On Coronavirus Lockdown, I Spent The Weekend Socializing With America, Direct From My Couch

Illustration by The Daily Beast/Shutterstock

When the workday ended on Friday, I waved goodbye to my editor and ended our Zoom call. The weekend had arrived—I would also spend it online. I poured myself a glass of wine, and fired Zoom back up again for a happy hour with a few friends. 

As more states put lockdowns or orders to stay at home in effect, millions of Americans face the new normal of social distancing. “No, this is not life as usual,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (or as we call him in my household, Dad). “Accept it and realize it and deal with it.”

So the familiar backdrops of our lives—bars, exercise classes, movie theaters, best friends’ kitchen tables—have been replaced by our own living rooms. We may only be able to leave the house for a few precious moments to take a walk or re-up groceries, but through Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts (pick your player), our social life goes on. Sort of. It just may need some time to buffer. 

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