managed seemingly effortlessly to step into Sophia Loren’s shoes in this story of a refugee mother trying in vain to protect her innocent daughter and herself from the dangers of war.


Gockley gathered a remarkable team around Tutino (a renowned composer in Italy, but barely known in the States) and Antonacci: director Francesca Zambello whose latest coup at San Francisco Opera was her “all-American” Ring Cycle; set designer Peter J. Davison who created spectacular town and village scenes of war using historical footage and video collages by S. Katy Tucker; and Company Music Director and conductor Nicola Luisotti.


A provocative concept

Tutino has written a 21st century opera that looks back at two traditions: the style of Italian verismo opera (like I Pagliacci or Cavalleria Rusticana, both performed at the Met last season) and post-War neo-realism in Italian cinema, creating an excitingly modern blend of these traditional styles. The new opera (Tutino’s fifteenth) has been poorly received by the American press, mocked as Puccini-light, as not neo-verismo (as director Zambello called it) but hyper-verismo. It has also been belittled as relentlessly melodramatic film music. These critical voices sound much like the critics who attacked Puccini some hundred years ago and still love to attack him today.

“Musical modernism being so chic — let’s turn our back on that!” Gockley proposed at a press conference for the opera, “Be heroic: go against the grain!” My modernism-tired ears pricked up with relief, thinking: it’s about time. Look at Philip Glass who already stepped out some 30 years ago… With Tutino (and two years ago Mark Adamo’s The Gospel of Mary Magdalen), Gockley hopes to “ignite a new tradition.” Tutino is a neo-romantic composer who dares to show that music has its richest roots in the past. His work honors and celebrates tradition instead of exhausting his energy in trying to annihilate it. Of course, this makes his music a provocation to the modernist party-line.


A new tradition

Two Women walks a satisfying line between harmony and dissonance, high drama and lyrical sensitivity. The composer’s particular talent lies in the way he writes for the singing voice, the area where most modernist composers tend to fail most painfully. He gives them melodic lines and phrases that are fully integrated into the orchestral composition. There are no arias in the classical sense, but a style of writing between aria and recitative: in an interview Antonacci compared them to arioso recitatives by Mozart.

One could argue that every now and then the drama is laid on a bit thick, as when the return of mother and daughter to Cesira’s native village is announced by a long, bombastic “homeland” surge of the orchestra. But most of the time Tutino’s dramatic urgency keeps the dread of war present and acute, conveying that, like it or not, being at the edge of life and death is relentless.

By comparison with the novel and film version of Two Women, Tutino exaggerates the role of the villain, Giovanni (powerfully sung by baritone Mark Delavan), a macho rapist par excellence who hounds Cesira throughout the story. One has to remember, however, that opera aims at the archetypal. (Just open the newspaper any day to find that macho rapists have a timeless presence.) Tutino maintains the importance of Michele, the pacifist school teacher with communist leanings (sung with good voice but without much charisma by young, debuting tenor Dimitri Pittas). Michele befriends Cesira, becomes her new love interest and is promptly executed by the fascist Giovanni.


Mother-daughter drama

Toward the end, as the dramatic story of Cesira and her daughter Rosetta’s survival tenses up, Tutino becomes more lyrical, balancing the brutality of rape and murder with the melancholy of popular songs (“Unlucky is he who hopes and dreams…”), a wartime pop hit and village waltzes — musical themes that in fact are woven throughout the composition.

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes reunites mother and daughter after they have been raped (offstage) by a bunch of Moroccan soldiers. Rosetta, sung with girlish purity by a brilliant young singer-actress, Sarah Shafer, has turned into a lump, stunned with childlike disbelief and devastating adult realization. Cesira tries to approach her, and under Zambello’s subtle psychological direction, Antonacci is torn with guilt and shame, aware there are only wrong approaches, wrong moves, and yet irresistibly drawn by the pain and pity of a mother. Rosetta rejects her, and Cesira sings a tender, desperate lullaby, telling her child to sleep and forget: tomorrow there will be no pain, hoping against hope to still comfort her daughter.


This scene would have made a daringly ambivalent, modern ending. But Tutino pulls off another finale, a village scene with a post-war crooner (charming real-life pop singer Pasquale Esposito) leading the dance. The repercussions of the girl’s rape are present in the way Rosetta dances with a disturbing mixture of innocence and self-abnegation, yielding to every man in the square, while her mother helplessly looks on.

If this kind of highly realistic storytelling disturbs critics who scorn it as hyper-verismo, I suspect they prefer not to feel what this opera offers them to feel. (Making me wonder if modernism in music, being an early 20th century and post-War creation, chose as its mission precisely this avoidance of feeling.)

The final scene provides traditional operatic story “closure” with the triumph of the Allied Forces, the unmasking of the collaborator Giovanni and the revelation of his crime of killing Michele. This denouement leads to a somewhat happier ending when mother and daughter are able to share their tears in each other’s arms.

Clear and present danger

The audience was thrilled the day I saw the performance, celebrating the heros and going after the villains with rigorous boos, while outside, at Civic Plaza, hundreds of thousands of Gay Pride revelers danced and shouted their now legal liberation from arcane patriarchal lore.


The clear and present danger for women in a war zone is reflected in another oeuvre San Francisco Opera presents right now, featuring Antonacci again, this time in the five-hour epic Les Troyens, The Trojans, by Berlioz. Here, as the visionary of Troy’s downfall and doom, she convinces the women of Troy to commit collective suicide rather than submit to the victors, the murdering, raping, enslaving hordes of Greek men.

In this exciting summer season of SF Opera, turning back to the past, in history as well as in musical traditions, is perfectly relevant for our time.

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New Drug a Weapon Against Advanced Melanoma: Study

Compared to Yervoy, nivolumab more than doubled time to disease progression, researchers found
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Ninja Spinner Toy Blade Weapon

Ninja Spinner Toy Blade Weapon

This double-bladed novelty weapon will help you become the ninja master you’ve always wanted to be. This spinning weapon features a black hilt at the center. This accessory will help you be victorious over all your enemies.

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Wait, What?! Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Beauty Weapon is from Mars

Wait, What?! Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Beauty Weapon is from MarsApparently the key to younger looking skin is in outer space.

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