Famke Janssen on Sophie Turner in ‘Dark Phoenix’ and Whether She Would Return to the ‘X-Men’ Franchise

“Dark Phoenix” reigned supreme on Tuesday night in Hollywood, as the 12th film in the “X-Men” franchise celebrated its world premiere. And the biggest show of support for the film and its star, “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner, came from the person who originated the title role on the big screen – Famke Janssen. […]



Boston is getting a different Gordon Hayward whether they like it or not

The story of Hayward’s first season was whether he would come back from injury. He made his return in Year 2, but as a different player.
www.espn.com – NBA

Prosecutors Weigh Whether National Enquirer Violated Earlier Agreement

Federal prosecutors are examining whether the National Enquirer’s dealings with Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos violated a nonprosecution agreement the tabloid’s publisher signed last year.
WSJ.com: US Business


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Jury to decide whether Ed Sheeran copied Marvin Gaye

A US judge has rejected a request by Ed Sheeran for a lawsuit accusing him of ripping off a Marvin Gaye song to be dismissed.
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Fans Are Debating Whether GoT and Skyrim’s Dragons Are Actually Wyverns

If the Internet is to be believed, Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons might have some serious soul-searching to do about that last title in particular. A great dragon debate has waged on among fans over Christmas, who finally determined that the so-called “dragons” in Game of Thrones are actually — and more accurately — wyverns.

Let’s examine the evidence.

This debate over the accurate term for the winged beasts in Game of Thrones (and Skyrim) stems from the distinction that a dragon is technically a creature with four legs and two wings, while a wyvern has two legs and two wings, and uses its wings as additional legs. This post from Redditor 4h0y1m4p1r4t3 has over two thousand responses of people both debating the different names of various types of dragon-like creatures, or alternately having their minds blown that the “dragons” in Game of Thrones and Skyrim aren’t actually dragons.

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Tesla Faces Deepening Probe Over Whether It Misstated Production Figures

Tesla, with a fresh civil fraud settlement now behind it, faces a new legal problem: a deepening criminal investigation.


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Ramsey: ‘It’s on,’ whether vs. Gronk or grandma

The Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey prides himself on being fierce, whether he’s lining up opposite Rob Gronkowski or his own grandmother: “I don’t fear no man, period.”
www.espn.com – NFL

DOJ to Examine Whether Social-Media Giants Are ‘Stifling’ Viewpoints

Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to gather state attorneys general to discuss whether social-media giants may be harming competition and “intentionally stifling” certain viewpoints, stepping up pressure on the platforms over alleged anticonservative bias.


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Doctors Reveal Whether There’s Any Hope Of Fixing Your ‘Text Neck’

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Jessica Alba Reveals Whether She’s Planning to Have More Kids After Baby No.3

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba and her hubby Cash Warren are expecting their third child together, but could there be more babies after this one?
Not so fast…
E! News caught up with the actress…

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Canada Debates Whether Gift of Leibovitz Photos Is Also a Tax Dodge

Four years after the donation of 2,070 photos created by Annie Leibovitz to a Nova Scotia museum, a government panel is balking at its $ 20 million valuation.
NYT > Arts

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Fox News Mulls Over Whether Wonder Woman Is ‘American’ Enough

As “Wonder Woman” garners stellar ratings and remains on track for a record-breaking opening weekend, a Fox News panel is conducting a deep dive into a critical matter: Is the Amazonian princess American enough?

Fox host Neil Cavuto noted on Friday to guest Dion Baia that “some” have been taking issue with the film’s alleged lack of patriotism — chiefly, that the superhero’s costume color scheme is too un-American. 

“Some are calling it less American, Dion, because, well, her outfit isn’t red, white, and blue, and, in order to appeal for foreign audiences, very little reference to America at all,” said the “Your World With Neil Cavuto” host.

“I think, nowadays, sadly, money trumps patriotism,” Baia replied. “Especially, recently, I personally feel like we’re not really very patriotic, the country, in a certain sense. And they want these movies to succeed internationally, you know, so they’re going to dial back.”

Fellow guest Mike Gunzelman lamented that he feels “it’s cool to hate America these days.”

Baia, for his part, said his comments have been misconstrued. “Taken outta context much?” he tweeted Saturday, referencing an Entertainment Weekly article that characterized him as being “upset” with the movie (probably because he used the word “sadly.”)

He maintained he was simply explaining why he believes the movie’s American patriotism was “toned down.”

But in any case, criticism of Gadot’s costume as not looking “American” is a little weak.

A red, blue and gold color combination is still fairly reminiscent of the American flag. Gold is often incorporated into patriotic decorations and accessories, and sometimes used in place of white.

The original comic and Lynda Carter’s iconic Wonder Woman costume from the 1970s TV series both included more gold than white.  

Yes, Gadot’s Wonder Woman is not wearing a bottom piece adorned with little white stars, but she is wearing a top with an emblem of an eagle, which is, you know, a major symbol for the United States.

