Fiction: The Concealed Weapons of ‘Kiss Me Someone’

Karen Shepard’s short story collection “Kiss Me Someone” vividly demonstrates that a woman can be another woman’s worst enemy.
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FFXV: Find the Most Powerful Upgradable Weapons

Locate rare upgradable weapons and find out how to unleash their power in Final Fantasy XV.


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13 GIFs That Show You Exactly How WWI Weapons Fired

An X-ray look at guns from the Great War.

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British in India 1825-1859: Organisation, Warfare, Dress and Weapons

British in India 1825-1859: Organisation, Warfare, Dress and Weapons

Of all the military campaigns fought by the British during the 19th century, no area saw more conflict than the subcontinent of India. Dozens of encounters, both great and small, involved many of its races as either friends or foes of Britain indeed, it was not unusual for an area to furnish both ally and enemy at the same time! This volume covers the British, Indian and Anglo-Indian troops who fought for The Honourable East India Company and Britain over the varied landscape of what is present day Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, between the years 1826 and 1859. The vast array of uniforms and dress worn by soldiers serving in India during this period is examined in detail, and extensive information is also provided on regimental Colours. The books nine chapters cover the campaign in Bhurtpore (182526); the Coorg campaign (1834); the First Afghan War (183942); the conquest of Sind (1843); the campaign against Gwalior (1843); the Sikh Wars (184546 and 184849); actions on the North-West Frontier (184958); the Santhal Rebellion (185556); and the Indian Mutiny (185759). Each of these chapters includes uniform information specific to the campaign covered, while that on the Indian Mutiny also includes details of Mutineer dress. Many orders of battle and battle-plans are also included. Illustrations comprise 199 drawings of troop types and flags, and 27 other illustrations and maps.

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