What exceptional MLB individual seasons could look like in 2020

Baseball is a numbers game. We can judge a player’s value — at least in part — with a quick glance at how many homers he mashed or batters he whiffed. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re only likely to get a half-season’s worth of games in 2020, though, which will throw our beloved numbers off-kilter. What does a great half-season look like? Here is a 26-man roster of the best half-seasons from last season. Starting lineup CF Mike Trout (Angels), 1st half: Let’s begin with the best player in the game. Trout’s 28 home runs, 76 walks, .453 on- base percentage, and 183 wRC+ — see here for definition — led the AL in the first half, laying the groundwork for his third MVP… 3B Alex Bregman (Astros), 2nd half: … However, Bregman almost usurped Trout for the award with an otherworldly second half, garnering 13 first-place MVP votes out of 30. His .363 on-base percentage and 197 wRC+ were the best in the majors in either half-season. RF Cody Bellinger (Dodgers), 1st half: The “Best Player in the NL” ba
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