Plus, the actual plot of the movie involves Wonder Woman teaming up with an American pilot to stop German forces, which makes equating it with “hating America” a bit of a stretch.

Whatever. There have been worse takes on the movie.

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Carol Burnett Is A Feminist Hero Whether She Knows It Or Not

Carol Burnett is a bonafide feminist hero. She rose up at the helm of her own variety show decades before the question of whether women are funny was somehow a thing. While her brand of humor never contained explicitly activist messages, the very fact of her presence during the women’s lib movement, of performing each night as the first female host of a comedy variety show, was a feminist act — whether she realizes it or not.

“You know, Carol, variety is a man’s game,” CBS told her at the time, trying to talk her out of creating what would become “The Carol Burnett Show.” She didn’t listen to them, of course; she just did what she wanted to do.

As Burnett tells it, her contract stipulating guest appearances on “The Garry Moore Show” contained a clause that allowed her to pursue a variety show within five years of her 10-year contract with the network. On the last day of that fifth year, she decided to push the button.

 ”They had forgotten about it,” she said, laughing at the implausibility of her rise to prominence on a technicality.

CBS initially asked Burnett to consider a sitcom instead, but she balked at the idea of doing the same thing each week. She wanted to play different characters. She wanted to have musical numbers. She was a Broadway baby, after all.

“The Carol Burnett Show” debuted in 1967 and ran for over 10 years. It was a ratings gem for the network, heralded as a good enough excuse to stay in on Saturday nights. Burnett made waves bringing in huge names for her musical acts and convincing them to participate in sketches, with the likes of Bing Crosby entangled in her physical comedy. She parodied entire movies, using the typically uneven genre of the variety show to deliver lengthy one-acts based on cultural staples. (See: That “Gone With The Wind” skit, in which Burnett emerges in the dress made of curtains, curtain rod and all.)

In 1978, Burnett ceased production on her own, having tired of the format in the shifting landscape of TV. “I’m sorry to see attention spans so short,” she said, when asked if the show could exist today. “You know, because we did longform. Sometimes, we had sketches that were 12 or 15 minutes. We took the time to build.”

Now, nearly 50 years after the premiere, Burnett is just as affable and giggly in interviews as during her famous question-and-answer sessions. On the phone with The Huffington Post, and in conversation with Ellie Kemper at the Paley Center, she talks about her impressive legacy with a sense of bemused incredulity. Her mode of looking back at “The Carol Burnett” show is perhaps best summed up by the shruggie emoji with a speech bubble reading, “I know, right?!” 

While speaking with Burnett about the release of her “Lost Episodes” DVD collection, she tap danced around the question of taking up space in a man’s world. I attended her event at the Paley Center, hoping she’d saved her discussion of women in comedy for Kemper.

The event was punctuated with clips from the show, most of which Burnett would chuckle at as though they had happened mere days before. She discussed her early years, of having first moved to Manhattan and working on “Once Upon A Mattress.” She remembered her time on “The Garry Moore Show” as the inspiration for her titular variety hour. She was as charming and wonderful as you would hope, but when Kemper asked about the current moment for women in comedy, Burnett giggled something like, “Oh, it’s all so great!” and waved her off.

Each question about the “current state of comedy” aimed at Burnett is a request for a mission statement, a call to action with hope that Burnett will urge the current generation to continue on the path she forged in Lucille Ball’s footsteps. But Burnett is elusive. She doesn’t overanalyze her impact or think about her career in such theoretical terms as “what she means” to the industry.

“My feeling is that if I had never been born, those women like Tina and Amy would still be doing what they’re doing today,” she said during our call.

Pushed to elaborate, Burnett shrugged again. “I never thought, ‘Oh gosh, I’m doing something only the guys could do or should do.’ I never felt that. Once we started the show I was the person who wanted to be funny and sing a song or two. I never analyzed it.”

At first glance, it might seem disappointing that Burnett doesn’t own — or maybe isn’t surprised by — her impact. But, on some level, her irreverent stance is even more defining than a fiercely defensive one might be. 

Whether the result of her whimsy or intention, there is power in refusing fearfulness, in combatting the obstacles by pretending they simply don’t exist.

When Burnett first started on the “The Garry Moore Show,” she leapt out a window during one scene and screamed with relief when she hit the mattress below. She had no experience with stunts and no idea it would be there.

“I was so naive!” she gasped. “I just thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to jump and land on the floor!’ I was never taught how to do it.”

Five decades ago, she broke down barriers with the same free-wheeling bravery she used to hurl herself off Moore’s set. In that skit and across her career, Burnett has never been totally sure that anything would be there to catch her when she fell. And it never totally mattered. She became a goddess of comedy by some mythical combination of transcending the sexist nonsense and not really worrying about it in the first place.

“You just have to go out there and do it,” she said, when asked what advice she’d give young comedians before hopping off the call. “I just went out there and did it. The more experience you get, the better you’re gonna be.”

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New Trial Tests Whether TB Shot Fights Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers will look at effects in people with longstanding disease

healthfinder.gov Daily News
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Gynecologist Sets The Record Straight About Whether Thongs Present A Health Risk

Thongs could potentially become a trend of the past as millennials veer more toward full-coverage undergarments, but many women still have unanswered questions about the barely-there underwear. For example: Do thongs present a health risk? Can they spread infection or affect hygiene? HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani got to the bottom of it on Friday during a conversation with Dr. Lauren Streicher, a gynecologist and author of Sex Rx.

Watch Streicher separate fact from fiction in the video above, and click here to watch HuffPost Live’s full conversation about thong underwear.

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You Won’t Believe Shonda Rhimes’ Method for Knowing Whether a Story Works

Imagine having Scandal's Scott Foley say really nice things about you and give you an award on Valentine's Day. "This is not a bad way" to spend the holiday joked Shonda Rhimes of her Lifetime…

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NFL probing whether Pats deflated footballs

The NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots intentionally deflated footballs during their victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday’s rain-soaked AFC Championship Game.
ESPN.com – NFL

What Your Wine Choice Says About You, Whether You Prefer a Bottle of Red Or a Glass of White

This post originally appeared on Bustle.

By Marion Bernstein

As a modern, liberal city-dwelling woman, I really don’t care to judge who you are or what you do, but please know that I will judge the shit out of your wine choice. Your choice of wine speaks volumes about who you are as a person — your hopes, your dreams, where you vacation in the summer. And let’s face it, such first world decisions can make or break a budding relationship, friendship, or career opportunity. Don’t believe me? Let’s consult the wonderful world of imaginary social scenarios.

Scenario A. Date number three. He picks the BYOB hole-in-the-wall Thai joint on the north side of the park. You kindly offer to B the B. And just as you bite into that red chili floating in the curry you insisted on ordering “Thai spicy,” you start to uncontrollably salivate and sweat. That late harvest Riesling would have done the trick, but no, you wanted to be all seductive, stupidly opting for the cabernet sauvignon instead. Ain’t nothing about this bottle that will cut that spice. Just go ahead and see yourself out before anyone gets hurt.

Scenario B. She invites you to your first Friendsgiving, and when she asks you to bring the wine, you immediately reach for the biggest bottle with a screw cap you can find. Epic fail. You’ll be sure to never see them again.

Scenario C. Fifth day on the new job. Boss lady invites you to a power lunch (see: liquid lunch). Your server looks to you to order first. You panic, vacillating between graceful and elegant choices, and in a cloud of confusion, you hastily go the economical route. “Oh, just the house blend will be fine.” Her eyes lower in disgust as she orders the ’05 Châteauneuf-du-Pape. You can kiss that mid-year bonus goodbye.

Why put yourself in these painful social situations when you can use said imagination to predict the outcome beforehand? If your imagination is currently on hiatus, read on and take notes from your friendly neighborhood wine snob. Luckily for you, 10 years of restaurant experience and a healthy vino obsession have taught me a thing or two about the grape juice. I’ve paired each popular varietal with its accompanying personality assessment, and further punctuated them with what else? Gifs. Go forth young grasshopper, and choose wisely.


“Is it still considered brunch if it’s 10:00 a.m. and I’m drinking alone?”


“Let’s do sushi. No let’s do Thai. No let’s do Asian fusion.”


“Does this come as a pitcher special?”


“Can I get some ice with this?”


“I wanna get a little drunk, but I also want cupcakes.”


“This is me living paycheck to paycheck.”


Jessica Day says it best:


“I’m just getting started, and yes, there will be sex tonight.”


“We’re going to bottomless brunch, right? Right?”


“I’m not of age.”


“Yes, it’s 2:00 p.m., and yes, there’s cabernet in this cup.”


“Here, try this. It’s Argentinian. It’s trendy right now.”


“And for our third date we watched The Godfather trilogy in his parent’s basement.”


“I feel as though I prefer a younger Burgundian style Pinot during the cooler months. The flavor profile just tends to lend itself to a deeper complexity where the subtle tannins and bright notes of gooseberry gently mingle on my palate before an effortless yet opulent finish, offering immediate gratification both intellectual and hedonistic in nature. But I’m nonplussed. Why are you walking away?”


“No, I’ve never seen the movie Sideways, and I’m OK with that.”


“What’s your favorite wine?” “Zinfandel.” “Oh. Stop talking.”


“I studied abroad in Australia. Ten years ago. For six months. And boxed shiraz was the only thing I learned.”


“New York City winter. Day 132. Morale, low.”


“I enjoy tweed, film noir, and beat poets.”


“But the chips and salsa are free, right?”


“If anyone needs me, I’ll be quietly sobbing under my desk.”

Images: Tobias Toft/Flickr; Giphy (21)

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Know Whether College Really Helps Your Sex Life? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

A study compared the sex lives of college students with those who didn’t go.

If you know the bizarre findings, take the Fark Weird News Quiz.

Even if you don’t, take it anyway, and tweet your score.
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